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Twilight Sparkle - Ministry of Magic

By tomcullen
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Last (but certainly not least) of the Ministry Mares: Twilight Sparkle, of the Ministry of Arcane Science. Since starting this project and designing this emblem, I've since found one that strikes me as more impressive. Still, my design matches the set, so I'll run with it. (So glad the most recent episode came out before I did this piece!)

Fallout: Equestria is a fantastic read, I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of My Little Pony or Fallout. I've wanted to do something in honor of it for a while, and finally I settled on the Ministry Mares. (Mostly because I couldn't find any decent images of them, or their emblems, online.)

Fallout: Equestria belongs to Kkat, MLP:FIM belongs to Lauren Faust.

(And no, I haven't read the series of side-stories. The original was enough, kthx.)
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if she has time-travel spell she could fix pretty much everything

or at least prepare herself epicaly
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found your art here and some others, I don't know if she has permission to post it or not. Just letting you know: Twilight Sparkle Ministry Of Magic By Tomcullen- 
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One by one, the Six fell into darkness and with them fell the last hope for any solution to the world's problems other than... catastrophe.
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Ministry of Magic hm? I'm sure I could make a Harry Potter joke out of this, and this would also explain why Pinkie Pie only ever mentions fudge once in the entire series then nobody EVER TALKS ABOUT FUDGE AGAIN. :+fav:
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But the chest is a bit out of place from my view
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