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Pinkie Pie - Ministry of Morale

By tomcullen
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The next Ministry Mare: Pinkie Pie, of the Ministry of Morale. The first of the Ministries with absolutely NO description of its emblem, I might add...I hope Kkat doesn't mind, but I just made this one up, based on what I imagined. (BTW: do not google "Pinkie Pie creepy." Just don't.)

Fallout: Equestria is a fantastic read, I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of My Little Pony or Fallout. I've wanted to do something in honor of it for a while, and finally I settled on the Ministry Mares. (Mostly because I couldn't find any decent images of them, or their emblems, online.)

Fallout: Equestria belongs to Kkat, MLP:FIM belongs to Lauren Faust.

(And no, I haven't read the series of side-stories. The original was enough, kthx.)
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The final proof of how horrendous the war was - it turned Pinkie Pie into a monster.
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the author clearly hated her. why else did they make her a usless drug addict who dies alone? if you like a character you dont make them a drug addict just saying.
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um.. good story writing. Their is a reason "break your darlings" (wording may be wrong) is a rule of writing

Also: Fluttershy caused the end of the world, Twilight was responsible for the goddess, and Rarity was a 1984 styled censer. they all fell or fail in one way or another. Pinkie even give a VERY good reason for her addiction, one that is almost noble.
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That's true. I already kinda talked to the author they said they wanted to show what war does to people er ponies. so like you said breaking your characters is part of good writing.
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I am pissed at her right now. she could have stoped the war she really could have but now "sunshine.and.rainbows" that was her last wrods to little pip. oh so just kill thousands and millions of insoent ponys changelings griffions ect. and even more in the futer. but oh theres sunshine and rainbows now. wait no thats just a alicon shooting MAGIC AT ME!...(sorry if i spoiled it )
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learn the spell you moron! your spelling was so horrible that my eyes bled i couldnt even take what you said seriously with how horrible your spelling is! go back to school kid because you are going to bloody need it!
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(But...your right looking back at that one particular comment. That is a really bad one. Should have spellchecked more.) 
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You were right in her taking the wrong path instead of trying to stop the war. war never changes.
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yeah but if she didnt we would have never gotten the cool story we would all know and love. then you get stuck in a paradox. with out little pip there would be one one to tell of the war and with no war no little pip thus meaning one one to tell pinki about the war. So I guess thats why she didnt want to hear.

....but nether dose friendship.
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(let me rephrase this so that I look like less of an ass.) I know Im not a great speller or the best with grammer. Get over it. True IT needs work but there are far worse people online when it comes to it. At please Im not OMC P!nY P3Y IS MY SSP! DONT YOU DARSE SAY BADS THINGS ABOOT HERS! U's h8ters! now If I did that. then please  just keep throwing rock at me until I stop moving. And just because some ones turns into a drug addict dosnt mean there a bad person. True many people who become addicts become horable selfish people but addiction dose horrable things to people. Its also called story telling If characters had no flaws it wouldn't be interesting to read. Read the story. Shes not useless even with her addiction. She set up a spy in the zebra empire, A  big brother (or sister) program across equestrea and she redeemed herself in the end.  sorry my last comment was more snippy. its midnight.
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Understanable i am sorry for coming off snippy as well so we cool? Its true there is worse spelling errors out there so agian sorry. Its been since forever i read fic. I rememeber it enhanced her pinkie sense and my friend said it made her smarter and that spy orgainization was cool and it makes a heck of lot of sense when you think about it. Pinkie is watching you forever! but yeah just because you got an addiction doesnt mean you are useless or a bad person it just a bad choice. i believe in second chances and people being open for change its just said that the bomb went off when she realize this and died before she could get treatment. I can see her struggling to be happy and resorting to drugs for artificial happiness she can only handle so much before she makes self destructive choices.
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^^ its allright. We all can be a little snippy at times. So where cool.  and yeah. She was going to get into a rehab the day the bombs fell. in face looking at it. three lived then but four still died from the war in a short time. Rarity sacrificing herself, Twilight in the lab,  Then rainbow though making it to cloudsdale she still died out in the wasteland (by guilda  or radatoin. no one is sure ) Fluttershy was turned into a tree like herbert and apple jack died of old age. Pinki died before she could redeem herself all the others could and did. Its pretty sad when you look at it like that .
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You understand that phrase "don't google something" makes people immediately google it, right?
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Isn't that the entire point >:D if not, then I experienced Cupcakes for no reason O.O
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Oddly the icon makes me think of 'The Laughing Mare' icon someone did up. I don't know how, maybe it's the simple tones for the emblem.
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I am so glad you mentioned The Laughing Mare! I'd never heard of it, now I'm beside myself! :D
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It's a shame she devolved into Pinkimena and went kinda mad
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Damnit, i searched it up, well can't say if i can leave the house tonight xD
JaguarGal's avatar look up...creepy pinkie pie......
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Pinkie Pie is watching you.

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