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Lara Croft by James--C
Lara Croft 97 by Nicobass
Tomb Rider 3 by NickiLiddell006
Tomb Raider IV (In the dark) by Larreks
Lara Croft by suc-cubus
Classic Lara by suc-cubus
Lara 87 by RenderSas
Lara Croft, 'Tomb Raider' cosplay 1 by LadyAkumu
Digital Art
Don't Call Me Angel by Random0905
Tomb Raider 3 South Pacific classic pose by ArtiMuller
Tomb Raider 1 Character reference by VistaVista55
Tomb Raider I vs Tomb Raider II by VistaVista55
Traditional Art
whiteboard doodle by Goatsilla
Golden Skull Hunt by Hydraballista
Visit a Greenhouse they said... by Hydraballista
Lara Croft - Tomb Raider by GiuliaEchelon
Artisan Crafts, Misc.
Lara Croft - Wetsuit by KarenGE
Lara Croft Funko Custom - Crystal by KarenGE
Lara Croft Papercraft - Tomb Raider 4 by KarenGE
Handmade Tomb Raider latch hook rug by Amanda-Lara1996

Mature Content

Lara Croft - High Security Compound - Ooopsie by DeT0mass0
Lara Croft: Lower Back Problems by VistaVista55
Lara Crofts back by VistaVista55

Mature Content

Tomb Raider by mjranum
Fan Fiction
Lara Croft and Montana Jane's face-off (by me) by cvgwjames
Kurtis' Massage for Lara (by James M) by cvgwjames
Lara Croft movie shower scene redraw attempt by cvgwjames
Tifa Lockhart vs Lara Croft -TR/FF Crossover FightOn a dark and starry night, a youthful wizard named Aaron, who was in his mid-teens and well-skilled at many forms of magic, stood alone upon a hill overlooking the desert. Aaron held two cards in his hand; one showed a gorgeous brown-haired woman next to a British flag as she held two guns, the other showed another shapely woman striking a hot pose as two meteors rained down from the sky. “Tonight,” Aaron said with a smile, “My dream shall come alive.” He set down the cards on the ground and took a few steps back, then he drew a silver wand and waved it. “Osa-shos moo-ry’kas!” Aaron spoke the incantation that came to mind and shielded his eyes. Lightning flashed in the sky and the wizard’s wand glowed blue, emitting pink sparks as it did so. Aaron’s cards glowed and, in seconds, a light exploded and the cards vanished. Aaron uncovered his eyes, hoping the spell had worked. To his astonishment, the spell did work. Standing near the spot, where the two cards had been laid out seconds ago, two gorgeous females faced each other: British archeologist Lara Croft and Final Fantasy heroine Tifa Lockhart. Lara Croft wore a dark-green tank top, combat boots and black shorts while Tifa wore adventure boots, fingerless gloves, a revealing white crop top and a miniskirt that highlighted her figure. The duo stood silently, observing one another curiously. ‘My spell worked.’ Aaron thought happily. “Tifa Lockhart and Lara Croft,” The teen said confidently as he raised his wand, “I, Aaron Kalstar, have summoned you to this world so I can watch you fight, which has been one of my craziest fantasies I’ve ever dreamed of.” “Fight for you?” Tifa giggled, “For the entertainment of a wizard who might be secretly desiring to have one of us as a companion? That sounds a little creepy for my taste, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have a fight with Lara. I could use a little challenge.” “I haven’t had a challenge in a while either.” Lara said in a crisp British accent, she got into a martial arts stance, “Ok then, let’s get ready to rumble.” Aaron pulled up a lawn chair and sat down. He raised his wand and flicked it, sending up a spark which exploded like a firework in the sky when the spark was high enough. Tifa and Lara noticed the explosion, figuring that it was Aaron signaling for the match to start. Tifa got into a combat stance and stretched her arms, preparing herself for the fight. Both voluptuous and lovely women faced each other, ready for their match. “FIGHT!” A very mysterious, disembodied voice rang out from nowhere. Lara leaped into the air over Tifa’s head, landing right behind her, and did a roundhouse kick that knocked down her foe. Tifa got back up and pounced on Lara, leading to a cat-fight between the two as they wrestled, made cat noises and tried to strangle each other. Tifa and Lara rolled over with Tifa atop Lara as they wrestled away, getting their outfits a bit dusty as they scuffled. “HIYAH!” Lara kicked and pushed Tifa off her, ending the cat-fight. The archeologist got back up, ready to keep fighting. The girls yowled and shrieked as they rushed at one another, Tifa kicked and twirled gracefully, attacking Lara as she kicked and twirled too. Their legs made contact and the girls ended up unintentionally doing a hero pose, even as they faced each other. Lara reached out and grabbed Tifa by the legs, surprising the heroine as the archeologist spun her around before slamming her into the ground and sending dust into the air. Tifa got back up, hardly bleeding and not even a single scratch on her. Lara drew her gun and fired off a shot at Tifa, who leaped into the air, did a flip over her foe and landed behind her. Before Lara could turn, Tifa pounced and wrapped her arms around the Tomb Raider’s neck in a chokehold, trying to cut off her air. “Oi, get off me, Lockhart!” Lara yelled and put up a strong resistance, ramming Tifa into rocks even as the voluptuous fighter tried hard to tighten the chokehold up until Lara judo flipped Tifa, who landed on her back and slammed into the ground again. ‘This is so awesome.’ Aaron thought with a grin as he munched on some popcorn. For him, it was like watching a movie. Aaron had his bets on Tifa beating Lara, if Lara beat Tifa, it wouldn’t matter since Aaron would have a gorgeous woman to hang out with anyway. Aaron wasn’t worried if he ended up in the line of fire that came from Lara and Tifa’s fight, he’d already made sure tomagically whip up a protective magic shield around himself. If Lara or Tifa nearly crashed into Aaron, they would harmlessly bounce off his shield. Tifa and Lara backflipped and struck combat poses before charging at each other again, Lara raised her fist and aimed to punch Tifa just as she was doing the exact same thing. The girls met halfway and punched each other at the same time, dazing one another for a brief minute before Lara karate-kicked Tifa in the stomach. The attack temporarily stunned her, but Tifa recovered and kicked Lara in the groin when the archeologist didn’t expect it. “Oof!” Lara exclaimed, caught off guard by the groin attack. Taking advantage of her foe stunned by the attack, Tifa leaped into the air and twirled around, kicked the British woman in the head and knocked her over before making an epic female superhero landing. “JA’YO-KA’YA-MA!” Tifa shouted and twirled her hands, her palms glowed with orange power. Then she threw out her arms and an orange aura surrounded Tifa, thunder rumbled and orange lights lit up in the sky, their source fast approaching the surface. ‘Now we’re talking.’ Aaron thought excitedly, Tifa was summoning Meteor-Shower. Tifa’s Meteors rained down upon the battlefield, missing both Tifa and Aaron but raining down around the one person Tifa was using them against; Lara. Lara, who’d recovered from the hit to the groin and the head, saw the meteors coming and tried to shoot at them. Unfortunately, it appeared bullets had no effect. Lara attempted to shield herself, but sadly, her efforts were for naught as a meteor barreled towards her. The meteor hit the ground near Lara and exploded on impact, sending her flying through the air. Lara crashed into the side of a cliff and fell to the ground, slightly bruised. Losing consciousness slowly, she looked up and the last thing she saw was Tifa and Aaron. Finally succumbing to her minor injuries, Lara fainted. Her life hadn’t ended, the tomb raiding-archeologist was just knocked out. Multi-colored magic sparks surrounded her body and Lara faded away, returning to her world. Tifa posed victoriously and blew a kiss to Aaron, who smiled with approval. “Nicely done, Tifa.” He said proudly as he got up from his chair, Tifa approached the teenage wizard and put her arms around him. “What now, master?” She asked seductively. “I have so many ideas, Tifa.” Aaron said, “I don’t know what to do first?” Tifa leaned closer and whispered in his ear, “How about a kiss?” Upon hearing that suggestion, Aaron’s heart started beating a million times a minute, this was his lucky night. He nodded and, before the universe knew it, Aaron and Tifa were kissing as the wizard held his woman in his arms...The End...
Comics and Strips
Training day! (Comic) by Secret-Within
You Had It Coming  by Hydraballista
Chapter 14 - Wrong Place Wrong Time by Slatena
Light Bulb by ZCochrane
Tomb Raider Screen Shots
Vilacabamba by ThatSilkyBoy
OG Tomb Raider by ThatSilkyBoy
Being Watched In The Temple Of The Cat... by ThatSilkyBoy
Dragon'sLair side by side comparison by ArtisticAdventures
Box Art-Posters
Tomb Raider III:Raiding Area 51 before it was cool by doppeL-zgz
16 years of Tomb Raider the angel of darkness by doppeL-zgz
Lara Weller as Lara Croft by Roli29
XNALara: TR_BF3/Endgame Comic Theme CS V1 by Jad3d5oul
TR Comic: #1 Issue TR Ascension_ComicCon Ed. by Jad3d5oul


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