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Nobodies - Training Dusks by TomboyJessie13 Nobodies - Training Dusks :icontomboyjessie13:TomboyJessie13 0 0 SPICYYYY!!! by TomboyJessie13 SPICYYYY!!! :icontomboyjessie13:TomboyJessie13 16 25
Why are they like this? ~Project Pere Noel~
Dimitri Achilles - Don Juan Complex
Upon his parents' divorce, his mother leaving affected him mentally at a young age, he began to have affairs with multiple women to fill the emptiness that his mother failed to fill. This mentality carried on for years even after becoming a Nobody, during that time, he uses his affairs to feel the emotions he lost as a Somebody.
"Sleep Bringer" - Anxiety Disorder
They had Anxiety Disorder since childhood which causes them to not speak for themselves nor interact with others. Though the disorder became lost after becoming a Nobody, their mutism as a result of their anxiety still stuck by them, rendering them completely silent.
Neashi Tamiki - Trust issues
She was "abandoned" by her friends and lost her parents in a thunderstorm, she also feared that she'll only be seen as inferior because she's a woman and had been used by countless people, including Mr. Pere Noel, for personal gain. Hence why she shows little affection for her peers.
Kaze Mitsuoka -
:icontomboyjessie13:TomboyJessie13 4 0
Magical Girl Riliane by TomboyJessie13 Magical Girl Riliane :icontomboyjessie13:TomboyJessie13 14 8 Riliane's shopping spree by TomboyJessie13 Riliane's shopping spree :icontomboyjessie13:TomboyJessie13 19 145 JOC Musical: Adele(Nemesis Sudou) by TomboyJessie13 JOC Musical: Adele(Nemesis Sudou) :icontomboyjessie13:TomboyJessie13 8 16
The Hero of Light ~MOTHeavenlY Parody~
Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts is Dead
but ...
Chapter One
Sora: All of this time, all we have done
Is to continue making mistakes
Over a span of a thousand years
An "if only," or words like these
Won't make a difference now at any rate
Punishment's already been passed
At last, out of those countless souls down below…
Down below, out of the darkness riddled souls…
Is there somebody that is at fault for the fate that's brought us to a stop?
All of those who do believe in that are "Heartless" after all…
After it all, I wonder if
Maybe we've lost something along the way
In the journey of a thousand years?
Although I'm sure the answer
Would always be impossible to say
So I will go out to meet with you
[Birth By Sleep]
"When I really need you Ven, I know you'll be there."
"I'm asking you as a friend. Just... put an end to me"
"My name is Master Aqua. Now return my friend's heart, or pay the price!"
"Fear leads to obsession with power, and obsession beckons the
:icontomboyjessie13:TomboyJessie13 4 9
EC Dishes- Gemettes by TomboyJessie13 EC Dishes- Gemettes :icontomboyjessie13:TomboyJessie13 12 14 Color Harmony - Neashi Tamiki by TomboyJessie13 Color Harmony - Neashi Tamiki :icontomboyjessie13:TomboyJessie13 9 0 KH - God is dead by TomboyJessie13 KH - God is dead :icontomboyjessie13:TomboyJessie13 16 51 Thanks for 500 Watchers!! by TomboyJessie13 Thanks for 500 Watchers!! :icontomboyjessie13:TomboyJessie13 15 24 EC Items - Dream Suit by TomboyJessie13 EC Items - Dream Suit :icontomboyjessie13:TomboyJessie13 11 28 Faded Moon by TomboyJessie13 Faded Moon :icontomboyjessie13:TomboyJessie13 8 20 Evillious OC: Marcus Ora by TomboyJessie13 Evillious OC: Marcus Ora :icontomboyjessie13:TomboyJessie13 12 55 KYLE, NO! by TomboyJessie13 KYLE, NO! :icontomboyjessie13:TomboyJessie13 13 31 Chibi self portrait by TomboyJessie13 Chibi self portrait :icontomboyjessie13:TomboyJessie13 9 9


Jaspers by TetraOrb Jaspers :icontetraorb:TetraOrb 235 6 Pink Zombies by TetraOrb Pink Zombies :icontetraorb:TetraOrb 950 46 Padparadscha by TetraOrb Padparadscha :icontetraorb:TetraOrb 802 42 Pearlsona by Miru Pearlsona :iconmiru:Miru 34 3 MMD: No Escape Roxas by Wings-of-Sapphire MMD: No Escape Roxas :iconwings-of-sapphire:Wings-of-Sapphire 18 19 First day Class - Fast take out! by Hylian-Ale First day Class - Fast take out! :iconhylian-ale:Hylian-Ale 3 6 When I Was Human. by MMDKoala When I Was Human. :iconmmdkoala:MMDKoala 42 15 MMD KH - Red VS Blue - Ai by XxChocolatexHeartsxX MMD KH - Red VS Blue - Ai :iconxxchocolatexheartsxx:XxChocolatexHeartsxX 23 21 Bows and ribbons by Reseliee Bows and ribbons :iconreseliee:Reseliee 63 16 [KH MMD] - OC Mai REVAMP by Lexalice [KH MMD] - OC Mai REVAMP :iconlexalice:Lexalice 33 58 KH OC: Raemie by Reseliee KH OC: Raemie :iconreseliee:Reseliee 58 11 [MMD Download] KH Potions Ethers and Elixirs by makaihana975 [MMD Download] KH Potions Ethers and Elixirs :iconmakaihana975:makaihana975 63 8 MMD KH Beard's DL by Glazey-Galaxy MMD KH Beard's DL :iconglazey-galaxy:Glazey-Galaxy 56 2 MMD Kingdom Hearts OC [Shoichi] by CuteCrazynes MMD Kingdom Hearts OC [Shoichi] :iconcutecrazynes:CuteCrazynes 21 30 MMD Stage 44 by MMD3DCGParts MMD Stage 44 :iconmmd3dcgparts:MMD3DCGParts 901 26 MMD Stage 42 by MMD3DCGParts MMD Stage 42 :iconmmd3dcgparts:MMD3DCGParts 1,202 86


Nobodies - Training Dusks
Training Dusks are replicas of real Dusks created by Vexen to train participants of the Pere Noel Project to control lesser Nobodies before becoming Members of Organization XIII. However they can only be achieved by performing tasks for the Organization properly, those who are behind the process of recruitment from not doing said tasks or going behind the Project(*cough* Dimitri *cough*) won't be given one. 

Like real Dusks and other Nobodies in general, Training Dusks are made to take orders from their owners, only speak when spoken to, and lack emotions. While Training Dusks lack various abilities real Dusks carry as they're just "training wheels" for the participants, they make up for it through other ways such as transforming into their human forms to hide from Somebodies.

Physically, they resemble typical Dusks, the main differences however is that their bodies are colored and have a roman numerals on their foreheads based on their owner's rank and favorite color, in their human forms, they have the same skin tone as their owners, they're androgynous and genderless with the same height as their dusk forms, they wear sleeveless jumpsuits and bracelets that resemble their dusk forms, they have long bangs that covers their eyes with hairstyles that resembles their owners, they have roman numerals on their chests and wear an article of clothing that resembles their owner's trademark clothing. 


  • These are slightly inspired by the Pearls and their caste roles from Steven Universe:…
  • The Training Dusk above is Neashi's because they're green, have the roman numeral for 5 as Neashi is the Fifth Pierrot, has her hairstyle, and wears a article of clothing that resembles her black t-shirt.
I'll make human Training Dusks soon.

Dusks belongs to Square Enix
Who is Karl Marx?

You SJs still wanna support it? 
 Like I did with my JOC fanfic (which sadly I forgot and would probably be for naught to try to finish since the Novel will probably be in the works), I'll be making soundtracks for the SCaP Living Together. Hell since it's a comedy it'd obviously need bright, ditzy, and/or wild music to living things up....but there's also gonna be drama so grab your tissues.....Yes, most of these are from different animes and Games but It's not canon anyway so shut up.

*Note: This will be edited every now and again based on the condition of the new chapter so watch out for the updates, and if YouTube decides to delete everything then f*** them all to the fiery depths of hell!...sorry, but's true.

~Voice Actors~
Japanese(thanks to Bluebarnowl):  
  • Duke Sateriasis Venomania = Ono Daisuke (hehehe; the sexiness is evident)
  • Banica Conchita = Megumi Hayashibara (I wanted something that was mature, but as well as flirty)
  • Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche & Allen Avadonia = Marina Inoue (She can play both male and female! Also I can't find any of Asami Shimoda's voice clips)
  • Clarith = Haruka Tomatsu (I wanted a fragile female voice for someone who has been degraded her whole life)
  • Margarita Blankenheim & Michaela = Saki Fujita (Who else, of course!)
  • Kayo Sudou = Shizuka Itou (Something deep, but is always recognized as feminine)
  • Gallerian Marlon = Hiroshi Kamiya (I wanted a voice that was adult, but still sounds like a teen since Gallerian is so young)
  • Nemesis Sudou = Saori Hayami [link](Someone who shouts a lot) 
  • Sickle = Jun Fukuyama (I wanted a mentor's voice)
  • Held = Furukawa Makoto [link](I got stuck on this one)
  • Behemo = Natsuki Hanae [link] (It's a boy who sounds like a girl, so I thought it would fit)
  • Jun = Mamoru Miyano [link](Wild but calm) Speaks Korean(provided by Gyuhyuk Shim) when he trades.
  • Nintai = Ai Kayano (Something childish, but can still make you cry)
  • Lilo Maker = Ayano Taketatsu [link]
  • Basil Baker = Nobuhiko Okamoto [link]
  • Psyche = Minase Inori [link]
  • Cameron Kennedy = Kishou Taniyama
  • Alexander = Yuuichi Nakamura (I wanted something that had a wisdom vibe to it)
  • Thomas "Tom" Gonzo = Junichi Suwabe [link] (The actor can voice whimsical to evil characters, they also speak Engrish)
  • Sateriasis Venomania- J. Michael Tatum [link]
  • Banica Conchita- Colleen Clinkenbeard [link]
  • Riliane Lucifen d'Autrich- Monica Rial [link]
  • Allen Avadonia- Maxey Whitehead [link]
  • Clarith- Deedee Magno-Hall [link]
  • Margarita Blankenheim and Michaela- Brittney Karbowski [link] 
  • Sudou Kayo- Caitlin Glass [link]
  • Gallerian Marlon- Troy Baker [link] 
  • Nemesis Sudou- Laura Bailey [link]
  • Sickle- Jason Dohring [link]
  • Held- Nolan North [link]
  • Behemo- Erik Scott Kimerer [link] 
  • Jun- Joshua David [link]
  • Nintai-(Excluded due to speaking only Japanese)
  • Lilo Maker- Juliet Simmons/Jubyphonic [link]
  • Basil Baker - Todd Haberkorn [link]
  • Psyche - (TBA)
  • Cameron Kennedy - Aaron Dismuke [link]
  • Alexander- David Gallagher [link]
  • Thomas "Tom" Gonzo- Luke Kelly [link] (I am aware that he's dead, may he RIP)
Seven Crimes and Punishments:

1st ending for Book 1: 10 Minutes Love: [link]
2nd ending for Book 2: Clockwork Lullaby: [link]
3rd ending for Book 3: Wordplay: [link]

Special ending ~Chapter 20~: The Portrait Glassred Drew: [link]


~Character Themes~ (DeviantMaster2014 was the one who suggested it, I'm also using instrumentals to avoid copyright)
Sinners(Instrumental Ver.)-

Demons of Sin: [link]



~Character Songs(Plus answer songs if they get character CDs, each CD would also come with an audio drama of SCaP's novel spoken by the Vocaloid's voice provider like the Pride excerpt spoken by Asami Shimoda: [link])~
色欲ノ物語 ~LUXURIA~ 

  1. [link]
  2. [link]

悪食ノ物語 ~GULA~

  1. [link]
  2. [link]

傲慢ノ物語 ~SUPERBIA~

  1. [link]
  2. [link]

怠惰ノ物語 ~ACEDIA~

  1. [link]
  2. [link]

嫉妬ノ物語 ~INVIDIA~

  1. [link]
  2. [link]

強欲ノ物語 ~AVARITIA~

  1. [link]
  2. [link]

憤怒ノ物語 ~IRA~

  1. [link]
  2. [link]

Heavenly Yard- 

  • Normal: [link] ('Cus why not? There's a place in the Heavenly Yard named after the famous street in Paris XD)
  • When Disaster strikes: [link]
  • The Moon and its Heavenly Yard("Fly me to the Moon" arrangement): [link] 
  • Behemo's Manor: [link] 

Modified Black Box-

Black Box Type B- 
  • Interior: [link] 
  • Memories of Dukes Venomania and Conchita: [link] 
  • The embarrassing stuff: [link] 
  • A childhood friend's Confession: [link] 
  • A brother's true colors: [link] 
  • Cherubim: [link] 

Capriccio Realm: [UPDATED]

Capriccio Academy:
(Most of these songs are a currency of anyone named "Bach") 

    Yingmu (These songs are a currency of Jia Peng Fang)
    Evillious Region: 

    Akuno Region: 


    Nintai's Home planet/Village: [link]

    People's dreams 

    Resolution: [link] 
    "Victory is ours!": [link]

    Alexander's Intervention: [link] 
    God's Intervention: [link]
    When someone goes into the "void": Link
    When some crazy shit is going on: [link] 

    Race against the clock: [link] 
    Competition: [link]
    Allen's sweet moments: [link]
    Gallerian and Nemesis's Arguments: [link]  
    Kayo's Tailoring: [link]
    Black widow infestation/attack: [link]
    Jun's Proposal: [link]
    When Alexander Detects sinning: [link]
    The Truth: [link]

    Depression: [link]
    Oujia Praying: [link]
    Flatwoods Monster attack: [link] 
    Nintai's Last Day on Xenotia[link]
    Discovering Nintai's Deathbed: [link]
    Jun's emotions going out of control: [link]
    Casual shenanigans: [link]
    The Bullies: [link]
    Possessed Piano: [link] 
    Sateriasis playing the Violin: [link] (I know it's a viola but pretend it's a violin)
    When Basil meets Nemesis: [link]
    The [Bento Box] you're told not to open EVER: [link]
    Allen gets startled: [link] 

    Stuck in a closet-

    Nintai's Ocarina: (Forgive me if this was taken from Zelda, The story isn't 100% canon anyways so please, by all means, don't take it seriously)

    • Time song: [link]
    • Healing song: [link]
    • Stop song: [link] (ReDeads freeze up when this song plays soooo...)
    • Command song: [link] (Pretend it's in Ocarina form)
    • Time revert song: [link]
    • Dance song: [link]

    • Listening to: New York Music
    • Reading: Nothing
    • Watching: Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
    • Playing: Nothing
    • Eating: Ramen and Chips
    • Drinking: Pepsi
    Sentenced to 50 years in prison, WITH NO EVIDENCE!?!?



    Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

    ~All the recipes are by Cuccos Kitchen~

    Bullet; GreenGreen PotionBullet; Green 
    2 cups fresh spinach
    2 cups water
    1 cup mango
    1 cup pineapple
    2 bananas
    1 cup of green grapes
    1 tbsp flax seeds
    1/2 tsp spirulina(optional; for extra protein)
    • First blend spinach and water on high together
    • Then add in fruit, flax and spirulina(optional), blend on low then high.

    Bullet; RedRed PotionBullet; Red 
    2 cups Pomegranate Juice
    1/4 Cup Pomegranate Seeds
    1 Bottle of Red Wine(Non-alcoholic; 3/4 cup cranberry-grape juice)
    1/4 Cup Simple Syrup
    1 Orange
    1 Green Apple
    1 Cup Red Grapes, Sliced in 1/2
    1/2 cup Brandy(Non-alcoholic; 3 cups seltzer water or sprite)
    1/2 cup Triple Sec(Non-alcoholic; 1 Lemon, Juiced)
    • First, make simple syrup by mixing water and sugar in a pot
    • Bring to a boil and stir well until sugar is dissolved
    • Set aside to cool
    • Cut all the fruit and in a big jar, add all your liquid, fruit, and simple syrup.
    • Refrigerate for 4hrs

    Dark blue bulletBlue PotionDark blue bullet  
    1 cup boiling water
    1 cup Cold Sprite
    1 box Blue Jello
    Juice from 2 ½ of a lemon
    2 oz of Absolut Citron(Non-alcoholic; 1oz lemonade)
    1-5 Blueberries(optional)
    • Bring water to a boil and add in jello mix and stir till dissolved
    • Add sprite and stir off heat
    • Pour into an 8 x 11 pan and freeze for 4-6hrs(the longer the better)
    • Add jello, Blueberries(optional), citron, and lemon juice, and blend(If still too thick, add in more sprite)
    • Listening to: Zelda music
    • Reading: Nothing
    • Watching: Cuccos Kitchen
    • Playing: Nothing
    • Eating: Pizza
    • Drinking: Pepsi


    TomboyJessie13's Profile Picture
    Jessica James Johnson
    Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
    United States

    Hello everyone TomboyJessie13 here, I'm here to spread some art and stories to you all from here to Evillious Wiki to FanFiction.Net.

    I became an all around artist after becoming a fan of Gorillaz, their influence inspired me to draw like crazy man, now I draw from different forms of entertainment such as Anime and Games.

    I hope you enjoy your stay folks. CHAO!


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