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Silver Frost



For the Seventh Sanctum Twilight of the Vampires contest.

This is the final version.

Vampire named Silver Frost in accordance to the rules.

This vampire will also be a side character in a novel I\'m writing on my spare time, but she has her own story.

Tools for the drawing: Koh-I-Noor pencils, remnants of my Factis eraser, a broken red pen, a Factis black pen, Lyra color pencils, paper.


Silver Frost was a mage. She became a mage in hopes to live up to her name. Unfortunately, being a mage was not actually shooting bolts of ice from your fingers. So she, in hopes of gaining “power so strong it can destroy gods,” or whatever that old book said, she had stolen a magic item, a stone. Of course she needed actually 5 stones, but this was a good start. The item was described in the old book as “Law Chaos,” an item of mystic power that would grant eternal power for a great price. So imagine Silver’s surprise, when she found out that the great price was the living world. She had opened a portal to hell, and what’s worse, she hadn’t gotten the stone, the Devil himself had stolen it from her… which is not just something that doesn’t happen every day but also very ironic because she had herself stolen the stone. From a church. The statues talked, which was also quite weird.
So now, after being told by angels that she had to risk her life to get the stone back through armies of undead and all kinds of weird things and a huge dragon, which is something that just shouldn’t be left for one person, she was on her way through hell. Or it could have been earth too, it didn’t look too much different, and she would know, the portals popped up everywhere (there was even a case of quite an embarrassing “toilet portal…”) and these could provide quite a nice shortcut being illogical in space. By illogical I mean you could go into one portal a midget and come out from another a giant.
She had already run into quite a bit of skeletons, zombies, ghosts, werewolves, demons, Cerberus, a vampire and a lot of weird creatures of all shapes. And that dragon. Despite all this, she was still alive and still unable to shoot magic out of her fingers so she decided to borrow an angels sword. And don’t get me wrong, she did borrow it, with permission and anything. But being quite unskilled in the sharp arts, she did not know how to wield it, so she invented her own technique: run at the enemies with a big flaming sword yelling something to do with god and hope they run away. This worked in almost all cases except the dragon. The dragon was asleep, kudos to whoever was supposed to make sure the dragon did not fall asleep. But mostly, sneaking past the groups of all sorts of creatures arguing with each other would do the trick.
She had reached the former Hall of Glory, the place where the kings throne was, now Hall of Shadow and Flame, the place where the Devils throne was. The plan as she remembered it was go in, talk to the Devil who always likes talking, get him to give up his earthly form possible by the use of the flaming sword or by the use of feminine charms, then the angels swoop in and start a battle with the Devil, during which she has to steal the stone again and then close the portal to hell restoring things to normal. Or something.
The Devil was sitting on a huge throne, it was the size of a dragons head. In fact, it looked a lot like it really was a dragon’s skull. To be quite honest, the whole hall was on pillars that looked like giant bones. And the roof was slightly see-through and red and had wing bones in it. She wasn’t sure if this was creepy or impressive. The hall had no decorations in it, no one besides the Devil and her in it. It was red and gray in color. There were a couple fires burning on the walls serving as lights. As Silver Frost walked down the long hallway, her fear grew. But something else as well, something dark.
The Devil was dressed formally; he was wearing a pinkish human. The human had dark black curly hair, from which two hornlike locks stood up, almost completely black eyes and a clean shave. He wore bright golden, heavily jeweled armor and gripped a sword made of curious metal. It flickered pinkish and dark golden. His fingers held a lot of rings. Altogether, he was dressed so grand and festive, it hurt to look at him.
“Ah, you’re here,” the Devil smiled. “How was your trip here? Quiet I assume, you don’t look very tired.” He stepped down from the throne and walked slowly towards Silver.
“Your dragon is sleeping.” She moved her sword just a little, as if reminding the Devil she still held a weapon.
“Hah, now isn’t that unfair! What are you gonna do with that sword, darling? I live in flames; they don’t have much effect on me.” The Devil slowed his pace but kept walking towards Silver, still smiling.
“It’s a holy blade, I’d expect it does something.”
“Not really. Ahh, but they haven’t told you have they?” The Devil grinned, “They’re not expecting you to kill me. They want you to get the stone, don’t they?”
Her heart jumped, whatever chance she had of stealing the stone was gone. “What haven’t they told me?”
“The stone, it does nothing, it’s a one way key. It opens a door. The door cannot be closed with it.” He started walking in circles around Silver. “But what do you hope to gain here? The stones power? I can give you more…”
Silver slightly lowered her guard.
The Devil smiled, “The mages guild, disappointment, right? Years of training, for what? A little spark not even powerful enough to light a fire…”
“And what can you offer?” Silver lowered her sword.
“I can give you everything.” The Devil stood still.
“At what cost?”
He approached Silver, smiling, “A switch in sides. Stay here with me. Become my queen.”
Suddenly, all of Silvers fear was replaced with anger. She dropped the sword.
The Devil smiled and stood even closer to Silver. The light from the sword reflected on the gold, lighting up the whole hall.
“I accept,” she whispered.
He bit into Silvers neck.
A loud ruble was heard. A wall made of bones shattered and a being entered, shining white wings, wearing nothing but white clothes, with a white blindfold over his eyes.
“Enough!” his voice bellowed, shaking the ground.
Silver pushed the Devil away and grabbed the sword from the ground, holding a ruby red stone in her hand.
“What!? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?” the Devils voice changed, his skin slowly turning red.
“I don’t want to pick a side, I want power.” Silver said weakly, blood trickling down her neck, staining her clothes.
The human shape around the Devil cracked and peeled off. “YOU DO NOT KNOW…” He was interrupted by the archangel swooping into him.
As Silver started to run out, more angels started to swoop into the room. They surrounded her. Suddenly Silver’s hand caught fire from the sword and the sword broke in her hands.
Silver raised her hand with the hilt of the blade still immolating her hand and whispered something into the stone. The stone started glowing. Angels tried to swoop in and attack her but they could not approach her.
“No! You fool! You have bound yourself with my sword and the devil!” The archangel swooped away from the Devil and dived directly towards Silver, breaking the barrier but too late. The stone had shattered, the sword had fixed itself and now glow black.
The Devil shrieked horribly, as everything was slowly turning back to normal, the chaos receding into the sword.
Silver fell to the ground unconscious.

Silver sat upright in a bed, sweaty from the nightmare, but not a scratch on her. It was night but there was a strange glow emitting from behind her. She turned around, the archangel looking… or rather having his face towards her. She could not tell what the angel was thinking.
“You failed. You have doomed yourself and all human kind to live this day over and over until someone changes something. Your greed has turned you into a beast. You must now help whoever makes the same mistake as you and every time the task will be harder.”
Silver could not stop her curiosity, “What do you feel right now?”
“Because you are the living form of pure good and pure evil. You gave the greatest sacrifice and committed the greatest sin.”
“What happens when it ends?”

Feel free to puke :)
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Your character is interesting, mister? So, she now bears both the power of light and darkness?