How To Draw Mushu

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I made a video of me drawing MUSHU, from "Mulan".  As many of you know, I was the Supervising Animator of Mushu and did the final design/ lots of animation of him in the film.  As I draw him, I discuss a bit of the design process of creating him so I think you'll like it.  Spread it around, maybe lots of people will like it and I'll get in trouble.  Yay.  
(warning: its 18 minutes long)
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Looking forward to watching it
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And it's on right now too, and I was thinking of your work! 8D Cool! <3
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Man, when you think about it, it's been roughly 20 years ago when you started with the Designing for Mushu, or perhaps the character already had the final form sorta, before animation production started, or was roughly underway somewhere around this time 20 years ago.

Mulan was also one of my favorite movies from the late 90's, I always had a thing for Chinese Culture, the music, the styles, the atmosphere, same for Japanese Culture, I enjoy watching Japanese movies, especially when it's Samurai movies, there's somehting unique about it, I love it.

I guess watching Mulan is what made me learn and eat Chinese Food with Chopsticks, and have been doing that since, anything that has rise in it I eat it like that with it, more fun that way.
It's just reminds me of that scene with Mulan sitting on the bed eating her...morning rise breakfast, probably rise porage or somehting not sure.

And ofcourse, Mushu coming up with the Smiley face breakfast in which little Crickey was swimming in it and he's throwing him out the bowl with the chopsticks and then starts feeding Mulan with it moments later. XD

Goncrabulations with your 10.000 Followers on Instagram, btw. :3
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I will check it out! thanks!
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This is a lovely and informative video--always interesting to see artists' drawing process!
Congrats on 10,000 followers!
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Oh I love you mushu my prince mushu I am a fairy
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