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Zatanna 2_ Commission

This is the second of two Zatanna commissions I've done recently. I really wanted to work in a cartoony bunny, but this pose took a turn for the more serious, so I just got into that. She's a fun character to draw. I kinda gave her Pocahontas hair though.
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What a delightful young bad-ass look... and so nice to see just a potent Zatana with no rabbits, no flying cards and no smoke. Your version is fantastic... no props necessary.
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Zee looks really great in your style, Tom. Love it!
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ooo- nice one, tom!
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that is a awesome pics
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Lovely shot of Zee here - got to love the hovering touch. :)
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Lovely Zatanna Tom :)
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Yay you spelled it right!

This is so entrancing, I love it. And Pochahontas hair is never a bad thing... I wants it.
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oh and what pencil did you use for this?
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If I may critique?
The face looks confident, and the orbs on her hands do look like they'd be magic. The cloud looks like there's weight on it, like she's actually sitting on it. But the legs look off to me, you can see her hip bones for one thing. The hips are a ball and socket joint, so if you're sitting down you shouldn't really see them like that. The way the hips are drawn just make the panty like bottom's look more uncomfortable. Over all, it's mostly that section that I'm having a problem with.
But the picture looks great overall.
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Nice! She's working some serious magic there.
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absolutely gorgeous!:love:
I really can't get over the way you sketch!:aww: it's amazing!:aww: and it looks so effortless!:love:
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