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Spider Gwen

I've been dying to draw Spider Gwen since I saw her design.  Well, she is the #sketchdailies subject for today, so I had to jump in and do my version.  
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:D (Big Grin) nice job indeed! 
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Great illustration. Loved the fluidity displayed.
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Well done mister :D...
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I still don't get why the "ballerina slippers" on her costume design.
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I wanted to see your interpretation of the character and the suit! Awesome!
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Thanks JJ. Its for sale also, just so you know.
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Future Foundation suit with a hoodie...

I kinda wished they just went with the Spidey-jacket :<
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Is Gwen as spider woman  a thing ? if so that is pretty cool. Sorry im just hearing about this, your perspective is awesome it 

really shows off her abilities  might just have to draw my own version as well XD
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I love this pose! So fluid and dynamic, and it fits perfectly with the character. Excellent job!
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love the curve of her legs! great pose 
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Love that super-dynamic pose! Especially the shapes and movement of her really get the sense that they're in motion, being swung around by her flip. I also like the shapes of the highlights on the darker part of her costume -- a few of the shapes around her hips look neat because they kind of blend into white "background," and feels like the negative space is cutting in to form those shapes, which is a neat effect.

Spider-Gwen is such a cool design! And your drawing of her is awesome! :+fav:
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You are a busy one today. Nice unique pose of Spider Gwen.
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