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Red Sonja 2

This was a commission I did for one of my upper tier (the one that gets a commission every month) Patrons over on my Patreon support page.  He asked for Red Sonja, so I Tom B-ed one up for him!  It was fun.   If you're interested and want to support me, check it out here:
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Rblue's avatar
Fantastic as always.
Miouwwww's avatar
I love the background and the pose. Is it just me or is the lowest foot a bit skewed the wrong way?
FFF66's avatar
Well performed.
Dynamite, the Red Sonja editor, should publish one cover by you.
DANGERcomics's avatar
Pure awesomeness! B-)
Selinelle's avatar
I would see this into an animated movie!
Smiladon's avatar
Excellent looking Red Sonja.
CartoonWatch's avatar
i cant describe how awesome this is!
supermonkey2121's avatar
Love the red sonja drawing
cartoonstudy's avatar
Tom, thank you for this specific commission request. She looks amazing! I look forward to adding this art to my collection when it arrives in the mail. Really enjoying the benefits of Patreon!
mhunt's avatar
looks great! she's like 'the ghost that walks' :)  she'll die of cold but another one will take her place XD
ErikRoger's avatar
This patreon thing..
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