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PowerGirl , Alluring

This was a "for fun" drawing that I sketched out real quick because I had some Bristol board in front of me.  After that I HAD to ink it.  Inks were done with a Kuretake brush pen and Pental Pocket brush pen.  I love the latter, but it dries slow so I'm always smearing it.  
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Practiced on your work!

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How do you have such great picture quality? Do you scan your drawings into your computer or do you take pictures and then just post them?
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I use a scanner and then tweak it in Photoshop.  Its the only way to go if you are going to upload stuff regularly.
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Ohh, I see! Thanks for the info!
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I recently threw some colors at this.
Would it be OK if I posted it (giving you full credit of course)?
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Yea. I'd love to see it! -Tom
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Here she is!
I hope you like and thanks!
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Very nice, how do you decide which lines to make heavier and which lighter? do you make a line heavier for the eye to be drawn to or just a balancing thing? really curious how you make you line weight decisions, I look to reach such level with my own line work. :)
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In general, I try and weight (thicken) the line on the bottom to make it more weighted to the bottom, BUT, I'm not a stickler.  I also make the line thicker on the top of the head and around the cheeks, so I break that rule regularly.  
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So it's more a personal taste thing rather then a rule of line weight?
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That's amazing line work.
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Love the line weight. Do you have any line art tutorials you'd suggest to a young artist?
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I'm sure there are some online.  I can't think of one this second though.  
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Awesome work.
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love your use of line thickness, breath of life
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sweet just ordered a pentel pocket brush i love it    great art work
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Oh, thank goodness. Nice to see Power Girl being drawn a bit more modestly.
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Your the second person to comment that I made her less sexy.  I'm glad, it was worried I went too far.  Thanks.
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No prob. Trust me, given some of the stuff both DC and the fan community have done to her over the years, this is a breath of fresh air.
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honestly I am completely OK with not ever seeing any cleavages ever, it's stupid and disrespectful in my opinion.
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Depends on the character. Women with looser inhibitions and more seductive natures, like Catwoman, Tigra, or Emma Frost, can make sense with it. But on the whole I'd agree; Power Girl in particular never acted like someone who would show cleavage unless DC was forcing her to.
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Amazing as always.
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