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New Batgirl

By tombancroft
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My version of the new BATGIRL costume design that was just announced from DC.  Fun, well designed, practical and not too complicated.  
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I'd actually like to see a superhero cartoon animated in this style!
Who's with me on this?
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Finally a heroine who wears something that's not supposed to be sexy, but practical. I like it very much!
silvermoon-97's avatar
Loved this version!! Completely amazing!
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cool! I like the new design :) I like that DC didn't make it skimpy and over sexualized. There are too many of those. 

Love the action pose!
beeb02's avatar
you're really good!
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Do you know someone named Kyle?
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I have known one or two Kyle's in my lifetime,  does that help this mystery?
Addison-Woods's avatar
Sort of. I can't remember his last name. But there's one that's my best bro's cousin
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I like this look, but is this the same Batgirl who's been fighting crime for years and years?  It looks like this younger, less equipped Batgirl is what she should've been when the reboot started.

But then, of all the comics to get "rebooted", Action Comics was the only title that actually READ like an actually rebooted storyline.  Blech...
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Very cool! I was hoping you'd draw her in the new costume soon. Ummm, so... thanks!
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She looks really cool! Like her new outfit. I think it totally rocks! :headbang:
Also digging the boots and her pose as well as the coloring. Love her happy face expression too! :clap:
Uber-Stooge's avatar
dam that's one ugly costume...not being a hater.
cookiejoe1's avatar
until she gets shot in the spine.....
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Wow that was fast too! I like her new design!
tombancroft's avatar
Thanks again.  Good stuff there.
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That is a good design. I heard about this and I thought about redesigning the superhero's costumes both DC and Marvel.
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What do  you use for the medium on sketches like these? What brand? This is really good!!
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Thanks.  Its not the pencil but the hand behind it.  That said, its a Blackwing graphite pencil.  
iheartart132's avatar
That is so true! Thank you! I've never used graphite... I like how dark you can get the color. I might have to try it out! :)
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This new look is just all over the place! I feel bad for not having rendered it myself.
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I like this version - it's like Hit-GirlBatman Emote  borrowed a 1968 Batgirl mask
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