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Disney Legend Frank Thomas and me

By tombancroft
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To go along with the survey I am doing right now (Who is your favorite of Disney's Nine Old Men?) and the fact that I just found this photo yesterday, I am posting this pic of me and Frank Thomas when he came to visit the Disney Florida studio many years ago (probably toward the end of Pocahontas production, if memory serves). I remember this was a last minute talk he did for us on our lunch break. He was at Disneyworld for some reason (some kind of Disney publicity junket) and our studio people found out and got him to come over for a couple hours. I remember he just sat up front of the room, totally unprepared to talk, and we just asked him questions. It was great. I had run out into the park (Disney/MGM at the time) and bought an old publicity still from Peter Pan and that's what he is signing here. Still have it somewhere. We miss you Frank!

This more ridiculous picture was taken moments after:…
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man, you were so lucky!

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You were crouching next to a man who made no small part of animation history. Must have felt like a dream. 
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God you were so lucky! R.I.P. Frank Thomas :( His works were gorgeous.
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Sorry Frank and Ollie
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Considering the year , he could have been at Disney World to promote the new new bio film Frank and Thomas , who knows 
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OMG Frank Thomas... ;_; Stare La la la la 
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I am tied with Frank and Olli. I remember that documentary and how Glen Kene was talking about how the two drew. Frank would the sculpt and Olli drew with a light hand almost kissing the paper. The way I draw is really heavy handed. 
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What an awesome opportunity! I can only imagine the cool stuff you must have learned.

High five! :highfive: remake
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I'm getting very touched about this.
Great animators and all of it's kind from Disney in earlier years did stunning traditional animations.
They'll get a very big respect from me! :happycry:

The animators today do a very great job with the animations too. :D
But it's pity when it's to expensive with traditional. Don't you think?
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The face you're making in the photo is just priceless. Standing next to a legend like one of The Nine Old men must feel amazing =D
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Awe man this is totally AWESOME
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Esta super genial :la: que bueno que lo conociste :D 
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Dude! This is amazing! So jealous of you right now, being able to meet with such a legend like Frank.
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This is amazing, you're so lucky you got to meet him! :D :D
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I miss you too, Frank. :(
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HAHA cheesy Tom smile! Gosh meeting Frank would be a dream....lucky duck! I was just watching the bonus features from the new little mermaid bluray and thinking of the old greats like Frank. When is Disney going to re-release Mulan so you can do a bunch of behind the scenes interviews?! ...;P
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They just released a Blu ray edition if Mulan but it didn't have any new behind the scenes!  Darn you Disney!
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awww lame...and really?! where have I been...hahaha I tried to squint and see if you were in the background of mermaid's behind the scenes but no luck hahaha you went in around that time right? That must've been an adventure what with Howard just joining the bunch. I thought the whole bit they did about him on the Bluray sure was great...a lot of really amazing footage I'd never seen before! *runs out to buy mulan on bluray now hahaha *
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you've reason Melissa ^^
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Frank Thomas is my favorite ^^:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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