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Animal pals

These were some cute animals (ala Disney style) for a client that needed them for possible avatar pets. I don't think any of these made the final cut- at least not as is. Always fun to draw animals though.
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Spilled-Sunlight's avatar
That monkey is absolutely adorable.
Silver-Solace's avatar
Love it! Especially the panda, since they're my favorite animals. I want this guy! lol
Rblue's avatar
The animals are very cute.
Gashu-Monsata's avatar
Oh, and the panda I did got rejected too :( I was kinda peed off about it, their excuse was "it was too good".


So uuhhh... I know how you feel sorta haha xD
Gashu-Monsata's avatar
Oh mai :O I had to do some pet art for a few people too over the past 2 weeks, and I did a panda and a giraffe too haha xD What a coincidence! I love the character you have in yours... plus, giraffes are so damn hard to draw! Their collar bones and knees are what gets me.
Tempted-Fate's avatar
Ah, maybe someday I'll be lucky enough to be paid to do design work which will ultimately get rejected or redone...

It may be a cynical take on it, but I find it funny.
"Gotta start somewhere," "It's a living," and all that.

Half joking, and not joking...
tombancroft's avatar
I guess it is a mark of a pro when you have a "perfectly good" drawing thrown out. Kind of a right of passage!
fluffyfuzzball's avatar
Ah so adorable, I'd love to cuddle them all :P Especially the giraffe and the panda, simple but accurate.
kapieren's avatar
Love the pose of the monkey.
DrawingMelee's avatar
Awwwww so cute! :)
DarylT's avatar
I like the iguana.
twinkletinker's avatar
That iguana is so cool... but the giraffe is the most beautiful of all... so kind she looks.
Did you know that a giraffe's kick is so powerful that it can break a lion's skull?
Awesome as usual!!
tombancroft's avatar
I'm learning something new thanks to you!
twinkletinker's avatar
:giggle: It feels right to give back... I smile everyday when I see a new drawing of yours I love...
Plus, I'm studying giraffes right now..! I thought I might share an interesting fact!!!
twinkletinker's avatar
Here they are!!! The giraffe studies I mentioned earlier... finally done!! :D
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
They look great in your style.
Cyclops-Cat's avatar
So digging that giraffe!! Looks so humble!
dodgyrom's avatar
So friendly looking! And cute too. :D
ELIOLI's avatar
A hybrid would be awesome to see! :D
MattKaufenberg's avatar
These are fantastic, Tom!!
beza's avatar
is it just me, or does the panda have a 'come hither' look to him? It's like he's hitting on me. O_o
tombancroft's avatar
I think its just you. :)
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