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1. Any medium is acceptable, this includes traditional (drawing, painting, sketching, pen, etc.), digital (3Dimensional, airbrush, drawing, photomanipulation), cosplay (photography), literature (writing, fan fiction, etc.) and artisan crafts.

2. Please submit accordingly to the appropriate folder, i.e. a regular drawing should be placed in the Traditional Art folder. Any submissions placed in the wrong folder will be overlooked but if the occurrence happens more than once, the deviation will be denied and you will have to resubmit and depending on time for acception of the submission, waiting may occur.

3. Mature pieces are allowed, but must stay within the deviantART guidelines. Pin-ups are acceptable but cannot be inappropriate (i.e. raunchy, etc.). Gore and blood are also acceptable must also stay within the deviantART guidelines. We also do not accepted nude/partial nudity in Lara Croft cosplay. Fetishes are not allowed as well. As well, it must be in good taste and appropriately done.

4. Only 5 art pictures submission limit per day.  

5. High quality artwork only. This refers to good scans of art, no blurry or below 400x400 pixels. (This excludes pixel dolls.) Please submit good quality pictures that have been scanned. Low quality pictures will not be accepted. Works in progress will not be accepted into any gallery folder as well except for the group's Abadoned WIP folder.

6. Rudeness will not be tolerated and you will be forced to leave the group if this happens. Suggestions and comments are always welcome, but yelling (i.e. considered all caps), swearing/cussing, and intolerant behavior is not acceptable. If this were to happen, deviantART will be notified.

7. Rules have been added to the XNALara art. Please check here for information when submitting XNALara art pieces.

8. If you have an art piece that you would like to submit but also have another of the same sort, if either alternate versions of variations, please choose your favorite of the variations and submit that one to the group. TRG does not accept the same pictures over again.

9. Lara must be displayed as a tomb raider for the picture to be accepted. No alternate costumes, unless perhaps, maybe a pin-up but even then still, the piece might not be accepted under the staff's discretion. Just because you use Lara's face, doesn't mean you are remotely portraying her as the tomb raider she is. This also applies to any other characters in the series. This also applies to actions displayed within the artwork. For example, if Lara has never been seen doing something that is in the artwork, or is out of her character, it is unlikely that it will be accepted for that reason.

10. No deviations will be allowed to be included into the group's gallery that only highlight official artwork from any of the games in the Tomb Raider series. Meaning, no screenshots, renders and the like. This is a fanart group, not a "official Tomb Raider art" group. This also goes for official artwork that has just as a filter on it from Photoshop programs. If it's a drawn artwork from an official piece, that's entirely different. But official artwork that is 'edited' is still official artwork.


TRG will accept fanart of characters from the Tomb Raider series, besides Lara Croft, but they must be consist from the Tomb Raider universe. All art is accepted, no matter the skill level, but please choose to submit your best pieces to the group. If necessary, TRG will deny the pictures that do not meet up to the group's standards. Please don't take this as a personal offense but rather as a encouragement to continue your art skills. If below to the minimum standards, the submission(s) will be moved to the group's Learning Artist folder for constructive criticism and practice.
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