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Wed Dec 7, 2011, 11:12 AM by Inna-Vjuzhanina:iconinna-vjuzhanina:

To submit a deviation click on „contribute art“ and then in the drop-down menu pick the appropriate folder.

Or, visit our gallery and click on the plus (+) next to the folder to add to it.

Here you will find names and explanations for all the folders, so you won't have to wonder where to submit.

Daily Deviations - assumable you can't submit here - only DD awarded deviations can be submitted here and it is done by the admins. However, if you happen to find a Tomb Raider fanart that has been awarded and isn't yet in our gallery, feel free to tell us! :D

Hall of Fame - This folder contains all the finest artworks of our community which have the potential of getting a DD and which will be suggested for it by our staff. (you do NOT submit into this folder)

Featured– the best works from our galleries that the admins will choose to be featured (you do NOT submit into this folder)

Traditional – every traditional piece goes here. It contains 2 subfolders:

:bulletgreen: Black and White;

:bulletpink: Color.

They are pretty self-explanatory.

Digital – consists of 4 subfolders:

:bulletpink: Painting and Drawing

:bulletgreen: 3D Art

:bulletpink: Photomanipulations

:bulletgreen: Pixel Art

Artisan Crafts (Sculptures, Papercraft, Plushies) - for crafty hands. Everything hand made which represents Lara Croft or Tomb Raider goes here.

Cosplay - got awesome photos of you cosplaying Lara or any other Tomb Raider character? Put it here.

Icons and Stamps - as it says in deviantArt's rules, they are too small to be considered copyright infringement. You are allowed to make stamps and icons using TombRaider pictures. Put them here.

Fanfiction - written stories of Lara's adventures.

Comics - Be they traditional, digital, consisting of panelled images or seperate files, put the comics here. There are 2 subfolders:

:bulletpink: 1 file comics

:bulletgreen: comics in sequels

Crossover - what does this even mean? Well, it means Lara joined a character who is not a part of the Tomb Raider franchize. Like Batman, or Witchblade, etc. Why a separate folder? Well, some fans haven't played all the sequels and are not aware of all the characters and storylines, so coming across crossover fan arts might confuse them into thinking that Lara really saved the world with Dante :D

Animation - if you made any short films, videos, cartoons, GIFs or flash animations featuring Lara Croft and Tomb Raider, put them here!

Aspiring Artists - we would like to have quality standards for our group, but also have great respect for starting artists, who just like everyone else, wish to show their artwork to the world. Many members find it offensive when their art is declined from groups with an explanation of not being good enough. We will not judge your art and tell you it is not good, because we were all once beginners and had to work our way up to get to where we are today. However, we will separate the folders because many other members require quality standards when browsing artwork, and also, this way you can ask for advice regarding technique, materials or the next step. Please put your artwork here if you are still a learning artist . If you happen to underestimate yourself, we will move it to the appropriate folder, but also move artwork here when we think it's more appropriate.

Founders' Art - Shameless selfpromotion. :D You do not submit into this folder, this one keeps the artworks of the founders only.

We hope this made things more clear and that everything regarding the folders and submissions is now understandable. However, if you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask – it's better than to be sorry later :)

Thank you for your time :heart:

Skin by JAMsEye and Inna-Vjuzhanina
Special thanks to marioluevanos
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Submitted on
December 7, 2011