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Closing the submissions

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 17, 2017, 3:32 AM
Skin by pjuk

Dear raiders!

It's been a while since we posted a journal update. Well, how is everyone? :)

We have some news and updates. As the title suggests, we will be closing the submissions indefinitely.

We wish to thank you for 6 amazing years of an adventurous and artistic ride, joining our projects and motivating us to continue making fun new stuff for you which included a little bit of everything for those who were more on the artistic side and even for those who were just here to raid some tombs! :D And wow, we recently passed the 5000 members count. That's an enormous group of people to take care of ;) We hope you won't be sad and will understand our decision.

As it tends to happen, life often pushes you into several directions and brings new adventures for you, which in our case, pulled us away from the projects that were planned to continue to run the group. Many of you joined over the years and may have missed our start out and intro, where we explained to people we specifically opened the group to bring people something new and have fun with them, and not just be another art group. We tried our best with news updates, contests, fun polls, prize raffles and Challenge games, which must have been our favorite! It recently became clear that the hiatus had taken too long and we obviously weren't going back on track so it would be best for us to stop running the group as it no longer serves its initial purpose. We stopped being a team and it's just not fun running a project which was a collaboration for so long.

Another contributing factor is that DeviantArt is not what it used to be as a community. We opened up back when people came here specifically to hang out with people of similar interests, join projects, do and talk art and just have their own little special place. DeviantArt became an art dump more than a community, while people took their fun bubble elsewhere.

For those of you who love checking back here to keep submitting their art, that’s still fantastic and don’t worry, there are a number of amazing groups left on DeviantArt where you can do that :heart: We won’t be closing our group though, as we’d like to keep it as a nice memory of the fun we had with you guys. It will be amazing to revisit the galleries and see so many talented artists connected in one place,  pouring  their heart and soul into the fandom :heart: If you ever feel nostalgic, you know where to rummage the archives of Tomb Raider goodies! :)

Our Super group subscription doesn’t run out til Jan 2018, so if you have any suggestions on how to put it to good use, fire away! :)

Thanks again guys, you were part of the life-altering experience for us as artists and fans :heart:

We wish you the happiest of raiding, and onto the new adventures! :la:


Tomb Raider Suite - Live Orchestra TR Kickstarter

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 23, 2017, 1:35 PM
Skin by pjuk


The Kickstarter reached its goal and the remaster with an orchestra is happening! :D Congrats, Nathan :clap:

Dear Raiders!

As some of you may have already heard, the original Tomb Raider's music composer has started a Kickstarter campaign to be able to bring all of the fans the most amazing video games soundtrack into their homes. Nathan McCree needs our help to be able to remaster the recording with a live orchestra!

Check out this overview of Nathan McCree's Tomb Raider Suite Kickstarter campaign, which aims to extended and record music from the original three games with a live orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, London. Support now for exclusive rewards!

Happy Raiding! :la:


Upcoming Tomb Raider 2 REMAKE

Journal Entry: Mon May 23, 2016, 2:32 AM
Skin by pjuk

Does the title sound like something that came straight out of your dreams? Well wake up and shake it off, because this is exactly what's happening. For real!

Tomb Raider: The Dagger of Xian is being remade! It's not coming from the official developers but what you're about to see will blow your mind because the remake looks better than you could ever imagine. Especially for a game which is entirely fan-made. Still suspicious? Take a look at some of the screenshots:

And guess who is the author? The one and only Nicobass - remember him and his famous 3D renders which made you stare in awe when you first saw them? :D Well, he is our guy. Thanks to Nicobass, the entirety of the Tomb Raider fandom which had been dreaming about this remake for years will now get to enjoy it - and not only as a nicely textured TRLevelEditor level but as a modern Unreal Engine 4 game! Start wiping those happy tears, you have to see that there is more :D Check out the teaser for the intro level of the game:

Stay tuned for all of the level updates and more HERE. Nicobass is updating the thread as he goes along and here you get to see test videos and more screenshots. The release date is still unknown but he is hoping to release a playable version of the Great Wall level in September/October this year!

Who knows how long it will take him to develop the entire game but even if we have to wait for years it will be totally worth it!

Happiest of raiding! :heart:


Journal Entry: Wed Apr 27, 2016, 2:21 AM
Skin by pjuk and Pencil-Stencil

- Download link at the bottom of the journal -

Hello raiders! It's been a while since we updated the journal with something other than official news or raffles/games.

As you probably already know, 2016 is the year that marks the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider! Can you believe it's been 20 years already? Sounds like forever, especially if you were still a kid when you were introduced to this fabulous franchise. And we still do feel like kids, with how much it excites us, how we conceive of this fandom and the fact Tomb Raider is still alive and kicking! :heart:

Meagan Marie, the Crystal Dynamics community manager recently wrote a book to celebrate the anniversary and it's available for pre-order on Amazon (we'll post the link at the bottom of the journal). Meagan being the awesome busy bee that she is, constantly being involved with the community and caring about the people who make it, she involved a lot of the fans along with their contributions in the book.

The admins of :icontomb-raider-empire: are happy and proud to have some of our collaborative works included in it too!

Speaking of, we never officially announced in Tomb-Raider-Empire that we have a DA account where we post all of them! We opened it for fun and to have an actual place where we'd put all of our funny doodles, collabs and illustrations made for this group's page design. Now when LaraRobsGraves is actually on a roll and we've expanded outside of DA, we're letting you guys know because things got real :lol: ! So make sure to peek into our gallery and add us to your watch if you like our work :D (we also set LaraRobsGraves as an admin here, so don't be alarmed if you get a correspondence message from someone strange next time ;) )

Our primary project is currently the Selfie Chronicles from which you may have already seen some artworks:

Selfie Raider: Look what I found! by LaraRobsGraves Selfie Raider: Distraction by LaraRobsGraves Selfie Raider: Watch out for that braid by LaraRobsGraves

So, if you like Ana & Inna, aka LaraRobsGraves you can hit the following buttons and watch/like/follow us:

Until next time, Happy Raiding! :heart:


Steam Codes WINNERS

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 12:48 PM
Skin by pjuk

Hello dear raiders!

A few days ago we hosted a giveaway for you, with 2 Steam codes for Lara Croft:Temple of Osiris!

Thanks everyone who participated, here's our numbered list of contestants :la:

We picked our winners via generator annnnd here they are! :la:

Congrats Kioris and Lockheaaart, you can now play Lara Croft:Temple of Osiris :D :la::dummy: Happy Valentine's day, aka Lara's birthday - make it count for our lady :D

Special thanks to Crystal Dynamics and Orphen5 for making this possible!

Stay tuned for future adventures, as always have a very happy raiding! :heart:


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