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Some categories have no been merged: Crafts, tutorials and Fan art now share one single folder. Please submit your pieces of this kind onto that folder =)

:groups: Categories

Classic Lara - Can't be clearer. Any outfit before The Angel of Darkness, goes into this folder. Not only the classic blue top, but all of the others from the first Tomb Raider, all the way through to Tomb Raider Chronicles

Doppelganger - All doppelganger cosplayers can be seen here

Outfits in progress - Here you can showcase how your outfit is comming out, or simply try to ask for help from other cosplayers that would be willing to help.

Lara Croft and Doppelganger - The favourite duo from the series. Lara and doppelganger

Amanda Everet - All of your amanda cosplays goes in here

Conventions - Photos taken in convetions go in here. They don't have to be clean, nor just by yourself, they can be of other Lara Croft cosplayers you took photos of.

Lara Croft in Legend - The Legend otufits fit in here, from the main Legend outfit, to the evening ripped dress and motorbike outfit.

The Angel of Darkness - All the Angel of Darkness photos go here. As Dark as you want!

Lara Croft in Underworld - Tomb Raider underworld related photos go in here.

Young Lara - Photos that feature a cosplay of the young Lara Croft.

Movie outfits - All of the outfits and photos inspired by the movie well go here, feel free to also inslude any outfit you created that was inspired by the movie. Doesn't have to be full of action, something as simple as the bundgee ballet scene is apropriate

Craft - Tutorial - Fan art - Showcase your different passions of Lara and Tomb Raider. Show us how you make your outfit, your personal artwork you created or even some items hand crafted by you that commemorate Lara Croft and Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider 9 - A young Lara in a lost japanese island. All the cosplays related to this adventure are to be placed here.

Lara Croft Franchise- Any character of this franchise is submitted to here. Please double check before submitting

Tomb Raider Anniversary - Although it's very similar to the classic Tomb Raider, some people still decidede to cosplay with the little differences of this remake. Submit your cosplay for this game here

Rise of Tomb Raider - The new sneak peak of the raise of Lara Croft as we know her
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