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Italy x Reader: Tears River
“Every kiss on the cheek he gave me, every hug, every smile. I want to remember it all...”
Category: Fluff/Angst
Word Count: 2411
    Imagine every tear that you cried. Every little drop was to accumulate, and to be amplified into a river. A river of tears. Despite rivers being fresh water, would your Tears River be bitter?
    That’s what I was busy thinking about as I reminisced, looking through photo albums. All of them, capturing different stages of my relationship with him. I love him, I really do. Even after we ended our romance, I couldn’t forget about him. I told him that we’ll be friends after we broke up… but I don’t think I truly kept to my promise. I couldn’t look at his amber orbs without my heart dropping. I still loved him with all my heart. To the girl he truly loves, I say you’re arguably the luckiest woman in the world to have Feliciano Vargas.
    Turning to the next pho
:icontomatonebula:TomatoNebula 15 3
America x Angel!Reader x Demon!England
America x Angel!Reader x Devil!England: Alluring Secret, Black Vow
“Is your love for him and his love for you strong enough to keep you two together even now?”
Based on song: Alluring Secret~Black Vow by Kagamine Rin ft. Kagamine Len
Category: Angst
Word Count: 2805
    ”It’s over. I will not be tormented by you any longer,” I told Arthur as he paced forwards and backwards in the depths of hell. To think that I used to like this place. My love for him blinded me, I didn’t notice how this area was rancid with evil and malice at every corner. He enticed me into his lair, and only now I had the bravery to say that I didn’t want to follow his antics anymore.
    “What are you saying?” He gave me that charming smirk that was so alluring…but I kept my place. I had given so much for him. I had left the sky and heavens to be with him, I gave up my title of a pure hearted angel to the extent
:icontomatonebula:TomatoNebula 72 21
Romano x Reader: My Unavoidable Love
Word Count: 2951
Warning: Censored swearing included. (It’s Romano, what do you expect?)

    Day 1:
    Before this damn journal goes any further, I am not in love with anyone. It’s only because my stupid fratello and tomato bastardo insisted that I start a journal. So here I am. Not that those idiots are going to read it but I hope they’re damn satisfied, because I sure ain’t.
    So as I was saying, I am not in love with anyone. I hate everyone, because they’re all stupid. There are just some people who I hate less than others. And no, this is not some kind of ‘tsundere’ Romano. I. Just. Hate. All. Of. My. Friends. Because. They. Are. IDIOTS.
    Got that? Good. Now, let me get on to why I was even here writing. I might not agree to a journal, but since I’m forced to write
:icontomatonebula:TomatoNebula 58 16
England x Reader: The Mood Ring
“He tried so hard to hide his feelings...he couldn't be defeated by a darn piece of jewellery.”
Category: Fluff, Humour
Word Count: 1889
    “Hey dude! Can you do a little favour for me?”
    “Why on earth would I do a favour for you?”
    Arthur looked up from the book he was reading in his living room. A romantic novel, typical clichés and all, but good nonetheless. He hoped that reading would show his American friend that he was not up for talking right now, but this was about Alfred…if Alfred wanted to talk, Alfred’s going to talk and Arthur’s going to have to stay put and listen.
    “C’mon dude! It’s nothing much!” Alfred complained. Arthur rolled his eyes and lifted his novel higher to block his view on Alfred. It was only a few seconds before Alfred snatched the book from his hands.
    “Alfred, you git! That was uncalled for!”
:icontomatonebula:TomatoNebula 144 46
China x Reader: My Unending Love
Word Count: 2938

    Day 1:
    I have four thousand’s year worth of memory. And as I go through all those memories in my head, I couldn’t possibly find a single memory of anyone who was sweeter, kinder, more caring, or more beautiful than (Y/N). But there was no way I had the bravery to talk to (Y/N) and tell her I love her. I was told by my younger brothers to toughen up and ask her out, but how am I able to toughen up to the most beautiful person I’ve ever met in four thousand long years?! Of course they said it was easy, but they don’t know a thing!
    In fact, I went over to (Y/N)’s house earlier today. It was a thing that we did. One day of the week, I would come over to (Y/N)’s house, and on another day, (Y/N) would come to mines. On those days, we would follow the respective owner of the h
:icontomatonebula:TomatoNebula 36 17
Germany x Reader: My Reluctant Love
Word Count: 2966

    Day 1:
    I have, genuinely no idea how to start writing a journal. Should I do the classical ‘Dear Diary/Journal’ start that is always done in the movies and books? Or do I just start writing my feelings with no particular beginning paragraph?
    This was all Feliciano’s idea. I don’t know why he asked me to do this though. I was just minding my own business, doing paperwork for my country when he bounded towards me with a book in his hand. He had that close-eyed smile again as he begged me to start a diary. I refused to until Italy changed the name of the ‘diary’ to a ‘journal’. But still, I have no idea what I am supposed to do. I asked Italy, and he just said to ‘write anything you feel like about your day’. I would have rather if he gave me a
:icontomatonebula:TomatoNebula 68 7
Hetalia x Reader: [Intro] My Written Love
    Somehow, he was forced into writing a journal. Whether it be from the demands of a teacher, the dare of a brother or the urge from a friend. He had to start writing a journal. And he had very mixed feelings about it.
    As he wrote, his main purpose was to talk about his day. What he ate, what he saw, what activities he conducted during the day. But eventually, he started to realise a consistency in his writings. No matter what he initially started writing about, it would always drag back to the topic that was subconsciously in the back of his mind.
    Closing his journal he looked down at it with sadness. (Y/N)… his closest friend… and it was becoming obvious that in his heart, she was much more than that. But just because he was acknowledging his feelings didn’t give him any more bravery to confess. Sighing, he opened his journal again. Well, he’s got nothing else to do but write about it. However
:icontomatonebula:TomatoNebula 37 9
Jealous!Canada x Reader: Cuddle Night
“Why have a bear when you have me?”
Category: Fluff, Humour(?)
Word Count: 1363
    Matthew always knew that, since he is the owner of the bear Kumajiro, he was never given the respect an owner deserved. Especially since every two seconds the stupid ball of fur would question who Matthew was. Usually, he wouldn’t refer to Kumajiro as an arrogant, selfish, little HAIRBALL. But then, he had the right since the bear was taking what was rightfully his.
    (Y/N)’s attention.
    Matthew couldn’t be any happier to have a girl like (Y/N) as his girlfriend. His dream and love ever since…a long time. However he always felt he was stuck with the best friend label. But somehow, (Y/N) loved him back. But the nervous Canadian didn’t have the bravery to confess to her, so it went against tradition with (Y/N) confessing to him with bright red cheeks. Darn, Matthew could relive that moment over and over again. But e
:icontomatonebula:TomatoNebula 289 73
Cheater!France x Reader x England: It's Not Over
“I regret my past, I’m not going to regret my future.”
Category: Angst
Word Count: 2738
    Francis’ POV:
    I was a fool. An idiot. To ever think I had a right to be with someone like (Y/N). My closest friend, who managed to stick with me and tolerate my flirtatious ways. As my number of relationships climbed with every growing moment, I found myself going to her in tears with every heartbreak. Some I couldn’t care about cutting off a relationship. Some were just fun, a mere mistake after a late night out.
    Some, were genuine and broke my heart. And every time, I needed to crawl back to someone, I needed a hug, some words of security. And (Y/N), being my fallen angel, gave what I needed. No matter the time. I remember, (Y/N) fetching me from a bar at two in the morning, and she stayed and looked after me for the rest of the day. I caused so many inconveniences for her. I was a disgrace of a friend.
:icontomatonebula:TomatoNebula 130 37
Japan x Reader - Sakura Rain
“I can wait, if it’s to see you again.”
Based on Song: Sakura no Ame (Cherry Blossoms Falling) by Hatsune Miku
Category: Angst/Fluff
Word Count: 2246
    Kiku looked out the window with slight boredom. The teacher was droning on about the end of school year, and the massive break before everyone saw each other again. But it was even worse for Kiku. His closest friend and crush he was hopelessly in love with, (Y/N), is going to go. Move to another school far away, where he could never possibly see her in person again. He thanked his ability to not display emotion right now, so that he didn’t have a meltdown right in the middle of class. And especially not in front of (Y/N) who is right next to him.
    Regarding the outside window, he was thankful that class was on the second floor, in level with the cherry blossom trees. He watched as some petals fell off due to the wind and slowly floated down out of view. He felt as though he was one
:icontomatonebula:TomatoNebula 78 31


Flustered Love [FrancexReader]
                                   Flustered Love.
                                   [France x Reader]
Francis Bonnefoy.
Just the name of this handsome Frenchman was enough to make women swoon. His luscious blond hair was like waves of golden threads, and his rich violet eyes were like pools of royal velvet. Women would kill to simply have his eyes on them for longer than a mere moment.
Most women, anyway. [y/n] seems to be the only female resistant to his charm. Perhaps that was the reasoning behind his recent feelings toward her. Everything about her made her seem like a goddess in his eyes. The way her [e/c] eyes would twinkle in the light, or the way her wind tousled [h/c] hair would frame her face perfectly without her needing to fix it, or even her melodic voice that had different tones with each emoti
:iconmaybelle-maple:Maybelle-Maple 288 73
France x Reader: Anniversary
"Mm," you murmured, resting your head on the Frenchman's chest. "I love you," you said softly, listening to his heartbeat as you closed your eyes.
He chuckled, gently rubbing the small of your back before kissing the top of your head. "Je t'aime trop, (Name). Did you enjoy our anniversary?" he asked.
"Oui," you sleepily replied in his native language, a faint smile on your face. The day had involved Francis's irresistible cooking, candles, many French pet names, and kissing.
Lots and lots of kissing.
He smiled down at you, running his hand up to rest on one of your shoulder blades. "I'm glad, ma chère," he whispered. "I only wish to make you as happy as you make moi."
You wrapped your arms around him, lifting your head up so you could see his face. "Really?"
"Of course. Don't you remember how we met?" he asked, reaching out to push a strand of your hair away from your (Eye Colour) eyes.
And indeed you did.
:iconsvenskaoslo:svenskaoslo 374 119
Soldier! Germany x Crossdressing! Reader
Change of view
That was the sound that left the girl’s lips as she tightened the piece of cloth around her chest. Dear Lord, why I am doing that again? [f/n] asked herself while fighting back involuntary tears as she pulled with a bit more strength than she should have.
Impatient knocks on the door almost made her jump.
-[L/n]! Last call! – a man yelled through the wooden door.
-Co- - the high pitched choked sound [f/n] made almost made her want to smack her head on the wall. Idiot. She cleared her throat. –Coming!
A hoarse voice was the closest thing to manly that [f/n] could get. No one complained, so it was alright.
For now.
She had entered the army for a single reason: spare her sick brother. How [B/n] squirmed once the girl told him she would take his place. He could barely breath by himself, much less held a weapon between his hands firmly, so she wouldn’t  allow him to become a moving target.
:iconaranel753:aranel753 505 180
Dance of Silk :Rakugoka!Japan x Geisha!Reader:
Dance of Fallen Silk
: Rakugoka!Japan x Geisha!Reader :
=Showa Period=
Everyone knew that beauty was a subject sustained by tradition — although the passage of time brought forth endless struggles to preserve them in its purest form. And with each passing year, the depiction of beauty too transformed; for the past became nothing more than fleeting traces of memories sent swirling in a whirlwind of fragrant cherry petals and freshly shed tears.
(Name) had been treasured for her beauty. For as long as she could remember, she had been the very object of attention — from her excellently maintained skin, to her nimble fingers producing complex pieces of music from the shamisen resting on her lap. Certainly, her role as Geisha required her to keep her head raised in an air of regal elegance and feminine status.  
Even as a feeble child, her grace was a wonderfully played ability that contrasted sharply in her short life as an illegitimate daughter of a poor woman. And
:iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 50 12
Into the Woods [Fae!Canada x Child!Reader]
One must never venture too far into the woods. The adults tell the children that there are monsters hidden among the shadows, waiting with bated breath to devour an unsuspecting little boy or girl. But (name) has never cared too much about the scary stories; the forest is where she always wastes the day away until the sun sets sleepily in an orange horizon.
Until today.
(Name) is lost.
One moment, she is skipping along a well-worn path more familiar to her than her village's own roads. Birds chirp peacefully, the sun's soft rays of light filtering through the mass of green leaves, and her (e/c) eyes are taking in the lovely sights of vibrant flowers strewn along the forest floor.
Then (name) hears something. A single musical note, more pure and more strange than anything in the world that has graced her young ears. It promises sweetness and adventure - a combination too tempting for the child. Something happens then. Rather than her feet being on the dirt path, they are stepping throug
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 102 35
China X Reader~A Girl Worth Fighting For!
It was quiet. Calm and peaceful. But dreadfully quiet. The only sound that was made and heard was the footsteps in the snow, soldiers of China coming back to their training camp to prepare for their trip back home.
It was after the war, from enemies outside the large Asian country, and only a number of soldiers lived. Those who didn't, were either left in the snow to become one(don't take Russia into that, please) with the Earth, or were on the carts that held the remaining of their supplies. Most of the soldiers are beat from the on going war, only the occasional smile shared to each other. However, one soldier remained with a cheery smile dancing on his lips. His name was Wang Yao, a young man from a village in China. He had long, brown hair tied down into a low ponytail that laid over his left shoulder, and the most beautiful honey brown eyes. Not once after that war ended, did that smile that was on his lips ever slip away. Because hope and confidence was in him, rushing through hi
:iconkorusonn:Korusonn 4 0
Twist of Silver:Pirate Lord!China x Lady! Reader:4
Twist of Silver Threads
: Pirate Lord!China  x Lady!Reader:
(Chapter 4- FIN)
The Sting— (Breathe)
The sensation of the waters crashing against her skin was agonizing.
But it didn’t stop (Name) from fighting to break through the surface. No, not even with the salt burning her vision and the chilling waves seizing hold of her limbs to drag her into the depths.
Amongst the booming cacophony of gunpowder, shouting, and bodies plunging, (Name) managed one breath before sinking under.
And as her body grew still, (Name) wondered faintly if she made the correct decision to give her heart to a pirate lord who desired so much of her as any man would amidst the seas.
Light in the Dark—(Resurface)
All his men… all his possessions… his precious vessel in tatters and up in flames…
So much loss did Yao see in a blink of an eye and he did nothing more to stop it. As the image of the laughing pirate man burned amidst red smoke and burning ash, Yao
:iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 7 0
Allies x New!Child!Country!Reader Introduction
The time was World War II.
In pursuit of the Axis, America, Canada, China, England, France and Russia had found themselves on a seemingly barren island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They had agreed to take a break on the sand while they figured out where they were and how they were going to find the Axis.
"Hey dudes!" Exclaimed America, after everyone had settled on the white sand of the beach. "I totally think this island is new! I can't find it anywhere on my map." He lent closer to the map that he had laid out on the sand, his glasses glinting in the sun.
"That's a map of America, you git!" Snapped England, ripping the map away from America and crumpling it into a ball, ignoring America's attempt to grab it back.
Russia just watched them bicker, his heavy Winter coat apparently causing him no discomfort despite the hot Summer sun beating down on them all. Neither Canada nor China were paying that much attention, China choosing to take in the sights of the rest of the
:iconmrshermionepotter:MrsHermionePotter 11 6
dA Guide: Text Formatting
This is just a quick text formatting guide for dA. My goal was to make a simple html guide for easy reference.  Please PAY ATTENTION to where the codes WILL and WILL NOT work!  (Certain codes won't work in comments and deviation descriptions, no matter how hard you try.)  :'D
I provided "working examples," which might make the codes easier to understand because you can see them in action. (Keep in mind that when you type html tags, the effects won't be visible until AFTER you hit "Preview" on your comment, journal, etc. I only made them visible for the purpose of demonstration.) Enjoy!!!

The following codes can be used in
comments, deviation descriptions, journals, and profile page widgets.

This will make bold text.
This will also make bold text.
This will make italicized text.
:iconsweetduke:SweetDuke 17,209 3,137
Monsters (Hitman!Jones x Reader)
a  Beyond the Crosshair bonus story
Hitman!Jones x Reader
Alfred could only vaguely recall those two people, those two who loved him unconditionally. His parents. Was he closer to his mother or his father? Who did he resemble the most? Did they spoil him rotten?
He didn't remember much about either of them, even his imagination couldn't fathom what relationship he had with his mom and dad. What he did remember was that night. From the fear of those things that creaked in the dead of the night, to the sight of seeing a man struggle for his life after Alfred pulled the trigger—everything was burned into memory. 
After the mob took him in, death became a daily occurrence. The nightmares, exaggerations of the tragedy, had slowly faded into the back of his mind as the blackness steadily took over his heart. He hadn't had night terrors for over ten years. 
But now he was in his old room, in his old house, back in his old life as Litt
:iconburgersnscones72136:burgersnscones72136 17 6
SpainXReader: Jealousy (Part1)
You sighed quietly pinching the bridge of your nose with your forefinger and thumb at the sight before you: Three giggling girls gushing over your Spanish boyfriend who seemed oblivious to the fact that they were flirting. The girls were getting too touchy on the Spaniard, rubbing his arm, twirling a chocolate lock, pressing up closer to his chest and such. Antonio didn’t seem to mind, in fact he was joking along with them seemingly enjoying the conversation. You watched from a distance just right across the lockers, waiting for your brunette Spaniard to sense your existence which he hasn’t noticed for a while.
An all-too-familiar feeling washed over you as it always has when Antonio densely socializes with his fangirls. You weren’t surprised though he was Spanish perfection with a big heart—too big. It would be unnatural if no girl was attracted to him. You pressed your white-bloused back against the cold metal lockers with crossed arms gazing at Antonio exaspe
:iconxxtomodachixx:xXTomoDachiXx 212 35
Seborga x Reader | f l i r t
"Wait (Y/N)! I'm-a so sorry! I-a promise not to do it again!"
Emerald eyes welled up, tears clinging to long lashes. His brows came together in an expression of sincerity, but you couldn't fall for it again. His charm was too much for even him to handle; every woman that walked past him was attracted to him. He was a cheerful Italian with a bad case of the flirt bug.
"How can I trust a man who's always flirting with other women?"
"I-a can't help who I am! But you know I'd never cheat on you. You're the wo/man of my dreams!"
You snorted, turning your back to him. "I'm so good that you gave my birthday present away? Right in front of me?"
That was what sparked this argument in the first place. He booked a hotel in his brother Southern Italy's country, seeing as the facilities at his place opened late and shut early. But the moment he lay eyes on one of the female receptionists, he dug from his pocket a small box and presented her with jewelry; (diamond earrings/nose stud/r
:iconsabakunoeyebrows:SabakuNoEyebrows 177 59
France x Reader: Glad You Came (Songfic)
WARNING: swearing!
The sun goes down
The stars come out
And all that counts
Is here and now
My universe will never be the same
I'm glad you came
There she is, Francis thought when he spotted you in the crowd entering the conference hall for another world conference. Your (lenght) (colour) hair swayed from side to side as you strode to your seat between Lovino and Feliciano.
You were very close to both of them and could consider them your best friends. You were cheerful and friendly to everyone, apart from the ones you despised. Sadly, Francis was one of the latter. He was sure you took it over from Lovino who hated him with every fiber of his heart.
But Francis was in love with you. At first he thought it was just his ever-present urge to make love to every human being, but even months after you rejected him rather harshly, he felt drawn to you, and he realised that he was
:iconladylyacaria:LadyLyacaria 167 27
Moonlight (France X Reader)
Francis Bonnefoy sat on the edge of the Pont des Arts bridge at midnight, cell phone in one hand and a small-caliber pistol in the other, black and shining in the moonlight.
He was finally going to end this. As strong as he was, he'd had enough of all the insults: rapist, pervert, cheater. This Frenchman was tragically misunderstood, had been for years, and he was going to end it if the love of his life didn't pick up the phone.
It rang endlessly, but because of the time, you were deeply asleep and it cut to voicemail. A tear slid down Francis's cheek as he heard your beautiful voice for the last time. "Hey, this is ________. Sorry I can't come to the phone right now. You know what to do after the beep."
"Bonjour, _______. I know it will probably be morning by ze time you 'ear zis. ...You know 'oo it iz, I sink." [1] He tried to hold back tears for your sake, so you couldn't hear how bad this was. "I cannot take any more of ze insults, ma fleur, and
:iconmusicandartrocker:MusicAndArtRocker 56 18
Holes (France x Reader)
You sat in your pajamas, glancing warily at the unfamiliar sights around you. You were surrounded by the intoxicating smell of wine and roses, using all your willpower not to gag. Sighing, you glanced back up at the wall clock: 7:30 at night.
You messaged your temples in frustration. Where is everyone…? The last thing you wanted to do was to spend the night alone at his place. You really cornered yourself on this one.
Earlier that day in the conference room, the World Meeting was uneventful as usual, everyone spouting curses and insults at the other (Minus Ludwig and Kiku. One of them was yelling for everyone to be more orderly while the other was keeping silent and reading the atmosphere).
You, on the other hand, were getting a kick out of all the turmoil. It was really the only reason you came to these types of things; you knew none of them could get along well. It never failed to bring a smile to your face!
Suddenly, Arthur stood from his chair, stating what
:iconmoot3100:moot3100 428 177
No Touching (France x Reader)
No Touching (France x Reader)
All Translations are in the description, hope you enjoy!~ :3
~~~(Name) POV~~~
“Yes ma chérie?”
“Remove. Your. Hand. From. My. Ass!” you growled before glaring at the Frenchman,
“But it’s so beautiful~” he purred before sliding his other arm around your waist.
Francis, your boyfriend, was kind, loving and affectionate just a little too affectionate, in fact he was so affectionate that some would take it as far as to call him a pervert and you’re the one who had to put up with this so called ‘Pervert’.
Yeah sure at times he could be a little perverted but you wouldn't necessarily call him a pervert just a little… frisky at times and touchy, VERY TOUCHY! And to be honest it was starting to annoy you. You pinched his hand earn
:iconrhythmicbeat:RhythmicBeat 724 173


I just want to say to everyone, happy belated New Years!!! I've been overseas for the past weeks with no wifi soooo ;-; But after delving into other fandoms, I learnt the long way that I much prefer the Hetalia fandom and I just had to come back. Expect a fanfic in a few days! (If I've recovered from the jetlag by then XD)


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 Pixel Icon: Ink-Heart (F2U!)[F2U] grey eyeball bullet[F2U] red eyeball bullet[F2U] strawberry eyeball bullet[F2U] pink eyeball bullet[F2U] lilac eyeball bullet[F2U] blue eyeball bullet[F2U] indigo eyeball bullet[F2U] green eyeball bullet[F2U] yellow eyeball bullet[F2U] orange eyeball bullet[F2U] red eyeball bullet[F2U] strawberry eyeball bullet[F2U] pink eyeball bullet[F2U] lilac eyeball bullet[F2U] blue eyeball bullet[F2U] indigo eyeball bullet[F2U] green eyeball bullet[F2U] yellow eyeball bullet[F2U] orange eyeball bullet[F2U] red eyeball bullet[F2U] strawberry eyeball bullet[F2U] pink eyeball bullet[F2U] lilac eyeball bullet[F2U] blue eyeball bullet[F2U] indigo eyeball bullet[F2U] green eyeball bullet[F2U] yellow eyeball bullet[F2U] orange eyeball bullet[F2U] red eyeball bullet[F2U] strawberry eyeball bullet[F2U] pink eyeball bullet[F2U] lilac eyeball bullet[F2U] blue eyeball bullet[F2U] indigo eyeball bullet[F2U] green eyeball bullet[F2U] yellow eyeball bullet[F2U] grey eyeball bulletPixel Icon: Ink-Heart (F2U!)
     bunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley faces
bunch of smiley faces
     bunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley faces
Red Eye:oldtv:Moving Eyeballs Cake 50x50 iconBloody Rain Have a Nice DayMoving Eyeballs Cake 50x50 icon:oldtv:Red Eyebunch of smiley facesbunch of smiley faces
     bunch of smiley facesPastel Purple Eye
Flowey Omega (avatar size) - UNDERTALE - Icon GIFVirtual Retro LED - HVirtual Retro LED - AVirtual Retro LED - PVirtual Retro LED - PVirtual Retro LED - YFlowey Omega (avatar size) - UNDERTALE - Icon GIFPastel Purple Eyebunch of smiley faces
Blue Eye.:F2U:. Horror TV iconVirtual Retro LED - BVirtual Retro LED - IVirtual Retro LED - RVirtual Retro LED - TVirtual Retro LED - HVirtual Retro LED - DVirtual Retro LED - AVirtual Retro LED - Y.:F2U:. Horror TV iconBlue Eye
 Pixel Icon: Ink-Heart (F2U!)[F2U] grey eyeball bullet[F2U] green eyeball bullet[F2U] indigo eyeball bullet[F2U] blue eyeball bullet[F2U] lilac eyeball bullet[F2U] pink eyeball bullet[F2U] strawberry eyeball bullet[F2U] red eyeball bullet[F2U] orange eyeball bullet[F2U] yellow eyeball bullet[F2U] green eyeball bullet[F2U] indigo eyeball bullet[F2U] blue eyeball bullet[F2U] lilac eyeball bullet[F2U] pink eyeball bullet[F2U] strawberry eyeball bullet[F2U] red eyeball bullet[F2U] orange eyeball bullet[F2U] yellow eyeball bullet[F2U] green eyeball bullet[F2U] indigo eyeball bullet[F2U] blue eyeball bullet[F2U] lilac eyeball bullet[F2U] pink eyeball bullet[F2U] strawberry eyeball bullet[F2U] red eyeball bullet[F2U] orange eyeball bullet[F2U] yellow eyeball bullet[F2U] green eyeball bullet[F2U] indigo eyeball bullet[F2U] blue eyeball bullet[F2U] lilac eyeball bullet[F2U] pink eyeball bullet[F2U] strawberry eyeball bullet[F2U] red eyeball bullet[F2U] orange eyeball bullet[F2U] grey eyeball bulletPixel Icon: Ink-Heart (F2U!)
  Spin it goodSpin it goodSpin it goodSpin it goodSpin it goodSpin it goodSpin it goodSpin it goodSpin it goodSpin it good
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Sixth Gift                                             
Seventh Gift                                               Eighth Gift
TomatoNebula Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Aww, thank you for the gifts! You’re an amazing artist by the way! Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
JJJMadness Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are very welcome by JJJMadness  
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