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Sasuke Shimeji

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I downloaded a Naruto Shimeji (a long time ago) created by the super awesome :iconyuna-shensiu:, but he must be lonely without his Saucy so I created one. XDD

I never wanted to upload it here... T_T well... Its kinda my first time... and it sucks... for a bit? But I guess it won't hurt to share (if ever there are people who are interested). o_O

Well... yeah... let me hear some comments if you were actually interested enough and downloaded this.... thing.. haha...

Thank you so much. XD

PS: you might not get fast replies from me.... my internet is being a bitch right now. T_T


Sasuke (Naruto) c M. Kishimoto
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how do i download this?

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Dónde se descarga por favor, no veo ningún link

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These exact tiny Sasuke's are taking over my screen right now. I am a dummy! I think there's over 33 of them...:o (Eek) 
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how do you download it?

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where do you download it at? i can't see any download link
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on the far right side of the screen
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It's so lovely  <3 <3 <3 
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where do i download it
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i downloaded! :3c danke schön!!
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i klnow this is porbably old af(youposteditin2011holyfuck) but do you think you can make a .rar file for this one? my comp doesn't like it when i try to download .zip files
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I want this kawaii Shimeji!! Pretty please!! Ill treat him nice! Ill share all my pocky and and cupcakes and and cookies!
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sure! you can get it by clicking the download button!
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uchiha-boy~~ T^T
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Sasuke-kuuunnn! Sakura (Shy) [V1] Sakura (Happy) [V1] 
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i would love tp have this!! I want more buddies!
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i want hinata hyuga:3
and it's really cutee ><
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Es taaan cute <3
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Thanks so much! His animations are a little glitchy for me though...
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no probs~
well... this one is soooo old... so... yeh.
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Yes please I would love this shimeji, how can i get it??
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