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Drifloon Shimeji

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© 2010 - 2020 TomateBleuet
Hooray for downloading my Drifloon Shimeji in the middle of the night a Monday!
Hooray for this beautiful preview made with Paint in 5 seconds!
Hooray for being tired!

Please do not touch the XML files because I modified them, and it may not work if they are changed.

EDIT: I won't respond to comments about technical errors or bugs anymore. I have created this shimeji a while ago and I don't quite remember how it all works.

Shimeji -> Group Finity
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Sadly the download won't work, but it's still cute.
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CoralineBrandsHobbyist Digital Artist
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Liepard-LiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, sorry if you don't understand me very well, I speak spanish and I'm bad at english. I know you said that we don't ask, but if you can please, say me how did you change the XML, I just want to know how to edit the actions and then figure out which is each thing, I have the base template downloaded from the shimeji's page, How do you put the X shimeji?
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Tonka-Pony1234Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sooo cute Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
Great job Hamtaro Hamster Emoji-07 (Cute Dance) [V1] 
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This thing is adorable!
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the13throseHobbyist Writer
So much yes.
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Steven-Is-My-BabuHobbyist Digital Artist
aaa drifloon is so cute
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mdepyper19Student General Artist
it wont work! ;(
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1)Download Java. 
2)Extract Shimeji.exe (Right Click >> Extract Or ExtractFiles
3)Run Shimeji.Jar
4) PlayAround!
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thegamingfoxyStudent General Artist
is doesnt work still, it says "a java exeption has occured" ;-;
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Drifloon Pointing Emoticon of a Cute Little Dinosaur Dino with a lolly :dinosaur: Dino + cookie Raptor La Icon Ready for halloween :dinosrawr: Godzilla Llama DINOPINK :D Dragon fly emote Fun Fight :P :fruitpunch: Goku and the magic Nimbus IMing: Digital Piracy How NOT to Train Your Dragon :powerup: Ice Dragon Yasuko Takasu (Fangirling) [V1] Green Dragon ipod emote :pizzaglomp: :smallbounce: Banned Exploding Emote 1000 PAGEVIEWS Endless Cookies Emote Hayabusa Emoticon Ver. 2 Ghost OlO :beastyla: Bard Emoticons Dragon Platino La v2 Twitter Argentina -OC Pegasus Trotter Gif- :crazy_dance: :ruby: Dragon's tIL Roasting Marshmallows Shade Hero Sprite Don't Fall In Emote Dragon :cactus: Stormy Emote dragon Trial blink Taiga Aisaka (Huggy Bear Santa) [V1] Joshi's Charizard Chubi-con :extremevenla: Yuusaku Kitamura (Merry Christmas) :tucker: :dakotawave: Toni and Charlez Avatar Poking princetrunksla diedummy diedummy die Emote Test Walk 1 icon kenji Mugiwara flag plz Draw Me A Heart Emote pikachu Rup cheeks plz Pikachu want it Pikachu-lol Pikachu waves Pikachu Loves It Plz pikachu runnin Pikachu Glomp Pikachu wave Pikachu Piff Plz pikachu roll head plz Pikachu Crying Plz Silly Pikachu plz Bulbasaur Crying Crying Squirtle Chimchar crying meowth dizzy Happy Charizard new avie meowth angry Crying Charmandar Bulbasaur Nuzzles Yami plz Tra Pikachu sprite Protoman Plz Gloomy pokeball v1 Pikamote Pika_WTF Pikachu apple Rita Avatar Cure Light Emote Pika taunt icon Satoshi (Pikachu Iron Tail) pikachu cheer on Pikachu's death Pichu pokeballed emoticon Pokemon Kaoani - Pichu Icon Pichu :jigglypuffla: :meowthla: Pikachu dummy :dancingpichu: :psyduckla: Pichu :Pidgeotla: Magnemite free icon pichu Pichu emote Pi pi Free Meowth Icon :meowthla: crying meowth meowth dizzy meowth angry meowth happy meowth not shure Team Rocket (Intro) [V1] meowth happy meowth shock Meowth Yay Plz Meowth Crying Plz Meowth mad Meowth Sighs Plz Meowth Err Plz Meowth Rage Plz Meowth (Cool) [V1] Meowth Uh Oh Tangela: Ingrain Meowth Gif Meowth Err Plz Meowth Excited 
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aw why do you kill pikachu
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Yami Shocked I am sorry
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M1m1kyu General Artist
that killing pikachu emoji....

best emoji ever
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TomateBleuetStudent Digital Artist
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RckingChibiStudent Filmographer
This is the best shimeji i ever see, really, i never seen a shimeji that falls slowly and i love the way that is cloured, this IS THE BESTDrifloon Avatar -- DO NOT FAV 66 - Fly Me to the Moon Drifloon Emoticon 
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TomateBleuetStudent Digital Artist
thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it!
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RckingChibiStudent Filmographer
P.D: Im making a shiny Drifloon editing this one into a shiny one. Can i upload this on deviantart? Im gonna gave you the credit of creating the Drifloon and the editing part it was from me. Can i?Meow :3 
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TomateBleuetStudent Digital Artist
I think you should keep it for yourself, but I'm glad that you like this shimeji enough to make a shiny from it!
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can you do a jolteon one? iv'e only seen one jolteon shimeji worth downloading but it has no config files or anything so it doesn't work :(…
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TomateBleuetStudent Digital Artist
You could download the config files of another shimeji and put the images of the Jolteon shimeji in the img file!
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i tried... it didnt work :c
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jellyfishprinceHobbyist Artist
;3; I'm fairly certain I've downloaded these little guys in the past but I got to downloading them again after getting a new computer because they make me feel better when dealing with rude and toxic family members. 
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