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Everything is moving forward so fast in the internet world. As they say, you snooze, you lose. Websites and communities come and go and I found myself caught in a few of them.
It's hard to keep up sometimes. If became sluggish and abandoned, where did people move to? Don't get me wrong, DA has a great community and the forums, but it's nothing like the aforementioned site. Where are all the people from there? Where did they go? Where is the life at? I would definitely appreciate a forum like that on where people can post their stuff and talk about it. What did the community transform into?
I want to know.
So I got this game because it was almost for free and I barely have time to play it (mostly at night).
I really like the character I designed in it so I decided to share it with you guys. The game's great, just the characters don't look so good (for the most part).

Dragon Age Inquisition Elf Girl by tomas-brian
So you guys know this girl.

Crystal bear by tomas-brian Silveria teen by tomas-brian

She has made it into a comic strip which is fun to make.

Silveria chibi by tomas-brian Silveria 001 - Sleepyhead by tomas-brian

I really like this character, I created her nearly 20 years ago and it was high time I did something about her. I think I've lost my way in the past few years and as a part of my inner focus I'm working with my creative stuff again. I actually introduced her to some friends of mine from the film industry and we are together working on a script to make a live action short movie with her!!! Isn't that amazing?

Just some short info on Silveria...
She's a daughter of the most powerful mage in the world who doesn't age, yet even through his eternal life her father struggles with raising his own daughter as this is his first time as a parent. Yes, even eternal life can't prepare you for that.
Silveria has an older sister Wealla (who I'm gonna introduce as well) who hates her for a number of reasons. Still, Silveria does whatever she can to change that.
Silveria is a very rare mutant, in fact the only one of a kind, silver is bonded with her biology and she can't live without it. Her hair is made of silver and the eyes are completely blank which scares many people around her. This makes Silveria very sad and a target of hateful acts from others, especially her peers. As a result, she stays away from people, enjoying exercising and reading. Sometimes she also travels and undertakes adventures which I describe in the books about her and her family.
If she wasn't a mutant, she would be blonde with brown eyes, just like her mother after which she took her likeness.
Mutation makes Silveria little slow in her mind as the silver bond slows cognitive biological functions in her brain but it also gives her a couple of advantages which I'm not gonna mention here because it would be a spoiler, her abilities develop and are changed throughout the story.
Overall Silveria is a nice person who is willing to sacrifice for others despite her unfair treatment, she took it after her mother - a field doctor who was loved by everybody.
Just brighten up, can't be that bad. :)