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Spider Mohawk

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Wow! Spider Mohawk Looks Awesome In This Pic!

Cosmic--Chaos's avatar
God, this guy terrified me as a kid. Excellent work!
Bazzkorg's avatar
I loved this guy, looked cooler when he transforms to a half spider. 
Khialat's avatar
Great work! I've been a fan of the Gremlins movies for years :XD:
CsThRuH2O's avatar
:giggle:Looks like a gremlin head:giggle:
So good^_^
Mark35950's avatar
Amazing! I love the detail!!!
Mark35950's avatar
Mohawk! My favorite gremlin! Yay!
Souruuriin's avatar
omg soo cool and happy holidays >o<
sielre's avatar
huh? scary gremlin for xmas
Bliznab's avatar
OMG ITS A GREMLIN!! :sprint:

Bahah, great job! Great movies too, ahh thems were the days :D
VanillaCompact's avatar
Oh my, my family actually rented this movie to watch tonight!
How awesome! :D
Caniban-Amgin's avatar
One of my Favorite christmas movies...!!1
flickrBLITZshimmer's avatar
....would have made any movie so much scarier/cooler.
awesome work. lovely attention to detail.
WizardWannabe's avatar
The second film wasn't as good as the first, but I always loved it when Spike became the Spider-Gremlin, I thought he looked so damn awesome! I loved monsters as a kid.
This is a sweet painting too!
Dino-Mario's avatar
His name is Mohawk,not Spike
AlvinRPG's avatar
Gremlins, The best of Christmas!!
Good work ;)
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