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Daffy Gremlin

I am crazy about Gremlins
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Daaaw! Daffy Looks So Adorable With All That Food Around Him!

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"remember, no food after midnight" 
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Ah, the chub-chub. 
If only he had stayed a floofy chub-chub . . . 
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Wait! Is it after midnight? -checks watch- oh shit
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AAAAAA!!!So bute!!!!!!!
Thank you for all these great works on the Gremlins!  DAfFy thanks you too!

Kindest regards ~ Mark Dodson (Voice of Daffy)
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Haha so awesome and cute!!!
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reminds me of furby. o_o nice colours though! :D
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aww... soooo cute hehe
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it's my favorite gremlins :squee:
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awesome work
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`д´) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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that guy was so hyper i thought he would explode
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aww, how adorable^__^
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Awww nostalgia, awesome work.
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Cute little Gremlin
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