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Tyrfing Piler of Corpses by Tomaolykos Tyrfing Piler of Corpses :icontomaolykos:Tomaolykos 2 0
Gaia's Twilight Chapter 1
 Chapter 1
It was September 29, 2012, and an American black bear approached Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, until it reached a sleuth of other bears, many black bears like him. Then the bear suffered a transformation. First it became a giant prehistorical bear with red eyes, then a giant bipedal bear, still with red eyes, a near-human resembling Bigfoot, and then it assumed human form, resembling a young adult man 5 feet and 9 inches tall, of light skin, brown hair which fringe covered his forehead and ended in a ponytail and brown eyes, his face covered by a 5 o'clock shadow. He dressed a black tank, white jacket with the logo of the Toronto Mapple Leafs in the back, blue jeans and white snickers. Around his neck he wore a necklace with a single lynx tooth His name was Guy Forestier.
Born on September 4, 1982, in Chapleau, Ontario, Canada, Guy was a Homid French Canadian Gurahl of the Forest Walkers tribe presently on the Kojubat (gibbous moon) Auspice. Coming from a family
:icontomaolykos:Tomaolykos 2 0
Tale of Ancard - Prologue to Skyrim
Tale of Ancard - Prologue of Skyrim
It was 4E 201, and Tamriel was again embroiled in conflict and the Empire again in danger. A band of Nords from Skyrim - Tamriel's northern province -, known as the Stormcloaks, started to attack the Empire, led by Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak, wanting to secede their land from the rest of the Empire.
Twenty-six years has passed since the end of the Great War, which promised to resume with this new conflict. On 4E 168, Emperor Titus Mede II ascended to the throne of a much weakened Empire, the days of the Septim Empire long gone, now devoided of Black Marsh, Summerset, - now Alinor -, Valenwood and Elsweyr, and with a completely devastated Morrowind. In the 30th of Frostfall, 4E 171, the Aldmeri Dominion sent an envoy to the Empire demanding the payment of expensive tributes, the disbandment of the Blades - dragon hunters and bodyguards of the Emperors of Tamriel since the Reman Empire in the Second Era -, and the outlawing of the worship of Talos. Even wi
:icontomaolykos:Tomaolykos 3 0
Skyrim meme (redoux) by Tomaolykos Skyrim meme (redoux) :icontomaolykos:Tomaolykos 4 1 The Waiting game is over by Tomaolykos The Waiting game is over :icontomaolykos:Tomaolykos 2 0 Ilvermorny Avatar by Tomaolykos Ilvermorny Avatar :icontomaolykos:Tomaolykos 3 8
Mature content
Chronicles of Sand, Book One Chapter Four :icontomaolykos:Tomaolykos 2 2
Something awesome happened this weeekemd by Tomaolykos Something awesome happened this weeekemd :icontomaolykos:Tomaolykos 1 3
Chronicles of Sand, Book One Chapter Three

Book One:
Chapter Three:
The Spirit World, part 1: Avatar Nien
Shen-Mo meditated, watched by Ran Lee and Yonten.
'Breath deeply.' instructed Yonten. 'The key to airbending is breath control and serenity. Be free from your earthly worries. Set aside all that worries you. The war, your role to balance mortals and spirits... Let your spirit soar freely like a leaf.'
'Let my spirit soar...' repeated the Avatar, meditating.
Shen-Mo let himself be taken by the meditation, always with his eyes shut. After some time meditating, an image started to form before him, and soon Shen-Mo saw himself before a buffalo yak, breaking his meditation.
'What happened?' asked Ran Lee.
'I saw a buffalo yak during my meditation.' said the Avatar.
'A buffalo yak?' asked Yonten. 'I think I know what this is about. Wait here.' the monk went back to the temple, and after some minutes he return, delivering a portrait. 'Here it is. Is that what you saw?'
Shen-Mo calmly studied the portrait. In it there
:icontomaolykos:Tomaolykos 2 2
Chronicles of Sand, Book One Chapter Two

Book One:
Chapter Two:
The Airbending Master
Rakib flew over northern Earth Kingdom. Many days have passed since the Avatar and his firebending instructor left the Fire Nation, and now they were already the Northern Air Temple.
'Well, we're finally here.' said Ran Lee. 'The Northern Air Temple.'
The Northern Air Temple was located on northern Earth Kingdom, east of Ba Sing Se. Built thousand years ago, and along with the Southern Air Temple, was one of the two temples to gather male Air Nomad monks, while the Eastern and Western Air Temples gathered nuns. The temple itself was composed of many spires, all of them with green roofs with yellow details.
Landing in the temple's courtyard, the duo was welcomed by a group of elders whom both recognized as being the Council of Elders of that temple.
'Avatar Shen-Mo, we are pleased to finally welcoming you in our humble temple.' said one of the elders. 'Welcome to the Northern Air Temple. I am Monk Sameer.'
'How did you know I am
:icontomaolykos:Tomaolykos 1 2
Chronicles of Sand, Book One Chapter One

Book One:
Chapter One:
A New Avatar
Fire, air, water, earth. The Avatar is the only person capable of bending the four elements and bring balance to the world. Seven hundred years before Kuvira rose to the throne of Ba Sing to restore order in the Earth Kingdom, itself had just been unified under the rule of Earth King Yao in Ba Sing Se. However, Shanwang, the the King of Omashu, consists in the only barrier stopping the accomplishment of a sole Earth Kingdom. For that, the Avatar is needed to bring balance.
Two men were engaged in a firenending duel in Shu Jing, eastern Fire Nation. The first of the two had black hair tied in a ponytail, brown eyes and tan skin. He dressed clothing worthy of a desert wanderer. His name was Shen-Mo. Born in the spring equinox, in the twenty-first day of the third month of the year 548 BG, the Year of the Monkey, the first year of the Yao Ping era, Shen-Mo was a sandbender from the Si Wong Desert, member of the Hami Tribe, which chief, Sha-
:icontomaolykos:Tomaolykos 1 5
Requiem of Chaos Chapter 15
Chapter XV
The King of Terror, part 6:
The Final Battle
Dracula's throne room was nothing like the rest of Castlevania. It was white walled, with two marble pillars, with two horizontal purple curtains and two vertical cream ones. The throne, which stood at the end of a short stairway, had a golden structure and had red pads. Behind the throne, there was a bust of the Virgin Mary, crying blood tears, tears which went all the way through the stairway under the throne and stained the middle of the ground. At the throne, sitting slouchily, there was Lord of Darkness himself, Dracula Vlad Țepeș. In his hand he bore a glass filled with blood.
'Dracula!' said Alucard.
'Ah, my prodigal son returns.' said the Count. 'And I see this time you bring company. Who are these?'
'I am Julius of House Belmont!' Julius introduced himself.
'Corin of House Lecarde.' Corin introduced himself.
Gabriel of the Danasty Clan.' Gabriel introduced himself.
Sybilla of the Belnades Clan.' said Sybilla.
:icontomaolykos:Tomaolykos 2 2
The Hufflepuff Wolf Epilogue
Sixteen years later
ARIAN PARKED HIS FORD MUSTANG AT KING'S CROSS STATION. He opened the passenger's door to his wife, and the back door to his son. Arian Cross Moon, called A.J. not to be confused to his namesake father. The boy had dark brown hair and amber eyes. A boy of eleven, born on Valentine's Day 2002, it was September 2013, and A.J. was about to embark in the Hogwarts Express to his first year of Hogwarts.
'So, are we ready?' asked Arian, helping the boy with the cart.
'Ready.' said the boy.
'Let's go then.' said Abbey after her husband finished loading the cart. 'The train will leave in some minutes.
The family ran to the wall that led to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, and they saw the red train as they emerged in the other side. The train was almost leaving.
'Have a good first year.' wished Abbey, hugging her son.
'And it doesn't matter what House you end up on.' said Arian, joining in saying goodbye to his son. 'Either Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, we will s
:icontomaolykos:Tomaolykos 1 3
Mature content
The Hufflepuff Wolf Chapter 30 :icontomaolykos:Tomaolykos 2 3
Sybilla Belnades by Tomaolykos Sybilla Belnades :icontomaolykos:Tomaolykos 2 0
Requiem of Chaos Chapter 14
Chapter XIV
The King of Terror, part 5:
The Last Leg
'Now I understand.' said Corin, turning his attention back to the dead girl. 'Now I understand why I was so alone in my childhood. Now I understand from where comes this unholy power I have.' He placed the Tome of Arms X over Sybilla's chest, and placed both her hands over the book. 'You could have hated me, because I was the reason Death chose to use Charlotte as a sacrifice to revive Dracula, because, if the possession tried seventeen years ago hadn't been botched, I would serve as Dracula's host, and Death would have no reason to go after Charlotte.' he said, lifting the lifeless girl in his arms. 'You had every reason to hate me, but you never did. You were always so kind to me, and yet I couldn't do anything to protect you when the time came.'
'IF YOU WANT TO ASK HER FORGIVENESS, I WILL GLADLY SEND YOU TO MAKE COMPANY TO HER!' bellowed Death, flying towards Corin with his scythe ready. However, as Death came into contact with Co
:icontomaolykos:Tomaolykos 1 3


TESO: Khajiit Like To Sneak by Isriana TESO: Khajiit Like To Sneak :iconisriana:Isriana 529 195 Elder Scrolls: Dwemer by iPancakes Elder Scrolls: Dwemer :iconipancakes:iPancakes 22 6
Diablo III: Week of the Necromancer
Visit each day during the Week of the Necromancer for bone-chilling art inspired by Diablo III’s newest Hero class.
Sponsored Content

Day 1 of 7

“As a fan and constant player of the Necromancer I got to channel my nostalgia and memories into this piece.”

Day 2 of 7

“What I loved the most about creating this piece was playing around with the blood-themed abilities of the
:icongo:GO 303 549
Fianna Elders by filhotedeleao Fianna Elders :iconfilhotedeleao:filhotedeleao 840 126 Agent of Nocturnal by sarrus Agent of Nocturnal :iconsarrus:sarrus 272 15 Skyrim Meme by vampirisa Skyrim Meme :iconvampirisa:vampirisa 2,543 827 Real Middle-Earth by uchihaittach Real Middle-Earth :iconuchihaittach:uchihaittach 1 8
Fan Art Feature: Dragon Ball Z
This Dragon Ball Z fan art’s power level is over 9000! #dbxv2
This article is sponsored by
Available Now
Fan Art Feature: Dragon Ball Z
Author: eawood
Art: auxeru |  Burst of Fury

Imperfect Cell Close-Upby carapau

Majin Vegeta recoloredby carapau
In 1996, a couple of years before the rise of Pokémon in the United States, an animated television series that had been in syndicatio
:icongo:GO 1,143 1,514
Retsuga - Jiraya by Duhast80 Retsuga - Jiraya :iconduhast80:Duhast80 18 12 Gringotts Goblins by SandyLeDandy Gringotts Goblins :iconsandyledandy:SandyLeDandy 10 2 Uniformes da Castelobruxo by ulsteam Uniformes da Castelobruxo :iconulsteam:ulsteam 11 6
Individuality Shattered
Let me start out by saying this. I am not depressed.
However, it's true that I haven't been feeling like myself for a long time.
Sometimes there's a void within me and I'm not sure if it's supposed to be there. Sometimes, I feel like everything's okay and the future's something I have the power to change. Other times, I feel like the people around me have full control of me and dictate my every move. Is it just a part of growing up, something that's completely normal for a college student to feel, or is it a sign of something darker? It feels like the weight pressing down on me, crushing what's left of my fragile personality and self-confidence, and forcing me to become someone I'm not.
I feel like I'm being forced away from my individuality.
It's been going on for a long time, I've come to realize, but I never really rebelled against it. Even in high school, when I felt that I was being forced to plan huge life choices for myself about my education, I felt like I still had control of
:iconwinterwolf10:WinterWolf10 3 3
Two by on-my-lips Two :iconon-my-lips:on-my-lips 441 98 Tiny Box Tim by WinterWolf10 Tiny Box Tim :iconwinterwolf10:WinterWolf10 42 12 Adel by GracefulAssasin Adel :icongracefulassasin:GracefulAssasin 47 63 FFIV: Cecil by karniz FFIV: Cecil :iconkarniz:karniz 71 14




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Hello, fellas! It's been quite a while since I wrote a journal. Ten months! Why I am writing a new journal only now?

Well, many things happened since my last journal. I moved back to my hometown, because my father thought it would be better for me to stay closer to my family here in Brasilia, my sister, my brother-in-law, and my other relatives living here. Well, after moving out of Poços de Caldas, where we've been living since 2012, we spent three months living with my uncle, while my father looked for a good place to live. From March to June, we've been doing so, I spent most of my time playing my brand new PlayStation 3, which my father gave me for my birthday back in February, along with two games: Diablo III and Grand Theft Auto V. Both games I played both offline alone, and online with my cousin, who has the same games for his PS3.

Though I spent my three months there playing both games, I played GTA a bit more during that period, because I spent the time from my birthday to the day we moved out on Diablo, and then I dedicated my time to GTA V after we moved. And let me tell you, it was worthy. For those who don't know the story, I will make a quick summary. It takes place in Los Santos (fictional Los Angeles), and its main characters are Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa, and Trevor Philips. Franklin, an African American, was raised in the hood by his crazy feminist aunt Denise, and grew up to be a gang-banger, and he is desperate to leave this life (not that his other options are anything legal anyway). Michael De Santa, whose real name is Michael Townley, is an (supposed, due to his Irish-themed tattoos, his green eyes and his Celtic surname) Irish American who lives with the fortune of his witness protection program, is married to a woman named Amanda, and has two kids, Tracy and Jimmy. Trevor Philips, a Canadian, is a very unstable person with abandoned issues, who runs the so-called Trevor Philips Industries, which is actually a meth and weapons business.

A decade ago, in North Yankton (North Dakota), Michael, Trevor and a partner named Brad Snider were caught in the middle of a bank heist, and Michael faked his death. For the next decade, Trevor thought that Michael had been killed in the heist, and Brad arrested, when actually, it was Brad who died. Trevor finds out Michael is still alive when a witness quoted a movie quote Michael would always use in his bank heists, and after going to Los Santos with his minion Wade and contacting Michael, the three protagonists start to do missions for the FIB (FBI). In the end, Franklin must choose to either kill Trevor, Michael, or kill all their nemeses.

This game is really cool, and you can do whatever you like. Go to the movies, go to the stripper club, go have a drink, and specially, hang out. But what I really like to do is doing stunts. My favorite one is going to the tallest building by chopper, summon a bike, run to the edge of the building, and in the middle of the fall jump from my bike and open a parachute.

Soon after I moved to my current place with my father and my sister and her husband, I entered in a Legendarium hype after learning of the death of Christopher Lee, who played Saruman, and after watching The Desolation of Smaug on cable. This hype inspired me to write a LotR fanfiction, something I always wanted to do, and after my story reached its final form, in which my character is a Northman, I started to write it, and I am currently finishing Chapter 3. This weekend I will finally upload the epilogue of my HP fanfiction and the fifteenth chapter of my Castlevania one, and this September 22 (HOBBIT DAY!), I will start to upload my LotR fanfiction.

So, some weeks ago I bought my third PS3 game, Shadow of Mordor, and it is AWESOME! I am enjoying every minute of it, but my main reason for wanting this game was this:…

In this expansion, we got to control Celebrimbor. FUCKING CELEBRIMBOR! the guy who created the Rings of Power! Not only that, he is the grandson of Fëanor! FUCKING FËANOR! The guy who created the Silmarils, the guy who flipped out the SATAN OF ARDA (Morgoth)!!!!!!!!! AWE. SOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and after deciding that my character would be a Northman, I started to research on Germanic tribes, which interest grew in my head since I have German ancestry, and I found out something really cool. The origin of the Germanic civilization as a whole is between the northern German plains and southern Scandinavia. SCANDINAVIA!!! I am a fan of the Norse culture since the Asgard Saga in Saint Seiya (thank you, Saint Seiya! You did so much for me, and yet you don't know how much), and finding out my (remote) cultural roots come in part from part of Scandinavia, home of my beloved Norse, was very special to me.

Well, that's everything.

Peace, Tomaolykos
  • Listening to: LotR and The Hobbit-relates music
  • Reading: The Two Towers/The Theory of everything
  • Watching: The news with my father
  • Playing: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor


Tomaolykos's Profile Picture
Breno Soares
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I love to learn anything I can, and use it as my favor. I am very romantic, and I know how to please a woman. Artistically, I am better at writing than drawing.

I am the proud founder of one group, :icondragonic-order:, and co-founder of another, :iconthe-league-of-shadow:. Also, I a crewmember of the :iconblack-fedora-pirates:

Current Residence: Brazil
Favourite genre of music: I am Eclethical
Favourite style of art: Illustration
Operating System: Windows Vista
Wallpaper of choice: Uchiha clan
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson


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