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Bake it so - Star Trek Apron

My best friend and I are big Star Trek fans, and we have a particular love for Star Trek: The Next Generation and Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Every year for his birthday, I give my friend something Star Trek-themed. This was the first year I was able to make him something unique.

Behold the "Bake it so" apron!

The original was designed and printed by me!

Update #1: Holy moley! George Takei, the legendary Mr. Sulu himself, saw my apron and posted it on his facebook page way back in November. Colour me flabbergasted!

Update #2: After many requests, the 'Bake it so' aprons are now available for a limited time at my tiny Printfection shop: [link]

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As soon as I read this, i was like, "OOOOOOOOOOOOHH!!! HE WENT THERE!!!!!!" XD
lodakita's avatar
Oh my goodness I want one :D (Big Grin) 
Torikinns19's avatar
This is fantastic. :D
I'm not even a good cook, and I still want this apron.
Scarecrowlover's avatar
The thought that you have made it available makes me more hopeful that one day I will have this wonderful piece of work.
thersaholycow's avatar
LOL! I love it!!! I want one!
Godfoot-808's avatar
I am so ordering one :) Great work!
J-Bob's avatar

(when I have a home of my own... in 4 years... I'm TOTALLY buying one of these!)
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Thank you! I'm very happy you like it. :)
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Foo-Foo-Flower's avatar
One day I will own my own bakery and all my employees will wear these.
Tomaka's avatar
And make Star Trek cupcakes! <3
Foo-Foo-Flower's avatar
OH MY YES. And they will all be Trekky-named, like Romulan Rasberry.
Tomaka's avatar
Red Vulcan Velvet. :D
Foo-Foo-Flower's avatar
Klingon Canolies!
DivinePoints's avatar
Picard? In my kitchen? Suddenly the world makes sense again =D (which is a very roundabout way of saying this is awesome ^^; )
Furresoto's avatar
This is most amazing thing I have ever seen.
Tomaka's avatar
Thank you! <3
Furresoto's avatar
Sure thing. Man, star trek humor makes me sooo happy. :XD: Especially TNG, <3 my fave trek series.
allucia's avatar
Love it! I wish I had thought of it!
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