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Iray car related shader presets 'megapack'

This pack includes all shader presets from packs #1 and #2 plus 86 all new shader presets, 23 for leather, two for rubber (matte black for tyres and shiny white for sidewalls), almost 60 shiny car paint colours, and a handful of others. Most of the car paint colours are non-metallic 1950s colours from Cadillac, Chevrolet and Ford (including all colours that Cadillac offered for MY 1953 and MY 1957, reproduced as exactly as my sources allow me to), but the pack also includes all exterior paint colours Shelby offered for the 1965 Cobra, and a number of more generic colours. Shaders that of course can be applied to anything you want to be shiny, from fingernails to vases and furniture, just like the leather colours can be applied to anything that you want to look like furniture leather.

To install just unzip the file and copy them to your DAZ Studio content library the usual way, and they will show up in 'Shader Presets/Iray - Tom2099'. If you already have pack #1 and/or #2 installed you will be asked if you want to overwrite the existing files, answer yes and you'll get not only new icons for the earlier shaders, giving a uniform look in the folder, but also in some cases updated versions of the older shaders (removing an irritating error message that plagued some of the shader presets in pack #2...). 

NOTE: The shader presets are renderer specific, and will only work with the DAZ Studio version of Nvidia Iray, which is available only in DAZ Studio 4.8 and higher, meaning that they will NOT work with 3delight or other renderers.
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Thank you so much!

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Thank you very much!

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Many thanks for this! I've used your packs #1 & #2 and have found them indispensable when converting pre-Iray cars :clap:

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Thank you soo much! Exactly what I was looking for!

awesome, thanks!!

Thanks, just what I needed.

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Thank you. Very useful!!!

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Thank you I am finding a love for rendering cars lately...I will give this a try!

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:wow: rvmp Thank you!

Thank you much appreciated :)

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Thanks for this

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Thank you so much, very useful.

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Thank You. Daz noob here, I think these shaders will come in very handy.
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This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

I'm new to Daz Shader procedures but cannot wait to try these out!

Thank you so much for such professional looking work.

Will you be making any clothing patterns available please?

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thaks a lot! excellent, very useful. there are so many old-ish chap car products, also a lot of other formats, but of course.. no iray. your shaders are a saver ^^ :clap:
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Thanks Tom.  These look fun.
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Thanks a lot Tom2099.
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