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And now for something completely different.

Here's a shot from Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo.

And no, it has not been photoshopped!!

There's a gorilla there who has tendon damage to her hand. So her finger is permanently fixed in that position. Of course, she's a huge attraction, especially amog the school kids.

I sat there for an hour, as she basked in the sun, until she finally looked in my direction.... then SNAP!!

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Oct 6, 2004, 11:58:52 AM
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I love it. Cracked me up.

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Maybe that's what gorillas really think of us.
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A good photographer always waits for the perfect shot. Great work.
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Beautiful portrait, should be a poster. I feel for her injury, but the result is stunning.
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this story reminds me of my friend jeff that completely broke his middle finger after getting it caught in the end of a rope swing knot after falling part way down. his finger went in a z, it was badly broken, it had to have a pin put down its entirety. While drunk less than a week later he slipped on wet asphalt whilst trying to kick me and broke his elbow. His arm went in a cast from his elbow to his wrist. So every time he got in the car to go anywhere he had to prop his cast out the window with his middle finger flying stiff and flipping off everyone behind are beside him! Everywhere he went people, flipped him off back, yelled profanities, honked and sometimes threw stuff. I found the predicament hilarious, especially his vain attempt at least the first few weeks to yell back at the offended that he didn't mean to flip them off, that it was an injury.
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I bet she is a huge attraction in the zoo. :rofl: That is amazing, by the look on her face looks like she is really doing that :O_o: 
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That is really amazing what a strange thing to happen
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What an expression! :D
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omg I will have to look for her next time I'm there!
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hhhhhhhh this funny pose 
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<3 it ^^ i will be linking to this in the future, no doubt :)
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This gorilla has the exact same attitude towards life as I do. A kindred spirit he is.
Wow, it's too bad about this gorilla's finger but I love it!!!
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haha! XD good shot!
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Haha!! The eyes of the gorilla just work so well with the finger!!
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I wonder if it's possibe to train an ape to do that.
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Well look at this girl...

She eventually saw that kids tend to laugh and applaud her when ever she holds up her bad hand in a certain way. Thus, liking the applause she gets, she now knows that when ever she holds her hand up, people laugh and applaud her.

If this is sounding like a human toddler in anyway, your question is answered.
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