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Eli Shane Jawdrop/Awesome!

 I noticed my Slugterra emoticons are used quite often by other deviants. :) I'm pleased with that fact, honestly. Eli Shane Chuckle/Smile 
So I decided to make a new emoticon with Eli Shane for the free use. Eli Shane Wink (animated version)   

I decided to use the perfect funny moment from the  " Slug Run" episode of the TV show, when Eli got pretty excited  by the announcement of "the DEADLY AWESOME RACE", where the rare slug was the prize for the winner. Eli Shane Chuckle/Smile 
I believe, this emoticon can be used for  :iconwowplz: or :jawdrop: equivalent, or whenever you want to scream  "That's awesome!" Eli Shane Chuckle/Smile 

If you think, I need to change the icon somehow, please, let me know. :) Your opinion  is of great importance to me, as always. :) 

 If you wish to use it too, go to "Add media" section in the lower left corner of the comment bar, type "Eli" or "Slugterra" in the search bar, and you will find it.Eli Shane Wink (animated version) 

Eli Shane and "Slugterra" TV Series (episode  "Slug Run" ) (c) Nerd Corps Entertainment and DHX Media Companies

Emoticon (c) me
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Eli was so adorable in that scene! I almost died from the overload of adorableness!
I mean seriously, could his eyes have gotten any bigger?!
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Eli Shane Chuckle/Smile Thank you very much!Eli Shane and Trixie Sting  hug 1  I am glad, you like it! Eli Shane Chuckle/Smile 

They kind of have in "Slug-Fu Showdown" at one moment, and trust me, it looked HORRIBLE! :X
Eli was done so out of character, and he simply stopped being himself! :rage: True, there kind of was a reason for it and he kind of was supposed to be out of character for a few minutes, yet I hated that moment. :X
But at the other moment, when he gets excited, I had no problem  with his eyes going large at all.  Eli Shane Chuckle/Smile   He still looked adorable!---> Eli Shane. Excited 
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You're welcome! :)

Oh dear. well, now I know what to look out for in that movie.

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Yeah, that moment was awful to me. Eli Shane. Rolling eyes/facepalm (tired version) I found it rather shameful, but some other moments were great, so the movie is rather unstable.Eli Shane. Nervous chuckle  Yet  it was worthy checking out. Eli Shane Chuckle/Smile 

Eli Shane Chuckle/Smile  I KNOW! :love: 
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Haha, another awesome emoticon. ^^
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:D Thank you! :D 
Feel free to use it, if you need it. Eli Shane Wink (animated version) Eli Shane Chuckle/Smile 
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XD I love that moment in the show
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Lol I love that part xD
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Eli Shane Chuckle/Smile  Me too. Eli Shane Chuckle/Smile  I have made a second version of it actually, but I think, this one is better. :)
The other one had to be smaller, as I wanted  to include Eli's  pointing finger  as well, but you barely can see his face  there. ^^; 
Maybe i should upload it too. :?
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You do what you do bro. I think this one is pretty cute x3
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Thank you. :) I'll leave this one then. :)
I am currently trying to make a laughing emoticon. ^^;
Damn, it's hard! ^^;  Can't properly catch him. :( 
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Lol you have fun with that. I believe in you!
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I've partly succeeded... I guess.. ^^;   - Eli Shane Laughter 
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Lol close enough
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Thank you! Junjie  bow 2  i tried to do my best. ^^;
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Eli Shane Chuckle/Smile  Yeah, it cracks me up every time. Eli Shane Chuckle/Smile 
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