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Star Wars fanart

By TolyanMy
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What in the hell is Vader doing?!!!
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I notice boba fett in the back there XD 
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Hahaha! Ingenious!
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It is great fan art, I like-at s'much!!!
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Best Star Wars pictuer ever.
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Something different. And totally epic
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Love how different this is.
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Oh my God!!! This Is WONDERFUL!!! And very very original!! :heart::heart: Vader, being the center of attention :heart::heart: I love it!! :love::love:
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This looks like a classic "April Fool's" painting. How many goofy things can you find?
On aother angle, Lord Vader been in this one pose now for two weeks. Merely a token demonstration of what The Force can do for you.
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Funny. :D I always wondered how Darth Vader stayed so fit!
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It was not easy, I remember that Darth Vader lost his arms and legs.
I painted for the competition. Darth Vader is engaged in yoga, it was one of the tasks of the competition.
I tried to paint it, and added a bit of humor: D
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I'm not sure what benefits yoga has for a man who is mostly cybernetic parts, but maybe it increases the coordination of his neural-circuit interface or just relaxes the mind. :) Still very funny!
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Wierd situation still I like it
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This is delightfully comical. Chill Darth Vader would make a much better boss, and the work environment, while notably less efficient, seems more fun.
In the movies, you never really see anyone on the dark side (other than the emperor) actually enjoying themselves. It's always just fear and anger. 
Well...., I sort of take that back, Jaba enjoyed himself way too much, but he wasn't "technically" on the dark side.

Anyway, this is a cool re-imagining of a star destroyer bridge. Nice work!
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I drew for a competition on Star Wars.
One of the topics for the drawing was Darth Vader does yoga.
I decided to make it more funny.

Thank you!
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Wait!! What the...?

This unreal!
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