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Deep sea diver.

By TolyanMy
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Corel painter 12.
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Классно получилось. Тоже люблю такую тему. Только у меня хуже получается. :/
Normally, real ships graveyards are far mor spaced out than this, even if it's actually just a breakers' yard scene. This definitely gives more of a feeling of having been led here like "lambs to the kebab shop"!
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Excellent drawing! Gives a bit terrifying feeling that a space ship is among the sunken warships!
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Thank you!
I would add that the spacecraft is the reason for which these ships were sunk.
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This is Amazing > <
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Great Job. I like everything but bubbles of air are really awesome!
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This actually the exact sort of thing I've been hoping to find! I've been looking for some sort of reference to describe a deep sea wreck. This is really awesome!
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Thank you. I am pleased to hear that.
I have long worked on the environment.=)
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Good job you've done. I enjoy this very much.
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Wow, really awesome picture. Nice job!
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Love it, deep sea scenes and shipwrecks are so cool!! :) As are those classic diver suits. I like undersea exploration as well as space travel- I seem to like anywhere where I can't breathe and there are fatal pressure and temperature differences for humans. :XD: LOL

You've done a nice job on this scene, the colors are properly muted for an undersea scene, and the little details like the plants and little fish made one feel nature has reclaimed the resident wrecks of this watery grave for her own. I have a question, though, is that smooth wreck right in the middle of the background a submarine or is it some kind of crazy spaceship? Those tubes poking out of the end almost look like rockets!
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Thank you.
I am a long time I worked on the environment. It takes me a long time because I use only standard brushes. I hope it's worth it.
That's right, it's a spaceship. UFO. Perhaps he was the cause of the flooding of these ships, and has been here a long time. I myself do not know until the end :)
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