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Wonder Woman Lifted in Defeat

By Tolousse59
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Under the guise of Diana Prince, Wonder Woman is able to infiltrate a top secret military warehouse where fiendish scientists are committing horrific crimes against nature. Her aim is to free their animal captives and destroy the entire facility. Once inside, Ms.Prince completes her transformation into Wonder Woman and begins her assault. Unfortunately, the evil scientist anticipated her arrival and had an abomination specially built to deal with her! The grotesquely mutated ape has been developed with only one mission drilled into its psyche: DESTROY WONDER WOMAN! She is no match for the extreme strength and insane hatred fueling the gargantuan gorilla. The beast mercilessly tosses the defeated superheroine around the warehouse like a rag doll. Wonder Woman has lost!
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It is never a bad idea to show off your trophy; especially, when it looks that good.

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Love this pic
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Cool!  Love those scratch wounds on her legs ... she is in a tough fight!
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Thanks! I added all the wounds in Photoshop. However, by doing that, it's hard to keep them consistent from render to render. I just couldn't find a wound pack for DAZ that I liked... :/ 
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Awesome. I love it. The gorilla model looks great too!
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Thanks! Glad you like it. Still messing around with the gorilla... The hair isn't working the way I want it to.
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a front body slam that rips off ww belt and lasso
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Great pic. Too bad the 8th was not 50 or a hundred foot giant like King Kong that would have been great to see him grabbing Wonder Woman
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Hmmmm... that might be doable...
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Great image
I am most interested in your  Ms Victory series but I am compelled to comment on this one
Excellent image
The gorilla looks all power ful  and almost demonic in his triumph
Wonder Woman 's facial expression tells us she is  utterly defeated
She looks exhausted and beaten down
Her injured knee deep ,scratches on her thigh and bloody mouth attest to the ferocity of the combat
As an aside
I believe I recall that Lynda Carter  faced a gorilla in the  iconic Wonder Woman T V series
Also Miss Victory battled a nazi gorillia in her orginal  WW Two  adventures
Thank you for sharing your work
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Thanks for all the great comments, jimbor! Yeah, the TV wonder woman had a minor scuffle with a gorilla... but at the end of that episode many of us were left feeling let down and thinking "what if???"...
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You are welcome
Excellent work like yours deserves acknowledgement
I agree with you about the Wonder Woman episode in question
I think your First class work here  helps answer the "What If " question
Thank you for sharing
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You're very welcome!
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Is it Gorilla Grodd the Flash villain?
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No... just a giant mutated experiment that's been programmed to attack and destroy WW.
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Fantastic piece of work. The defeated expression in Wonder Woman's eyes looks like she can't believe this is happening. Superb.
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Thanks redsonja! I'm rendering other angles from this pose. I'll be sure to post those as well. :)
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