Nova scotia duck tolling retrievers

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By Tollerka
Hey :) It's again me. But it this time I want to show you my favourite dog breed - Nova scotia duck tolling retriever (Tollerk, Scotie, NSDTR).

Althernative names: Yarmouth Toller, Little River Duck Dog, Little Red Duck Dog.
Country Canada
Group 8 (Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs) section 1 (Retrievers)
Height 43-53 cm
Weght 17-23 kg
More info here:… and in kennels. Sorry, I haven't got many times to tell you everything about tollers :P

Don't call they "Nova Scotia"! Nova Scotia is an peninsula!


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By :iconnovablue: Toller by novablue
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My artworks
NSDTR stamp by Tollerka :thumb77368116: :thumb77368253: :thumb77368526: :thumb77368769: :thumb71714998: :thumb71715753: :thumb63726081: :thumb65608129:
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carlosowa's avatar
Awww *__*
Tollery. Mrrrrru!
Tollerka's avatar
Tak, tollery górą :heat:
muhulah's avatar
Oh I love these dogs and how they're canadian (like me) my cousins have one named Pixie
Tollerka's avatar
You're cousin is really luckily. I dream about Toller ^^ I'm glad you like this news :D
muhulah's avatar
yeah, i know. No problem! :D
SteveHarrislover's avatar
AWW! Their my favorite dog too!! 8D Great news! thanks!
Tollerka's avatar
You're welcome :D
MountlandKay's avatar
wow so many beautiful pictures.

Tollers are such lovely dogs

xx kT xx
Tollerka's avatar
You're right :D
redwolf24's avatar
I lurv this breed!
Hey thanks for featuring my pic =D! ... but "Don't call they "Nova Scotia"! Nova Scotia is an peninsula!" Just to clear this up, Nova Scotia is not a peninsula. It is a Canadian province made up of the "Main Land" and Cape Breton Island. Don't mean to offnend you if you already know this, but I live in it so I want people to know its so much more than a little place in the ocean.
Tollerka's avatar
You're welcome :hug:
pixel-def's avatar
nice feature! i liked it alot. :)
Tollerka's avatar
pixel-def's avatar
wow, 10 months later.
Tollerka's avatar
Yeah ^^ Sorry, I didn't look on comments here ^^;
Trissy-Puddle's avatar
lolz, thanks for featuring my insane looking toller. XD
Tollerka's avatar
You're welcome :)
Tollerka's avatar
:D Tollerki rządzą, co? Może zrobisz taki z dogami niemieckimi? :D
Karoliina-Taiteilija's avatar
a no nie wiem... zastanowię się ^^"
Tollerka's avatar
A jak nie ty, to ja się mogę pobawić, ale Ty musiałabyś szukać :P
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