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Deviation Actions

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1: What type of art can I submit into tolkien's gallery?
Anything that is inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien and his works.

2: How many deviations can I submit into the gallery at a time?
Maximum 3 in a week. Submitting all three at once or spreading them throughout the week is up to you.

3: What does the group NOT accept?
A. Please don't use photo editing app or photoshop filter on any photograph or movie screenshot to make your submission look like a traditional or digital drawing.
B. No scraps. No quick sketches. No doodles. That includes both deviations in 'scraps' and deviations that would count as scraps (such as being drawn on lined paper, quick doodles/sketches, study works, several speed paints, etc).
C. Poorly drawn and/or colored works. This includes non-professional sketches, anything on lined paper, works with eraser marks and fingerprints visible, messy and uneven coloring, blurry digital/traditional works, works with extremely disproportional figures/portraits that are not part of an artistic style, and so forth.
D. Poorly photographed/scanned deviations (partially dark, partially blurry, partially disfigured, etc). For tips on improving the quality of the digital version of your photoed/scanned work, please refer to #7 on this page.
E. We cannot accept wallpapers, promotion pictures, or any screenshot captured from any Tolkien film, video game, or other type of digital media due to copyright rules.
F. Please do not submit photographs of your Tolkien movie/book related items you bought, found, got unless it is for cosplay category (Jewelry, maps, any weta shop artwork, armour, weapon, mugs/cups, books, any outfit, etc) This group is based on your artwork, not your possessions.
G. Deviations inspired by the films are accepted, but we do not want non Tolkien-related celebrity pictures or drawings. For example, Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn is alright, but drawings/photos of Viggo Mortensen outside of the character Aragorn are not.

4: Can I submit variations of the same deviation?
Please do not submit various styles of the same deviation such as taking shots of a sculpture from every rotation, doodles/WIP of the final work, same costume at various angles or locations, details of your final work, coloring the same work over and over, etc. Briefly, one submission per work.

5: Do you accept slash, violent images, and other mature content?
Both are accepted at the discretion of Admin. Mature images must have the mature filter active; on written pieces, warnings are required for more mature fiction, including slash and violent stories.

6: How can I improve the quality of my photo/scan of my work?
There are several ways to achieve this. A clean, even crop of the work and adjusted color levels tend to be often necessary to make a scanned or photographed piece look close to the original. To do this, you'll need a photo-editing program like Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and several other programs that are available on the market.

Don't have a photo editing program and don't have/want to shell out money to buy one? No problem! There are several free download-able photo editing programs out there, such as GIMP or Google's Picasa. Once you obtain any photo-editing program, there are several how-to guides on the web that can guide you through cropping and level/color adjustment.

Have a photo editing program, but want to learn how to best photograph your pieces? There are several links provided by Google giving you an array of options on how to best photograph your work.

7: Am I allowed to use or manipulate other people's work?
Ok, this is important. Stealing other artists' artwork, using them without permission is a crime. Art thieves are not welcome here and they will be banned from the group. So the answer is, if you don't have a permission to do so, it is simply a big arkenstone shiny NO.

tolkien has the right NOT TO UPLOAD your submission. It's not possible to give feedback on every rejected deviation. Thank you for your understanding.
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