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About the Group

Q1: How do I join?
Click "Join the Group" button at the top of the tolkien page and your membership will be automatically approved.

About Submitting Art

Q1: How do I submit my art into the tolkien gallery?
Open your deviation page, find 'Add to a Group' button, click and write 'tolkien' on search, choose relevant category on the drop down menu, submit.

Q2: Do I have to submit deviations to become a member?
No, anyone can join the tolkien group, whether you plan on submitting deviations or not.

Q3: Can I submit poetry based off of Tolkien's works?
Please do :)

Q4: Do you accept fan fiction?
Yes. If it contains slash, descriptive violence, and other mature content, please label it appropriately.

Q5: Do you have submission restrictions?
Our submission rules are located at…

Q6: Do you accept mature art?
Mature deviations are allowed, but they must have the mature filter warning. If there is no warning, the submission will not be accepted.

Q7: Do you accept slash art?
Slash deviations are allowed, but any mature slash must have the mature filter warning, and any written slash should be labeled as such.


Q1: How do I affiliate with tolkien?
You must be a moderator of your club to affiliate with us. Go to your group's front page, and right by the "join" button and other such buttons there should be a button that says "Affiliate". Click that, type our group's name into the text box, and send a request!

Q2: Do you affiliate with non-Tolkien related groups?


Q1: How do I put the group's icon/link into my journal?
To put a TEXT link -> :devtolkien:
To put an ICON -> :icontolkien:

Q2: Where can I get more info on Middle-earth?
The Encyclopedia of Arda is the biggest source on the web, so you may visit this Also, you can use Google to find other places that can help you with your questions. For LOTR and The Hobbit-related information, The Thain's Book at is also an excellent resource.
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