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We are the oldest deviantart fan group focusing on professor, author, and philologist JRR Tolkien. We accept fan art of all his works, including his more popular stories surrounding Middle Earth (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Silmarillion) as well as his lesser known poems and short stories.
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Heart of Gold 11Frustration not unlike writer’s block filled me as I studied the timeline spread in front of me. My initial hunch had been correct. For the last five thousand years people had vanished from Middle Earth. Elves and humans were the only races subjected to this bizarre phenomenon. More troubling, not all those who vanished returned.Skirting the corner of the table, I double-checked the star chart pulled from the archives for the millionth time. As I thought. Phases of the moon played no role in the disappearances. Folding my arms, I rocked back on my heels, peeved at the wall looming before me. The librarian had warned me. Little in Rivendell’s collection spoke of these blatant abductions and if wizards played a role. Surely, I was not the first to be hurled between dimensions by an eccentric blue wizard. Yet I appeared to be the first moron to waste their time searching for answers in dusty books. Three days and all I had to show for my work is a sketchy timeline and confirmation that disappearances occurred at seventy-five-year intervals. One tiny piece of a gazillion piece puzzle. My fingernails dug into my palms to restrain myself from ripping a hundred pages of notes to shreds. Familiar self-loathing clogged my throat as I regarded the measly ten-page timeline. I slammed my hand onto the table, rattling the inkwell, splattering ink across the table. Damn it. If there’s one thing I hated, its wasting time.The librarian glared at me from his desk, but I was too distraught to care. Running fingers through my hair, I paced the floor, the heels of my borrowed slippers digging deep trenches in the carpet. I had been so sure I could solve the problem myself. That my research skills were the key. As usual, I was wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.I spun on my heel again only to collide with a tall willowy body. The librarian looked down his nose at me, lips compressed. “If you are going to throw a tantrum. Please do so outside. Others are working.”I glared right back. “Tantrum? I haven’t spoken a single word!”“Please do not make a further spectacle, my lady.” The librarian said calmly. A bucket of metaphorical icy water tipped over my head, cooling my temper when I met his serious gaze. I really was getting kicked out of the library. Punished for being unable to contain my emotions. Excuse me for being human! The elf sniffed haughtily and gestured sharply at the puddle of ink on the table. “And please clean that up before you go.”Several pairs of eyes bored into my back as I took the rag offered by the librarian and wiped up the mess. Cheeks burning, I gathered my belongings under the librarian’s watchful gaze and slunk out of the library utterly humiliated. Now, I knew how the dwarves felt when the elves exiled them from the kitchen after smashing a cabinet full of fine china in a drunken stupor. At the time, I had watched smugly when Dwalin was ushered out the backdoor like a shameful secret. The tables had turned, and I didn’t find it funny any longer. Dejected, I followed the corridor to the west side of the valley where Aeriel swore I could find beautiful gardens even more stunning than the ones surrounding Lord Elrond’s home. Pink and white petals carpeted the ground. I passed beneath the boughs of the fruit trees lining the path, swollen with lush blossoms though summer had come. Petals spiraled free in a gentle rain and I swear one of the branches dipped to gently brush against my cheek as I walked beneath it.Another sign of elven magic. I mused, coming to an intersection. The path bisected, one side going down, deeper into the valley and the other up to the sprawling vista above Lord Elrond’s home. Unable to muster energy for an uphill climb, I took the path down, mindful of the narrow ledge I walked on. Since arriving, I had spent more time mired in self-pity instead of enjoying the beauty of the elven city. When would I get another opportunity to explore Rivendell? Fifty feet ahead, the path diverged again, leading between a pair of tall hedges and a set of stairs leading down to a large garden. I lengthened my stride, eager to explore the floral bounty in front of me. Kicking off my shoes, I stepped barefoot onto the softest greenest grass I had ever seen, and I had experienced the pastoral beauty of the Shire first-hand. Well-ordered beds overflowed with orchids, irises, lilies of every variety, tall leafy ferns, spiny decorative grasses, and some flowers I did not recognize at all. Setting my folio on a vacant bench, I crouched and brushed a finger over a velvety soft rose in full bloom. Not a single a flower or plant bore a blemish or mark. The garden was perfect. Just like everything else in this place. Resisting the temptation to pick a flower bouquet, I tucked my hands into the folds of my skirts.“Take the flowers if you wish. I will not betray you to the elves.” A familiar voice issued from behind me. I whirled around. A broad figure emerged from the ivy-covered gazebo, clutching a slender pipe in his hand. Thorin’s eyes glimmered with a warmth I was still getting used to. I smiled at his approach. “Some of the elves are currently unhappy with me. I don’t wish to anger them further.”The dwarf-king’s thick brows rose. “Now, this is a story I wish to hear. I thought you were sacrosanct in their eyes.”“Hardly.” My smile dropped away. “Apparently, exhibiting frustration in the library is considered a tantrum.”I briefly outlined the librarian’s gross overreaction, anger making my words clipped. It truly was unfair to be expelled for such a stupid reason. Thorin listened to me vent without interrupting.“Elves are so foolish.” Thorin chuckled and laid a comforting hand on my arm. “What drove you to annoyance this time? Did it have something to do with what you’ve been working on?”I cringed at the fresh reminder of my embarrassment. “I’d rather not discuss it.”“I see.” Thankfully, Thorin did not press the matter. The dwarf released my arm and wandered over to a patch of orchids, plucking a pale lavender bloom. “Thorin.” I hissed, scanning the area for elves. The dwarf king ignored me and quickly extracted more orchids, lilies, and peonies from the garden. His fingers deftly wove the flowers into a crown, presenting it to me with a little bow. “Surely, they cannot object when the flowers are taken to adorn your hair.”Cradling the crown carefully in my palms, I examined Thorin’s gift in awe. This is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. Dwarves really did have an innate gift for creating beautiful things. “This is beautiful.”Thorin shrugged diffidently. “Tis simple enough to make. My sister Dis often asked me to make them for her when we were young. Do you like it?”“Yes. Surely no one has ever made a finer crown in Middle Earth.” I marveled, resting the flower circlet on top of my head. I beamed at him. “Thank you.”Thorin’s cheeks pinkened and he muttered something gruff under his breath. But I could tell he was pleased by my reaction.I peered up at him from under my lashes. I bet if I hugged him right now, he would drop from shock. But it wouldn’t be nice to tease him, not when we were on the verge of becoming friends. So, I clasped my hands in front of me instead. “What are you doing out here by yourself?”The dwarf king sobered. “Tonight, Gandalf plans to approach Lord Elrond about the map.”“Our time in Rivendell is drawing to a close then.” I said softly, a little sad.“Good riddance.” Thorin huffed, tapping another fresh clump of tobacco into the bowl of his pipe. “If I never see an elf again before I enter Erebor I will be glad.”“How long until we leave?”“A few days.” Thorin tucked the stem of the pipe in his mouth. “Will you accompany us or remain here?”The question stung. “Do you not want me along?”His expression grew thoughtful. “What I want is unimportant. The question is do you wish to stay with the company? You seem to like dwelling here with the elves.”Gratitude flooded through me. Thorin did not ask because he wished to be rid of me. He was offering me a choice unlike Gandalf. Unlike the blue wizard. That meant more to me than anything. “Rivendell is beautiful, but I don’t belong here.” I took a shaky breath to steady my nerves. “While things aren’t always perfect with the company, I want to keep traveling with you and the others.”Besides, I’d learned all I could here. It was time to move on.“Then you are most welcome, Lady Adelaide.”The significant change in address was not lost on me. Somehow, I had managed to win Thorin’s respect. I dropped into a curtsy. “Thank you, my lord.”We smiled at each other and an undercurrent of…something passed between us. It was difficult to describe the emotion coursing through me like a warm ray of light. But I felt at ease in Thorin’s presence as I hadn’t since we first met. Part of that lay with his mercurial nature and my own bad temper. The other reason is that I subconsciously sabotaged things. I did not want to get close to him and learn to care for him because I knew what awaited him in the end.Suddenly understanding crackled through me as fierce as a lightning strike. Could it really be that simple? Did the blue wizard send me here to alter Thorin’s fate?Looking for solutions in books had gotten me nowhere. Maybe the key to home lay with Thorin. If I changed things the blue wizard would have no reason to keep me here. “You seem troubled.” Thorin remarked concerned.“No, I’m fine. I just had an epiphany regarding my…research.” I said hesitantly, disturbed as the gravity of the truth sank in.Thorin’s life was in my hands. If I faltered or made a single misstep it would mean his death and that of Fili and Kili.I rubbed a hand over my face. No pressure or anything.*************************************************************************************The moonlight bathed the valley in a gentle glow, rippling like gossamer over the skeins of water falling from the cliffs. Thorin pressed a hand to his tunic and the map crinkled loudly in the inner pocket of his shirt. Tonight, the way into Erebor would be made clear.Anticipation crackled the air as they waited for Lord Elrond and Gandalf to arrive. Balin and Bilbo paced the foyer nervously unable to sit still. Adelaide had joined them at some point, pale and subdued. Something clearly still upset her. Her slender brows were furrowed and her eyes downcast. She lingered silently at the edge of the group like a ghost in her pale lilac gown.Soft footsteps pricked Thorin’s ears. Before he could ponder Adelaide’s demeanor further, Lord Elrond and Gandalf strode into view, the wizard leaning casually on his staff.Gandalf cast a pointed look at Thorin. “Show him the map.”Thorin reached into his shirt to withdraw the map, then paused. “I cannot surrender this so easily. Not when it means so much to my people.” “Save me from the stubbornness of dwarves! Pride will be the end of you! Now show him the map!” The wizard barked.Adelaide winced visibly at Gandalf’s harsh tone. “Are you sure this is a good idea?”Gandalf rounded on her, robes swirling around him agitatedly. “Do not interrupt! This does not concern you, Adelaide Monroe. Your part in things has not yet come to pass.” “I was afraid of that.” Thorin thought he heard her mutter but couldn’t be sure. After receiving another glare from Gandalf, Thorin reluctantly extended the folded map to the elf. Lord Elrond carefully unfolded the parchment, lifting the document up to the light to examine it. A faint shimmer darted across the page as he angled the map. “Moon runes.”“Of course.” Gandalf murmured in sudden understanding. Thorin cursed himself for not making a study of the art years ago. Because of that failure, he now depended on the good will of an elven lord to interpret the runes. “Written on a midsummer’s eve two centuries ago.” Lord Elrond concluded, keen eyes meeting Thorin’s. “What is your interest in this?”Thorin opened his mouth to respond but Gandalf cut in. “Oh, it’s mainly scholarly.” “Hmm.” Lord Elrond made a slightly skeptical sound in the back of his throat and returned to studying the map. “Can you read the runes?” Thorin asked, half expecting the elf to deny it.Lord Elrond surprised him. “Fortunate, that a full moon has fallen tonight. The runes will reveal themselves beneath its light.”*************************************************************************************The group climbed through a tunnel and emerged onto a ridge. Lord Elrond smoothed the map over the largest crystal I had ever seen. Glittering characters melted across the map’s surface, shimmering with light. Then the elven lord began to recite a prophecy. “….where the thrush knocks…”Unable to stand listening to the prophecy I tuned him out, focusing on the day’s revelations instead. For the last several hours I had mulled things over. Aware of the enormous task ahead of me. I should be relieved to finally have some clarity, a hint of purpose but I was more afraid than ever. Thorin had his quest. Now I had mine. A shiver traveled down my spine. Gandalf knew. He knew what I intended to do. The question is would he try to help me?I glanced at the wizard out of the corner of my eye. Or stop me?
J.R.R. Tolkien himself, Tolkien Movie
JRR Tolkien and Bilbo Baggins by victoriaclare
J.R.R. Tolkien Old and Young - SOLD by Rearda
J.R.R.Tolkien portrait by RUGIDOart
Father of Fantasy by Old-Folklore
LOTR - Book
Anduril Flame of the West by Artigas
The seven houses of the Khazad by Artigas
Hobbiton Befouled by MatejCadil
Frodo's Farewell Feast by MatejCadil
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Aragorn  by Suzuranart
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Gandalf the grey by Khaleesi777
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The King of Woodland Realm by Ladesire
Thorin Oakenshield by Kaice-Art
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Menegroth . HD by DracarysDrekkar7
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5b906417-9553-47d2-b2ba-940134cf852b by jennylonggreen
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Artisan Crafts, Cosplay
Silver leaf pendant with zircon by AranelTauri
Silver blackberry leaf pendant by AranelTauri
Luthien cosplay IX by ArwendeLuhtiene
Luthien cosplay X by ArwendeLuhtiene
OCs, Other Tolkien Works, Crossovers
Royals - quick ink study by mamaOOD
c o r o n a t i o n by Kaice-Art
Farmer Giles of Ham - Caudimordax by Riana-art
A New Friend For Legolas: by Rosie-Love98
Cute dwarven habits by NoraBeng
Games: Lotro, SoM and others
worried hungry and afraid for you by KisTithen
The Rings of Power - 2022


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