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We are the oldest deviantart fan group focusing on professor, author, and philologist JRR Tolkien. We accept fan art of all his works, including his more popular stories surrounding Middle Earth (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Silmarillion) as well as his lesser known poems and short stories.
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One Day I'll Remember Chapter III: The Least of
Chapter III: The Least of All My FearsA/N: Chapter title taken from the lyrics of “Barton Hollow” by The Civil Wars.BbBbBbBbBbBbBbThe sunlight barely filtered through the clouds and smoke. The people of Laketown staggered around as they tried to drag people out of the newly returned Long Lake or salvage supplies. A ragtag group of Dwarves, Mortal Men, and a lone Elf were amongst the Lakemen.“AMAD!”“MA!”“AMAD!”“MRS. BARGEMAN!”“DIS!”“MA!”“DIS GET YOUR WHIPPERSNAPPER BUTT OUT OF THAT LAKE BEFORE I DRAG YOU OUT OF THERE!”“MA!” Tilda rubbed her eyes. “Why can’t we find Ma?”“We will find her,” Tauriel said placing her hand on Tilda’s shoulder, “It just may take a bit.”“But what if… what if…” Tilda began to cry. Sigrid and Bain went to comfort their sister.“Ma will be alright,” Sigrid said, “She has to be alright.”“Of course, I’m alright,” Bard said as she staggered out of the Lake with Dis, “I’m your Ma. Of course, I’m going to be alright.”There were screeches of joy as the two women were tackled by their respective children. Bofur and Óin fussed over Dis checking her over for injuries. Tauriel examined Bard. “Bard,” Dis said.“Yes?”Dis groaned and rubbed her lower back. “Let’s never do that again.”“Agreed,” Bard said.“You slew the dragon, Ma?” Bain asked.Before Bard could answer, Dís said, “Indeed she did. The aim of Men was true this day. Thank you, Bard the Dragon Slayer.” She shouted. “ALL HAIL BARD THE DRAGON SLAYER, LADY OF DALE!”Bard made noises of protest before the surviving Laketown residences swarmed her. The Dwarves made their way towards the edge of the Lake to find some sort of transportation.BbBbBbBbBbBbBb“Lady Dis, about our bargain,” Bard said. The crowd had dispersed, and the Dwarves tended to the boat they had found.“What of it?” Dis asked. She kept her eye on Kíli who spoke with the Elf captain.“My request is for you to make us look favorable to your brother. He is to be Dale’s ally,” Bard said.“I cannot make my brother, let alone my king, do anything,” Dis said.“You swore upon the bones of the first Dwarves that the Line of Durin would be in my debt.”Dis flinched and looked to the ground. “I did.”“To fulfill your promise, your brother must do the same, or I sense bad things will continue to happen. I already know you lied once to my people. Do not let it happen again.”“I have no idea…”Bard grabbed Dís’ shoulder. “The Green Dragon is an inn and bar in the Shire. Do not take me for a fool. Do this for me and I will hold your oath fulfilled.”The Dwarf said through gritted teeth, “Fine.” She pulled away from Bard and stalked off to the boat to push off.BbBbBbBbBbBbBb“Kíli! Stop dallying! We need to get this boat working,” Fili said as she banged her fist against the engine of a speedboat which had been owned by one of the wealthier residences of Laketown for vacations.The young Dwarf looked at his sister before turning back to the Elf. He was about to speak, but Tauriel spoke first. “They are your people. You must go.”“Come with me,” Kíli said, “I know how I feel. I’m not afraid. This is what the stories always talk about when you find your One. Like you can do and would do just about any task. Anything is possible. You make me feel alive.”“I can’t,” Tauriel said as she turned away.“Tauriel… Amrâlimê.”The Elf’s breath caught. “I don’t know what that means.”“I think you do,” Kíli said with a grin.Tauriel sensed a familiar presence behind her. “Legolas! You’re alright!”Legolas nodded. He looked weary and one of his shirt sleeves was torn. “I see you were able to save him.”“She’s good at it. Second time she’s done it,” Kíli said with a proud smile.“I am afraid I have ill news, Tauriel. I need your help,” Legolas said.“I fear we both have to go, my lady. Wait, just a moment,” Kíli said. He hobbled over to the edge of the lake and picked through rocks.“What is he doing?” Legolas asked in Sindarin.“I have no idea,” Tauriel replied.Kíli came back with a smooth, black stone in his hand. If polished, it might have been the same as his mother’s token to him. He placed the stone in Tauriel’s hand, holding her hand with both of his. “Keep it as a promise.”Tauriel stared wide-eyed as the Dwarf kissed her hand. He stepped away and bowed before running to the boat. Kíli watched Tauriel as he rode the boat to the distant shore.BbBbBbBbBbBbBb“Please tell me you included oars in this wreck,” Dis said as she clung to the edge of the boat as the engine began to sputter.“Two oars, a shovel, and a plank, Amad,” Fili said.“Good. Good. Urg.” Dis closed her eyes. “Are we almost to shore?”“Nearly, ma’am,” Bofur said.“Who decided it was a good idea to let Óin drive?” Dis asked.“No idea,” Kíli said.The lady Dwarf glared at her son. “And you. Did my eyes deceive me or were you flirting with that Elf?”“Prince Legolas? Why, Mother, he is a handsome fellow for an Elf, but I have never been one for blondes,” Kíli said.“Don’t be cheeky. The Elf Captain.”The whole boat went quiet as they waited for Kíli’s response. “I… um… she’s… my heart… she’s my One, Amad. I wouldn’t choose an Elf for any other reason. She’s brave, kind, and smart. I don’t know if she… if she feels it as deeply as I do, but I did tell her as best as I could in what time we had.”Dis hummed. “If she was a Dwarf, I would like her.”Bofur nearly fell out of the boat. “You what?”“She saved my son.” Dis sat up. “Durin the First’s wife was not one of Mahal’s children. There are a few others who have also found their One’s outside of the Dwarf clans. If she is as you say she is and as she has acted, I will give my blessing if she returns your feelings. Elves, save one, also only have one partner, so it will be a faithful love. Until then, I have nothing else to say.”“Oh, thank Mahal,” Kíli said with a sigh of relief. He gave a side glance to the rest of the Dwarves in the boat. “You lot don’t seem surprised.”Bofur picked up an oar as the engine seemed almost out of gas. “It’s like the Lady Dis said: if it is true on both sides, ain’t nothing wrong with it. The Maker has some say about it and I will not face his wrath.”“Same here,” Óin said.Fili fidgeted. “Uncle will not be happy.”Kíli paled. “I think I’m going to be sick.”“You forget. He’s snogging a Hobbit. A Hobbit who is friends with an Elf. I believe the odds are in your favor,” Dis said.“You think they got to the snogging bit already?” Óin said.Dis waved her hand. “I told you lot once we reached the blasted rest stop what would happen; Thorin will give some farewell speech in the tunnel before the Hobbit went into the treasury, the Professor will make her feelings known, and there would be snogging.”“Are you so sure?” Bofur said.“I know my brother. The Professor, though timid at first, will do whatever she sets her mind to,” Dis said.They refused to mention the possibility they would never find out the truth of the matter if they were unable to escape Smaug’s wrath....
One Day I'll Remember Chapter II: Even Dragons Hav
Chapter II: Even Dragons Have Their EndingsBbBbBbBbBbBbBbDis had been gone for only a few moments when she came running back into the house. As she picked up her weapons, Dís said, “Come on. We have a dragon to slay.”Fili, Bofur, and Óin joined Dis in gathering what little weaponry they had. Sigrid found the hunting rifle and the long bow her Mother kept locked in her bedroom. “She locks the ammunition in a different vault, and I don’t have the combination to it.”“Good woman. I can find something easily enough when I go fetch her,” Dis said.Kíli limped out of Bard’s bedroom as he leaned against Tauriel. “Pass me a weapon,” he said. He hissed in pain every other step. “Not until you are in the truck. You are in no shape to fight,” Dis said, “Fili, stay with your brother and get the rest out of here. I’m going to get Bard.”“We’ll follow you, my lady,” Bofur said.Dis stalked outside to the truck and started the engine. “No, you’re not. Óin, the wounded will need you. Bofur, Captain Tauriel, you need to provide cover while you get them out. Warn everyone you can, but do not stop moving.”Bain tried to take the Black Arrow from Dis, but the Dwarf tackled him. “Bain, don’t you dare Your mother doesn’t want this! She wants you safe! Protect your sisters. Get them out of here! I’ll protect your mother. Please, Bain.”The boy nodded. “Good, lad,” Dis said. She helped the Bargeman children get into the van. Sigrid took the wheel as she knew the town better than the rest.“Amad,” Fili said.Dis put a hand on each of her children. “I will make sure the dragon doesn’t catch you. I love you both very much.”Lady Dis than ran towards the center of town to the jail. She tried to blame her tears on the smoke from the fires.BbBbBbBbBbBbBbBard filled the air with curses as the Master and his men abandoned her to the flames engulfing Laketown. She kicked at the door and jammed-up her knee in her efforts. The Mortal Woman had no pins and no knife. Best case scenario, she was going to die of smoke inhalation. Worst case, well, dragon.The door to the sheriff’s office swung open. Dis daughter of Thráin stood in the doorway with the Black Arrow and a menagerie of weapons. “Want to bust out of here?”“Where are my children?” Bard snarled.Dis opened the cell door. “They are getting out of Laketown. There is too much to explain. Basically, we need to get to the Dwarvish Wind-Lance and kill Smaug.”Bard took the long bow and arrows from Dis as they ran out into the streets. Dis pointed to the courthouse with the Black Arrow. “Unfortunately, the building’s first floor is on fire and we can’t get in by any doors. I don’t know how…”“Follow me. We’re going roof hopping,” Bard said.BbBbBbBbBbBbBbSigrid slammed on the breaks and reversed as a building fell in front of them on the road. “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY OUT OF TOWN NOW!”“Just keep driving, Ms. Bargeman,” Tauriel said.“Who taught you to drive?” Kíli said as he clutched his jostled leg.“My Granny! She drove monster trucks! NOW SHUT UP AND NO BACKSEAT DRIVING!” Sigrid did a tight three-point turn and sped to the center of town.Bofur tugged at the young princess’s sleeve. “Uh, Fíli, is it my imagination or are we heading towards the dragon?” “I SAID NO BACKSEAT DRIVING!”BbBbBbBbBbBbBbBard’s quick reflexes yanked Dis from a nasty fall. The Mortal Woman said, “Haven’t you done this before?”“I am not a fluttering Elf! I can’t defy physics for the fun of it!” Dis said. “Give me a boost!” Bard said as they reached the town hall roof.The Dwarf frowned at something she saw in the streets. “Is the Master taking an SUV full of gold with him? What. An. Idiot.”BbBbBbBbBbBbBbTauriel kept Kíli pinned to the bed of the truck as they made a sudden stop to avoid an SUV. “HEY! I’M DRIVING HERE!” Sigrid said.“Where is he? Where is the dragon?” Kíli said.Before the Elf could answer, Smaug glided right above them and set aflame another row of houses.BbBbBbBbBbBbBb“Do you know how to work this thing?” Bard asked.“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO WORK THIS? YOU’RE GIRION’S HEIR!” Dis said with more than a little panic in her voice.“JUST BECAUSE I KNOW HOW TO USE A COUPLE OF STICKS AND STRING DOESN’T MEAN I KNOW HOW TO USE THESE COUPLE OF STICKS AND STRING!”Smaug roared from above and attacked the SUV which had the Master in it. “Okay, this is bad,” Bard said.“It can’t be that complicated. As you said, sticks and strings,” Dis said.Bard and Dis hooked the Black Arrow onto the wind-lance. The dragon stalked towards them.“Who are you that would stand against me?” Smaug sneered.“Come on,” Bard said as she tried to turn the wind-lance towards the dragon. The wheels which turned the device were rusted shut away from the dragon.Smaug laughed. “Well that is a pity. What will you do now, bowman? You are forsaken. No help will come.”There was a sound which both Bard and Dis thought was out of place in the desert: rushing water. The lake began to rise faster.Smaug made a face of disgust and flew up and away from the water. “Oh, thank goodness. Finally, something went our way,” Dis said.Half of the town hall collapsed and caused the wind-lance to fall on its side. “NEVER SAY ANYTHING LIKE THAT AGAIN!” Bard said as she clung to the railing.BbBbBbBbBbBbBb“We have to go back! The wind-lance is falling!” Bain said.“We can’t. The water is too high. We have to get to higher ground,” Sigrid said as she choked back tears.“But they’re so close! We have to do something!” Bain said.“We are, lad,” Bofur said, “We’re keeping you lot safe so your Mums won’t worry about you.”BbBbBbBbBbBbBb“We need to get Smaug right in front of us,” Bard said as she tried to adjust the wind-lance again, “If we can get him right there, we could hit his weak point.”“We don’t even know it exists! We just have to hope for the best,” Dis said as she tried to think up some good insults to bring Smaug towards them.Out of the dark, something fluttered to Bard’s shoulder. She startled, but it was only a thrush. Unafraid, it perched by her ear and said, “Greetings, Bard, descendant of Girion. I bring you news.”“YOU CAN TALK!” Bard said.“Who can talk? The bird? I don’t hear anything,” Dis said. She gasped. “It was said the Lords of Dale were blessed to understand the languages of birds because of their kind rule. It must be true, or you finally lost it!”“Let’s hope it’s the first,” Bard said, “What news, thrush, as I assume this is not a social visit.”“The moon still shines,” the bird said, “Look for the hollow of the left breast as he flies and turns above you. The Hobbit saw it while confronting the dragon.”Bard looked up. She could barely see it, but there was one flaw in the dragon’s mighty armor. “So, the story is true?” Dis said.“We need to get him coming straight towards us,” Bard said.“I will lead him to you. My kin long to return to our home and we cannot do such while the dragon lives,” the thrush said.The bird flew into the sky towards the dragon. It dove down towards the town, the dragon chasing after it. The thrush flew past Bard’s shoulder.Smaug laughed as it saw the two women struggling. “I thought I knew that particular smell of fear. I have killed the Mortal Woman’s mate and many of the Dwarf’s kin. They reeked of cowardice.”“Many but not all! You haven’t killed us yet! I’d hate to see such a pathetic creature not even complete one thing!” Dis said. She shot at the dragon with her handgun. She guessed correctly it would not do any harm, but it did cause Smaug to correct his course towards them slightly enough to be right in front of the wind-lance.“Tell me wretch, how now shall you challenge me? You have nothing left but your death,” Smaug said.Dis jumped and fell into the water to give Bard a clear shot. Bard released the Black Arrow.It found its mark.The dragon fell as did the town hall.BbBbBbBbBbBbBbSigrid brought the car to a halt when she heard the Elf say, “The dragon has fallen!”The townsfolk able to flee in their cars came to a stop as well. There was no dragon. Only a burning town being consumed by water.“It’s dead?” Tilda asked.“It is. Mrs. Bargeman brought it down with the Dwarvish wind-lance,” Tauriel said.“Your eyes are as sharp as they are beautiful,” Kíli said.The Elf seemed slightly embarrassed by the Dwarf’s compliment.Bofur mumbled, “I thought you had better lines than that, Kíli.”“What do we do now?” Bain asked.Fili stood up in the truck bed as she searched through the smoke and flame, but did not see who she searched for. “We go to the edge of the lake, wherever it is, and try to find survivors. I think there are people trying to get to shore.”Everyone sat back down in the truck and drove as far as the could towards the ruins of Laketown. Even the darkest nights had a dawn, but dawn was still a long way off.
An Unexpected Road Trip: One Day I'll Remember - I
An Unexpected Road TripPart IIIOne Day I’ll RememberSummary: Smaug is let loose on the residents of Laketown. Orcs and Elves are tracking down the Company. Thorin is falling more and more under the sway of the gold sickness. Will the quest to reclaim Erebor destroy all that is held dear to Bramble and the Company? Modern Hobbit AU, Fem!Bilbo, and Bagginshield. Content Warnings: Inadequacies of the American government in response to an emergency, depictions of a magical mental illness (which means a magical cure combined with the fact I have zero psychological training), and a partner threatening violence during an episode of mental illness.BbBbBbBbBbBbBbChapter I: Water, Water Every WhereBbBbBbBbBbBbBbThorin Oakenshield, heir to the Throne of Erebor, stood at the gates of his home and watched the burglar run towards him. “SMAUG IS GOING TO LAKETOWN! WE HAVE TO STOP HIM!” the Hobbit yelled as she ran to him.She tripped to a stop in front of Thorin. “We have to stop him!”“What can we do, Hobbit? Even our best weapons did nothing,” Thorin said.“That doesn’t mean we can’t do something! Distract him long enough to let some of the people escape!” the burglar said.“It is better if we bar the gates here than help a town already burning.”Something changed in the Hobbit. She stood up straighter, her breathing evened, and her eyes flashed with anger. “So, this is what Dwarves are? They hide in their mountains seeking riches; they care nothing for the troubles of others. I should have stayed with the Elves.”Thorin grabbed the Hobbit by her shoulders. “What did you say?”“Lord Elrond gave us shelter, food, and knowledge despite Dwarves being long-standing rivals. He healed your sister who is still in Laketown. Even King Thranduil, the man who let your people burn and starve, kept his prisoners nourished and clean. In my books, Elves certainly score higher in the common decency department of life.”Thorin growled at her. “I will not have a pointy-ear outscoring me.”The Hobbit bared her teeth and growled back. “Prove it to me, Oakenshield. Defend those who cannot defend themselves. Show yourself for what you are: a man of honor.”Thorin could hear the others coming up behind him. “What are your orders?” Dwalin said.A haze lifted from Thorn’s eyes. Bramble stood before him. Her hair and clothes were singed, but her eyes were still as bright as ever. Whatever desire he had to hide in the mountain receded. He spoke to her softly, hoping the others would not hear. “What would you have me do, Bramble?”“I think Smaug blocked the river. Don’t you see? It’s flowing some, but I don’t think it’s enough,” Bramble whispered. She wrapped her hands around Thorin’s wrists. “We need to get the river flowing again. At the least Smaug will know we are causing him trouble. At best…”“… if he is somehow felled, he will drown.” “There is a chink in his armor, just by his heart on the left side. It can be done,” Bramble said. She did not notice the thrush listening to their conversation.Thorin kissed the Hobbit’s forehead. “Brilliant Bramble.” He turned towards the Company. “Balin, do you remember how to make dynamite?”“Aye. Should have the materials at the forges,” Balin said.Thorin looked down at Bramble feet and sighed. “You are going to lose your feet standing out here without shoes.” He picked Bramble up in a bridal carry as they made their way back to the forges, some of the others running ahead.Bramble smacked Thorin’s shoulder. “For the love of the powers that be Thorin, I’m not five!”“Then stop acting like it.”“Only if you do first!”BbBbBbBbBbBbBbFinally, Thorin put Bramble down once they were in Erebor again. Bramble made her way next to Balin. She nodded towards Thorin. “What happened to him? His eyes seem strange sometimes.”“Lass, we need to focus on the dragon first, then Thorin,” Balin said.“There is something wrong with Thorin?” Bramble said.“… I don’t know, but we’ll all be dead if this doesn’t work,” Balin said.BbBbBbBbBbBbBbThe group split up. Balin took Bombur, Ori, Dori, and Nori to the forges to create dynamite. The other half went to the source of the river inside the mountain. Bramble kept close to Thorin, unsure of what to make of him. He seemed normal now, but only a few minutes before he was in despair and a short time earlier almost deranged.The river came from the heart of the mountain from some unknown spring. Kíli had mentioned he wanted to send robots down to explore the depths of the source of the river once they reclaimed Erebor. The river was blocked by massive boulders carelessly tossed about, allowing some water to leak through. The water was up to their knees if they trudged along the center. Glóin pointed to what seemed to be a second source. “Erebor redirected part of the river to give water to the kingdom and the forges. When we got the water working in the forge, we got some of the water back. It’s probably barely reaching Laketown.”The Hobbit did not mean to shriek when she tripped over bones. “SORRY! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to step on you!”Bifur yanked Bramble back. Thorin knelt next to the body. “This is not a Dwarf of Erebor.”“How do you know?” Bramble asked.He held up a cell phone. “I deduced it, my dear Watson.” He began carefully looking through pockets.“I don’t think you should listen to Miracle Max about searching through pockets for loose change,” Bramble said.“The left hand is missing. Mortal Men wear a ring on their left hand to show they are married, generally a gold band. I think a dragon would take it,” Thorin said. He found a wallet and sighed. He passed the phone and wallet to Glóin. “Keep this safe until it can be returned to Mrs. Bargeman. We will try to recover the body if the river does not destroy it.”Bramble covered her mouth. “It’s Mr. Bargeman?”“Unfortunately. Dwalin, tell your brother the way is clear, and we can start placing the explosives,” Thorin said.BbBbBbBbBbBbBb“We have a problem,” Balin said after they had placed the explosives into the makeshift dam, “We don’t have a long enough fuse to be at a safe distance when this goes off.”“Could someone run the distance to safety, wherever it is?” Nori asked.Balin said after a moment of reluctance, “Maybe.”“Who’s the fastest one here?” Dwalin said.Bramble raised her hand. “Me. Don’t make me list my credentials, we don’t have the time. Someone give me a match or something.”Glóin grunted and tossed a box of waterproof matches. Bramble nodded to the group and glared at Thorin. “No time. I will come back. Now RUN!”BbBbBbBbBbBbBbBramble took three deep breaths. I can do this. I have faced a dragon. A little match is nothing.Still, her hands shook as she struck the match, the heat of the flame so close to her skin. She dropped the match away from the fuse and let out a silent scream of frustration.You are a strong, independent Hobbit who is not afraid of a tiny bit of flame! Bramble struck the second match. Though her hands shook, she was able to place it next to the fuse and it lit. “I DID IT! YES! OH CRAP! RUN!”The Hobbit ran as fast as she could over the rocks and debris. BbBbBbBbBbBbBbBifur grabbed Bramble’s arm just as she ran next to the Company’s safe distance from the blast. He pushed her against the wall just as the dynamite exploded.The ground shook from the force of the explosion. Water rushed past the Company, lapping at their feet. Balin stuck his head out of the alcove and squinted down river. “I THINK IT WILL REACH LAKETOWN IN A FEW MINUTES!”“WHAT DID YOU SAY?” Dwalin shouted.“WHAT DID YOU SAY?” Balin said.“WHAT IS ANYONE SAYING?” Ori said.Bifur signed. “The blast messed with all of our hearing. We won’t hear properly for some time if it ever fully recovers.”“Thank you, Bifur,” Thorin signed back.“WHAT’S EVERYONE SAYING? I UNDERSTOOD ‘THANK YOU BIFUR’ AND THAT’S ABOUT IT,” Bramble said.“WE NEED TO GET TO HIGHER GROUND AND SEE IF IT WORKED!” Balin said.BbBbBbBbBbBbBbThorin kept his arm around Bramble’s shoulder as they made it up the watchtower. She shook and was not hearing much of anything, but she was alive and otherwise unharmed. The Dwarf froze when they were a few steps from the platform of the ruined tower.“Come on,” Bramble said, no longer shouting as she tried to pull Thorin further up.Thorin tightened his hold. “Please, don’t.”“I can’t ignore this happening. I have to see this.”He shook his head. “Please don’t ask me to do this. Not again.”It took Bramble a moment to realize what the again meant. “Oh, Thorin. I didn’t mean to. I’ll stay. I promise. I won’t make you watch this again.”Thorin pulled Bramble into a hug and shielded her from looking towards Laketown. He kept his eyes on Erebor. It was steady in a world turning on its head. He could feel Bramble saying something, but it was too soft for him to hear properly.Erebor. Just focus on the gates. Don’t think about what’s behind you. Don’t think about the ruin inside. Just Erebor. Just focus on Erebor.A thunderous crash pulled Thorin out of his thoughts. Bramble pulled away and ran up the stairs to investigate. Thorin could not follow.BbBbBbBbBbBbBb“What was that? What happened?” Bramble asked as she made it to the platform. She gasped when she how Laketown was either under water or on fire. There was no dragon in sight.“It fell. I saw it. It’s dead. Smaug is dead,” Ori said.“By my beard,” Dwalin said.Something flew past Bramble’s head and towards what her maps had said to be Ravenhill.“The ravens of Erebor are returning to the mountain,” Óin said.Balin nodded. “Aye. Word will spread. Before long, every soul in Middle-Earth will know, the dragon is dead.” “So comes snow after fire and even dragons have their endings,” Bramble said, though the words tasted more of ash than victory. When she turned around, Thorin was already walking towards Erebor, his shoulders hunched over.The Hobbit ran after him, catching up when they were almost to the river. “Thorin! Didn’t you hear?”“I did,” Thorin said, his voice rough.“Shouldn’t we wait for the others? Maybe send some of them out to find if there are survivors or call for help so we can…”“No.”“No, what?” Bramble said.Thorin grabbed Bramble’s hand and dragged her to the gates. “There were no survivors. I know this. We need to find the Arkenstone.”“You cannot possibly know!” Bramble said.“I can and I do. We need to find the Arkenstone and protect the gold. It is the only way we will survive,” Thorin said.Bramble stubbed her foot on a boulder and yelped in pain. Thorin picked her up and continued his quick pace. “I promise you, dear burglar, no harm shall come to you. We will find the Arkenstone and be safe.”The Hobbit clung to Thorin so she would not fall. “We should wait…”“The sooner we find it, the sooner we will be safe,” Thorin said.Bramble shook her head, but said nothing. Once Thorin sat down and thought the situation over, he would see reason. He was just scared and needed space from the disaster in Laketown. The Hobbit had to believe the Company in Laketown survived. Space and time would bring Thorin around again.BbBbBbBbBbBbBbIt didn’t.
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Tyelko by Marhelf
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Silmarillion - Erendis casual cosplay II by ArwendeLuhtiene
Silmarillion - Erendis casual cosplay I by ArwendeLuhtiene
Spring elven love by Menkhar
Thranduil and Lonely Mountain by Menkhar
OCs, Other Tolkien Works, Crossovers
Eladriel by Fai-Fei
Yavanna Costume Variations by Tsayaret
Ch2 The Borders of Gondor pg 10 by Cycloprax-Tinj
Ch2 The Borders of Gondor pg 9 by Cycloprax-Tinj
imagination by LineSun
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LOTRO character by Topelune
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Hang on, Pip by piranha-ha
Hang on, Pip by piranha-ha :iconpiranha-ha:

Thorin, King Under the Mountain by gravity-zero
Thorin, King Under the Mountain by gravity-zero :icongravity-zero:

The Tower Hall of Denethor by peet
The Tower Hall of Denethor by peet :iconpeet:

Roac son of Carc and the Thrush by Velouriah
Roac son of Carc and the Thrush by Velouriah :iconvelouriah:

The Gift by Helesssart
The Gift by Helesssart :iconhelesssart:

Gandalf The Grey by Majdf
Gandalf The Grey by Majdf :iconmajdf:
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Our heroines, the aptly named Longshots, have been tasked with the infiltration of the Onyx Keep and assassination of the reviled King Kaj, but unbeknownst to them an even more dastardly regent has taken his place. Who is this oddly costumed conquerer and how do the three bravest, talented women of Glenhaven defeat and dethrone him? Find out in Planet Threadim Chapter 1.
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I like to imagine that some younger Black Numenoraens would turn their backs on Sauron towards the end. Partly out of self preservation and being sick of living in darkness.
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