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Ever since my early childhood, I was mesmerized and inspired by miniature. Having a rich imagination, a steady and precise hand, and a lot of patience, I have started creating art from a very unlikely object – a pencil. Although the pencil has been used to serve a man and create art since time immemorial, I have decided to try to change the sequence of events and its primary purpose.

Now the pencil itself becomes art. It retains its function, to leave a testimony, but this time in a much different form, where the pencil is now able to tell the whole story without even writing a letter or drawing a single line. I am using very simple tools to create extremely detailed and complex sculptures carved from the tip of a pencil. This way I am giving an extraordinary meaning to this cheap and easily available instrument, while significantly adding to its value by expanding its purpose and making it a rare and unique piece of art.

My sculptures metaphorically speak about life philosophy. Through my work, I am showcasing both – the softness and the strength of a pencil, which needs to endure the carving of the tiniest details without being broken. This analogy can also be applied in a man's life since humans are exposed to constant (re)shaping, where we have to show flexibility and durability so that we can successfully take on all the life roles without succumbing to their burden. The carving, which is oftentimes a demanding process, therefore serves to create a finished product – a work of art.

The process of creating a sculpture reaffirms how we function in the same way as nature since that is what we are - its inseparable part. This way we are reminded how we need to go back to basics in order to be able to fully understand and appreciate our core.

Since I work with natural materials, wood, and graphite, my art is environmentally friendly, as it takes minimum from nature and produces no waste. Every broken pencil is resharpened and reused.

This way I want to show how the tiniest amount of natural materials shaped by skilled hands and imaginative minds can convey a much more powerful message than many technologically assisted and greater-size installations might. My miniature sculptures tell great stories. Through them I speak against violence, share family values, promote my country, and even give new life to well-known and remarkable pieces of art, such as The Creation Of Adam.

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Thanks for the faves!! I apologize for the lateness of my reply, I'm trying to get my RPG finished!! I'm working on the 2nd level right now!! Check it out at

Keep up the good work!! I've got something planned for the new year, I'll let you know on my journals!!

Thank you /so/ much for adding me to your watch! It really brings a smile to my face which is more than I could've asked for. I hope that I can continue to impress with my future pieces! :heart:

You pencil sculptures are amazing! Have you ever accidentally dropped one? Did you cry?

Thank you 😊 Yes, it has occurred many times, particularly when the sculpture is nearly completed. On a few occasions, even when it was entirely finished. It can be quite frustrating, but I sharpen my pencil and begin anew.

Happy birthday 🎉

I wish my hands were still as steady as yours. Now they are just clubs. I would have liked to have tried this.