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Kawamura Kumi - Sketch by tokyorose Kawamura Kumi - Sketch by tokyorose
First off, I used this sketch to test out my scanner... then cleaned it up a bit with Paint. I really have no intention on actually coloring it (since I royally screwed up several of my other drawings already by inking alone), but if anyone wants to see Kawamura-san in color, I'll try.

Anywho, for those of you who don't know, this is Kawamura Kumi, one (and my favorite) of three main characters of my new favorite anime, Alien Nine. (The other two, Otani Yuri and Tomine Kasumi, may get their own drawings if I decide to turn this into a series, but that decision will come after I decide on whether or not to color this.) However, I'd also like to let you know that the thing on her head isn't exactly part of her; it's her borg, which is, as quoted somewhere in the anime, I'm sure, "a symbiotic alien being that can take on the responsibility of protecting its partner if need be."

As usual, I've found several small mistakes in the drawing (the first being the position of the eyebrows), but I don't really feel like commenting. I do, however, like how this came out, especially the borg. (I used several models in an attempt to imitate the art used in the anime. It's not exact, but I tried.)

But I'm babbling. =P

Kawamura Kumi and all things related to Alien Nine are the property of Bandai and Emotion. Support them! Buy Alien Nine! It's good, I swear! (And you know it's good because I'm babbling like a salesperson!)

PS Before I forget, the lyrics you see next to the drawing are from "Rebirth," the show's ending theme. They might not make sense unless you actually know what happened to Kumi at the end of the series. ^^;
soudou Featured By Owner May 10, 2008
Cute! Kumi is an awesome character. You did an adorable rendition of her here in your own unique style, I really like it.

Alien Nine is a pretty unique series, I run a fansite for it at [link] if anyone wants to know more about this obscure show. :)
Gamegirlalia Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2007
I know, It's an awesome manga and anime. Keep up the art and the writing, I like it. My favorite characters are Yuri and Kumi although Yuri is kind of one of those characters that you want to stand up for.
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