World Watercolor Month 2018

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Hello! Wave 

Inktober, MerMay...let's have another great month of fun.
There's still 1 week left till July, but so you won't miss an awesome opportunity, we are here to remind you of something awesome to come. :la: Hop 

July is 


31 watercolors in 31 days

Yes, it's a month dedicated to watercolor. And since we are a watercolor group it's only right that we take part in it too. 

Are you in?
bunny 4 by cherrielty

"So what do I have to do?" 
Just paint each day in July a watercolor painting and tag it with #WorldWatercolorMonth 
and of course don't forget to submit it to our group. =D

On July 1st we will again open our World Watercolor Month folder.

Any member of watercolorists can submit one artwork created with watercolor daily to the "World Watercolor Month" folder, in addition to the normal limit of one artwork per day.

Normal rules apply, and your work must be tagged with #WorldWatercolorMonth to be accepted into this folder.

"But I don't know what to paint for 31 days!"
No worries, there's an official prompt list which you can use.
Or you can make your own.

World-Watercolor-Month-2018-Official-Prompt-List-1 by TokyoMoonlight

More info about it on the official world watercolor month website:…

Your watercolorists team
.:Bunny love:. 

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I'm so glad I saw this!  I've been slacking off on practicing my art this last month, better use this to kick my ass into gear!
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that sounds awesome! 
TokyoMoonlight's avatar does...I'm also trying to prepare for it...first paper size then a theme =D
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Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1]can't wait to see your works! 
TokyoMoonlight's avatar
My first one is already on Instagram. But I made my day 1 only today :blush: No matter if I'm not on time, but as long as I keep on practicing. :la:…
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I absolutely agree with you! I'm behind the schedule, too, but wanna make those 31 pictures!
BTW, I absolutely love your work!
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2018YupiANanEmote019 Thank you...I just know that when I make landscapes I'm saving lots of time...don't need to make any drawings...maybe just a straight horizontal line and a circle for the sun and that's it. :giggle:
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I'd like to but I can't do all themes for 31 days. :( I can choose few themes to draw. (Also, I just joined your group)
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This activity is not from our group. It's a world wide activity.

You can paint as much as you can. What you want to paint depends also on you. We just informed our members about this and if somebody wishes to take part in it, that we will also again open a special folder for it =D
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Is it okay to post something late? I might be away from my laptop for a week in July.
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Don't worry about our group ;)
The challenge is for you...when you post to our group i'ts not so important =D

Last year we left the folder open even in the first week of August for all who wanted to "finish" the challenge till the end.

You can painting something on Monday and post it on Friday...the main thing is you paint...practice :la:
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I am hoping to take part in this challenge, and it really will be a challenge as I find it hard to complete anything in a day :)
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If it would be easy, it wouldn't be a challenge =D
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Haha rofl. I am sure that some people find it easy to paint every day? I will give it a go. Can I also use a bit of pen and ink with my watercolour? :)
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:dummy: for accepting submission into our group, the artwork has to follow our regular group ink is ok, pen also when it's used for details, lineart^^

Some are really dedicated to those challenges...last year we had at least 2 members who completed it in full :happybounce:

Maybe you wanna take a look around to find inspiration and courage to try it:
World Watercolor Month #24 by RafaCM   Sail by TheUnconfidentArtist

:idea: revamp Tard Idea One more thing: Try to use a smaller size of paper...that way you cut the painting time a lot...choose more simpler subjects to paint and make a list of what you want to paint each day beforehand...if you use reference photos also. That way you can start to paint right away without searching for what you want to paint that day ;)
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The paper size is what saved me last year xD those were like, A7 except the last one :nod:
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What...not even A5 but A7...this is really tiny :plotting: good to know =D
Not that I would steal this :lmao:
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Totally not :lol: 
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I just prepared some paper pieces...size 13,5 x 11,6 cm :O
So yeah...I must be crazy for taking part in this...oh my oh my.

Inktober almost finished me off...and now this :P
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Thank you so much. I already have some ideas of what I want to paint, but they won't be very complex pictures. Does that matter? :)
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I'm not a master of this event also...I just heard about it the previous year :giggle:

The main thing is to make art (with watercolors) each day. You can make a doodle or a master piece =D
If you would just make some watercolor abstract textures this would also count as an artwork ^^
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