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Everything Green


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Made for the PUPA Challenge 4 - April 2021

Reference photo by LualaDy 
Somewhere In France by LualaDy
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I liked how you used different techniques for the leaves in this painting.

I like the relaxing mood also.

Very well done.

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You are welcome:)

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Very nice and relaxing.

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Awsome work! Looks amazing as the real place in the photo and even better. I love this cool green generally, I find it very peaceful. Great work with the flowers too.:clap: :nod: :horny:

Amaryn-Philomena's avatar

Beautiful! I love how you painted the water!

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LindArtz's avatar

OMG! :wow: This is even prettier than the photo! :love: Very well done!!! :clap:

TokyoMoonlight's avatar

Thank you for the lovely comment :heart:

wotawota's avatar

Green Heart Icon Absolutely brilliant!!

I love it!!!

BrightsWanderings's avatar

Oh my word. This is GORGEOUS. Everything in the top right tickles me immensely. The play of free color and controlled edges mingling ahhhh... So satisfying.

How long did this take you? <3

TokyoMoonlight's avatar

Thank you for the lovely comment. =D

I was veeeery late with my painting. I did only around 1 or 1 1/2 hour per day.

On the first day I did a little sketch and added the masking fluid.

On the 2nd I did the wet on wet layer...where the first colors were established.

And then I think I worked for 2 days on adding additional layers and details.

But I more or less do my art all over the place...I loose track of who knows exactly. :shrug:

BrightsWanderings's avatar

I am still trying to decide if I want to try to do one. XD I really really did plan to.... Then it never happened... Oh well....

It looks effortless! It makes me feel inspired. <333

TokyoMoonlight's avatar

You can do a current one...or the ones that were painted before ;)

That's why we have the Late PUPA folder so everyone can create those artworks even after the "official" date and submit it there =D

Did you say "feel inspired" ?!

That's the reason why this group and the challenge exist...that we ALL get inspired :woohoo:

BrightsWanderings's avatar

Yes! I love the idea of this group. <3 Hopefully I can participate more in the future. Even if I don't participate, know that the prompts are still helping me create in other areas!

TokyoMoonlight's avatar

Whatever kind of help the group gives you, it's just what the group is all about.

Which is being a good use to it in the form of pushing you to make art, to create something that you usually wouldn't paint/draw, find other artists, get inspired by the submitted artworks etc. =D

untuox's avatar

Very good control of watercolor techniques, really nice work!

TokyoMoonlight's avatar

You think?

I think the watercolors (and the brush) control me...:rofl:

I swear my head thinks to go to the left, but my hands go right XD

Maybe it's muscle memory :plotting: That's why I can't paint after a tutorial...I get so confused and lost @_@

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