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Thank you so many messages and your watch.

I'm sorry that not to reply to everyone  because I'm busy with work .
My work is making animation(or games) background.
"TOKYO GENSO"is my original work.

I paint on photograph. These building are really exist.of course not broken.
If I get an opportunity ,Show you how to making.

Please enjoy TOKYO GENSO's fantasy world forever!!
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I love your work and art so much. thank you so very much this. :)
Would be cool to see how you draw these pictures someday.
I wish you a nice day. ~
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Th3WitchingHour Traditional Artist
I'd really love to see how you make these, they're quite amazing!
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GeoKorf Digital Artist
your drawings/paintings is amaze me you trully a master, i wish i had i chance to learn some of your techniques, i wish i had tutorial. i want to see more of your backgrounds cause they are amazing, they give a feel of abandoned and loneliness great work bow to you.
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Great! I adore your works. I'll be very glad if you show us how to make them.
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a tutorial of some sorts would be awesome indeed.
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codeboyHobbyist Photographer
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thanks for taking the time to post these amazing pictures =D
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hadeshaHobbyist Digital Artist
Your art is absolutely amazing... <3
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we love you :huggle: take your time & good luck with your work (:
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LaurenKitsuneHobbyist Artisan Crafter
どういたしまして。 あなたの芸術は非常に美しい。 私は1年間日本に住んでいた。 私は山梨に住んでいた。 私はそれを愛した。 あなたの芸術は私を山梨について考えさせる。 あなたのハードワークをありがとう。 がんばって!
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awesome! I wonder what animation have u worked on. And what games are they.
I probably have played it before or watch them :D
Tokyo Genso's really cool
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No problem :) Keep up the work you are doing :)
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Seriously. Good work man.
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I've been trying to improve myself with rendering backgrounds and having a tough time rendering vegetation, I hope you can make a tutorial someday~
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Just blown away by your work.

Speechless actually.

Just amazing.


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That just adds to the realism by helping us see real places.
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a chain of WiP's in one piece, would be awesome
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raultrevinoProfessional Traditional Artist
Keep up the good work, it's FANTASTIC!!!!
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MyselfsamaProfessional Digital Artist
I love your work, and would love to see how you make it. The process :D
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Waoh, I'd love to work in such an amazing way! I hope you will make the tutorial too, that would be wonderful~
Thank you for being such a great artist!!
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kingskullkidStudent General Artist
work is fantastic definetly worth watching
keep up the great work
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Avocado-AGO-GOHobbyist Writer
That explains why in small view I thought it was a photo... I wasn't completely off! :XD:

Cliched as it sounds, I feel very lucky to be able to view your work.
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Your stuff is great! Keep it going, you're becoming one of my favorite artists! :lol:
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VulneProProfessional Filmographer
You're welcome, I'm sure from everyone, it's beautiful, stunning work. I figured you were working in animation as the work very much has the quality of animation production background work. I love quality animation background art, so many wonderful examples from your animation industry's output :)

I can totally understand not being able to reply to all messages (I know the feeling) but can't help but wonder if there are any animation productions you worked on that were some of your favorites?

Keep up the spectacular work and absolute best!
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