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Death Of a Clown

My makeup is dry and it clags on my chin,
Im drowning my sorrows in whisky and gin,
The lion tamers whip doesnt crack anymore,
The lions they wont fight and the tigers wont roar.

Model = Molly Weaver, a.k.a LoLo the clown. >_<
From my time spent with Madame Lucinda's Wonder Show. xoxo

I never say this but PLEASE FULL VIEW :blush:
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680x680px 171.1 KB
Canon EOS 20D
Shutter Speed
1/125 second
Focal Length
300 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Feb 10, 2008, 5:37:36 AM
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christ. this, plus your description is just beautiful
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Beautiful Eyelights!
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The little poem you have in your 'comments' section here, i really like it. Did you write it? If so could i please use it as words for my design sheet in art? (school) I thnk it would be very effective.

overall, i really like this image :) Its so magic.
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Thankyou for you kind comments1

The words are lyrics to an amazing song by 'The Kinks' called 'Death of a Clown'... [link]

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good catch !
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I really like this photo it is magic :)
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Why thankyou so much. xo
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I think the Clown is awesome! This makeup and costume...oh and the eyes,so full and big. Just fantastic! By the way, where you find that costume ;)
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:) Thankyou again. This was taken during some time I spent with a small circus theatre company called Rogue theatre so the costume belonged to them and she did her own make-up. They were SO awsome and I really want to go and photograph with them again. xo
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Really cool. I'm jealous :clap:
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excellent, excellent photo!!!!

This is wonderful :love:
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Thankyou very much :) xo
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very much welcome :D
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The expression on her face is awesome. Would love to see another version with an evil grin, though =)
Tokyo-Pea's avatar
hehe, yes. I will definetly look out for that next time I'm with them :) xo
star0nfire's avatar
Do that! Then post it here, I'd love to see it =)
Tokyo-Pea's avatar
:) Many congratulations on your DD by the way...It is a a brilliant photograph! xo
star0nfire's avatar
Thank you very much =D
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