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Tokyo Ghoul Fans!!!

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We're a group for fans of the anime/manga series Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種-トーキョーグール- Tōkyō Gūru).
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4,766 Members
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No longer human part 2It felt like just yesterday when Okabe had "Transformed" into a ghoul , the disgusting taste of anything he ate and drank and the hallucinations of the mad scientist he used to be , the one he'd named Hououin Kyouma. He had no idea how he was going to hide this from the other lab members especially his dear childhood friend Mayuri but then..."Hey Okabe are you inside I forgot my phone was in here" Kurisu said casually before noticing something seemed off about the man infront of her, an off day perhaps? No that couldn't just be as simple as that, it was his scent, he was a half ghoul and she'd know that for certain although unlike her he wasn't this way naturally. "Okabe what's going on , you seem off" she said approaching the young man who simply replied with "he's come back" his voice shaking on the verge of tears "he's come back to haunt me, for some kind of fucked of vengeance!" Kurisu then sighed before asking "tell me , you wouldn't happen to be a half ghoul as a result of some kind of accident would you?" Okabe's bright amber eyes widened Kurisu sighed before saying "I thought so" she then activated her one kakugan eye and instructed him to do the same. "I'm a half ghoul too, only unlike your situation I was born like this, I'll help you out for now with some human meat I'd collected from a friend of mine but until then try not to go nuts ok" Okabe agreed to taking the human meat, at this moment morality was the last thing on his mind. "Well I better get going before I miss my train outta here " Kurisu said light-heartedly before grabbing her phone "goodbye Okabe , I'll see you tomorrow yeah" she then left the lab , Okabe smiled gently before deciding to consume the human meat Kurisu had given him.A week later Kurisu gave him the name of a cafe in Tokyo's 20th ward named Anteiku , apparently it was a ghoul safehaven of sorts run by an elderly ghoul named Yoshimura , they supposedly ate suicide victims and tried not to kill too often although it did suprise Okabe when he learnt that Yoshimura had racked up a SSS ranking with the CCG. The old man even gave him the contact details of both himself and someone who went by the name of Renji Yomo. Okabe ended up with enough to last him at least a month before needing to go back although Yomo has insisted that he'd return every week so he could learn to fight and possibly even use his Kagune. Once Okabe got back to the lab he immediately put the meat in a mini fridge he kept in a tiny bedroom the lab had hidden away behind the workshop where the phonewave and other gadgets resided. He'd let Kurisu know he'd visited Anteiku and she was very glad he followed her advice instead of quote "acting like a stubborn ass" as she'd put it. He smiled to himself as he put his phone down "who would have thought it, the woman I love, my assistant would be a half ghoul just like me" he said to himself happily before heading off to sleep for the night....
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PHOENIX FEATHER - Merry Christmas by Jinjiro-Higuchi
[Phoenix Feather] Enero 2021- Yokai World by Jinjiro-Higuchi
Kaneki's Terrarium by KureKumo
Minami vs Minene death battle by ThegodOfVines21


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