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Yup! I'm still about drawing things like wolfs (wolves?) humans and other :P
I was just reaaaally busy with my life, like you know- new country, new problems, new job, new everything. It's not that easy for me to get used to.
But yeah, I'm back to work! And right now I even do commissions for other people on furaffinity, like... Here:…

So, It's about time to draw.
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Well, I was without internet for three months.
That's horrible. I even was without my tablet or computer, so I couldn't draw anything- THAT'S a nightmare!
But oh well, I was in Germany for job aaaaand, well, I'm moving out from my house in Poland.
There is a lot things to do! And I'll take my cat with me, and she hate cars. Uh.

And my english still sucks. I don't know how I'll learn german language.
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Well, hi guys!
(VoiceInHead: Who are you talking to? No one reads this 눈_눈 )
My study of male anatomy is moving forward (shit, in english it's sounds pretty weird). I mean- I really suck about drawing MANLY males (sorry Haien!), so I decided it's time to practice!
Still, it looks... weird and really not correctly, but well- it will be some time before I will be satisfied with my own work.
For now it looks like that: CLICK
Maybe someday I'll draw naked Tenran while washing his own car or... other fanservice... I guess...

And my english is still pretty bad. But oh well Tard Bouncing 


♥ 1. Vincent from "HAIEN" character sheet - ONGOING
♥ 2. "Pandora Hearts" fanart - waiting
♥ 3. Shuiko Suzumiya from "HAIEN" character sheet - waiting
♥ 4. "Shounen Onmyouji" fanart - waiting
♥ 5. Art full of fanservice with three characters from "HAIEN" - waiting

[Last Update: May 3]
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Hi guys!

Well, you all can think something like "she's lazy, she does nothing, where are next arts?".
Well, what can I say? I'm a little lazy but... TU TU RU! I'm still working :happybounce: 

I've made a list "PICS TO DO":

♥ 1. Vincent from "HAIEN" character sheet - waiting
♥ 2. "Pandora Hearts" fanart - waiting
♥ 3. Shuiko Suzumiya from "HAIEN" character sheet - waiting
♥ 4. "Shounen Onmyouji" fanart - waiting
♥ 5. ...

As you all can see, I have really much to do, bu oh well. Without work there is no progress! 
And I need it. I REALLY DO.

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Well, this is my new account.
At first I want to say that I'm not very good in english, co my grammar can be a little... awfull.
But even if, I hope that you can understand me very well! Or just understand, nvm.

Anyway, this is my third gallery, my old one :iconhaiengrey: is already on retiring (lol).

What I'll draw and add here? Everything for my own story called just "Haien", fanarts, maybe even some pics from book series called "Rafael Bielecki" coz' I'm the illustrator.

I hope that this third start will be the best one ^^
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