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Here is my new-old OC for forum RPG game about wolves!

Her new name is "Vriska", and old one was "Hazza". I've changed it for something more... Idk, but well, I wanted her with a name I like, not with the name someone told me to name her, or something like that.
Even if it's not (OF COURSE) name from my head- it's from Homestuck character, and I think YOU ALL KNOW THAT.

vriska (OHGODYES) [HS Icon] - Vriska: FUCK THIS SHIT IM OUT Mind control 

Name: Vriska
Age: Puppy right now (here is an adult version of her)
Gender: Female
Siblings: sister- Iviris ( :iconbakura-sama: )
Items: An feather from Great Green Macaw on a string.
Special abilities: she can change into Great Green Macaw (but only on Forrest Clan territory)

I know that my english is... terrible, but well XD

You don't have permission to use her ImINsAnEeeEEH emote of course!
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If you want to justify it, Vriska means scream in Serbian. Which is probably a good reason to name more things Vriska.