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Morticia [Character Sheet]

By Tokusa-desu
And here she is! My new OC for PBF game!

Name: Morticia
Age: Puppy right now (here is an adult version of her)
Gender: Female
Siblings: none
Items: Right now nothing.
Special abilities: Nooot yet!


Her name and design is based on Morticia Addams from Addams Family. Her black furr and long tail should be similar to Morticia's dress, and her muzzle and front paws are in bone-like colour (neckline from a dress and well, hands).
Ugh, my english is REALLY BAD but I hope you understand what I mean.
Her coat = Morticia's dress. Or it should be at least a bit similar to it xD"

You don't have permission to use her ImINsAnEeeEEH emote of course!
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