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Nothing's in my way!

By tokunaga3046
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Beautiful picture. It look just like the scene from the film. Great at all of the details. 
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Except all of these people!
Je tiens une chaîne Youtube et je fais des covers de Disney. J'adore ton image, accepterais-tu que je l'utilise comme miniature de vidéo ?
Je te remercie par avance,

Piano, Reprises et Compositions
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If there was one force that I think was Anna's element, it is light. She is always alive, joyful and determined to live.
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This is absolutely wonderful! I love it! Your attention to detail and excellent point of view is very good too.
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Except for our point of view. Then nothing would be in the way
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really awesome work. <3
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Woah, thought this was a screenshot at first, Amazingly done! Anna looks so happy. And it looks so realistic like the actual movie. :)
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Woah thought this was a screenshot at first. Nicely done :)
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So cute and the detail is amazing!!
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Gorgeously done! Anna looks so happy. ^^
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oh wow. Beautiful!
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Its all adorable until she trips.
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That dress is beautiful
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Be it strange that I find Anna's smiles very infectious?
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Cute! This is so detailed!
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Oh, that was very funny moment. Gorgeous drawing! :clap:
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Where's Rapunzel? And Flynn? And the frog?
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