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Alchemy Lab - Final

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Finally after a month of total laziness I decided to finish this project :D

WIP version here:…
It took 3 hours to made Final version from WIP

Super important info about project settings:
Cycles, 188k verts, 300 samples, FullHD, 6.4min
In comparison to the previous version:
118k verts more, 44 samples more and it took 0.4min more to render.
Image size
1920x1080px 689.31 KB
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Question: How'd you get that look to it? I know you've got the specific project settings down but I've noticed it has a sort of painterly look to it. :o
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It all depends on light setup but you should check also FILM EMULATION which is under Scene > Color Management tab. Play with all those settings like exposure, gamma, color curve and also check film emulation. Materials are very simple, light is doing most of the work here. Also adding DoF and a little bit of AO influences the final look of the image ;)
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Ooooh, gotcha. I'll look into it for sure.