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Tempo Rider: Volume 1Chapter 1: OniMusic is how we communicate, it’s what keeps us unified and our voices are what makes us unique, but there are some who will take another voice for themselves, that’s where he comes in defending the city with his drumsticks protecting the forest with his band.In the city of Austin, a young man name henry is the lead drummer in his high school band. he always had a Knack for music even when he was young, he would watch his grandpa play his drums that he got from his homeland, as he play henry would listen to the rhythm of the beat mimicking it with his fingers it was at this moment henrys grandfather knew that he would be the best drummer in his family.After school henry decided to meet up with his friend Trevor who was the lead guitarist of his band, but the other members soon left him because he was hogging all the spotlight now, he mostly does solo gigs to pay for his rent. Henry soon met Trevor at the parking lot, “hey what’s been going on Trevor ?” “hey brah I’m just strolling the block looking for another gig, I haven’t got that much luck though.” “yea, oh hey, why don’t we have a little race?” “you’re on” Trevor said.The only thing henry and Trevor love to do more other than play music was to ride their motorcycles around the streets. they got on their bikes and drove off at the count of three the two were neck and neck, they decided to do some tricks. henry skid left and right and did a spin around, Trevor didn’t want to be out stage, so he did a one wheelie, henry was impressed by his friend’s new skills, but suddenly bang! A gunshot blows a hole through Trevor’s bike causing him to fall into the forest . henry immediately races for him causing henry to fall in. he parked his bike around the ditch and search for Trevor, soon henry found him in the middle of the ground unconscious. henry begin to drag his friend to safety, but another gunshot went off causing henry to freeze. Henry begins to look back up at the trees he started to see a figure jumping around, then the figure reveal itself to be a wolf like monster with a rifle. Henry stared in disbelief, “what is this? am I dreaming? “the monster begins to growl and started aiming at henry. “uh oh!” henry dodge the shot and ran deeper into the forest he runs faster until he trips over a strange chime. henry picks up the chime with the monster coming henry accidently rings the chime causing a transformation, an aura appears around him with it came a purple and red suit and a mask with an Oni face.Henry inspects his new body ,“what happen? What did I turn into ?” the monster soon catches up; it hisses out one word. “Oni”. henry was startle but also confuse “Oni what does he mean?” the monster drops his rifle and charges henry onward, out of instinct henry dodges the beast. “how I did that? “ henry wondered. The monster tried again and again but couldn’t keep up with henry’s new speed frustrated the monster begins to fire its Rifle, henry reflected the bullets and started to attack.He begins punching the monster and kicking it while still dodging. “hey, this is starting to become fun” henry boasted. as he finishes his words, the monster manages to lay a hit on him, henry falls to the ground, accidently activating his weapon, a pair of drumsticks. henry was both dumfounded and glad to see them, he grabs them and did what he knew best, he beat the monster like a drum and once the monster was on his knee’s henry pulls a round peace off his belt and without question, he places it on the monsters back. henry begin to release a solo so powerful it causes the monster to explode.Henry was both happy and relive that the monster was finally gone, henry rushed to his friend shaking him as Trevor open his eyes, he saw henry in his Oni form as expected Trevor was shock ,“ah! who the heck is you?” “Trevor it’s me henry”. Henry? what happen to you?” I don’t know I pick up this chime and change into this. ““well can you change back? ““I don’t know”. the armored vanishes” well that problems solve.”“yea but we still don’t know where that thing came from or what this is.” “well isn’t your granddad some ancestral guru? maybe he might have an answer “. “you might be right let’s ride over there”. the two begin to ride their motorcycles “you know you can be a real superhero with those powers, “ said Trevor. “I’m not sure if I’m cut out to be something like that , I mean what would my name be?” Trevor begin to think hard on it. ” how about tempo rider?” Hm I can see it,” And so, the two ride to henry’s place, to find henry’s grandfather for clues on their discovery.Chapter 2: destinyOn January 30, 2005 in the city of Austin henry is the lead drummer of his high school band, and his friend Trevor were attack by a monster in a forest but with the help of a mysterious chime henry can transform into an Oni like hero name tempo rider. Now the two are riding to henry’s grandfather to find some answers.They arrive in a small neighborhood where there are fields of houses each one identical ,“man how are we supposed to find your grandpa in this?” “oh, you’ll know which ones his.” From the sea of houses there stood one house with a peculiar color scheme of red and purple surrounded by a fence with Japanese writing, “so…?”, “yep”. the two begin to park their bikes in front of the fence and walk into the strange house ,from the inside, the living room was scatter with ancient artifacts like a museum ,henry looks around for his grandpa in the crowded house. henry begins to call out “grandpa are you here? “the room remains silent. “maybe he’s off on Arron’s then from the quiet came bum! bum!The loud noise of a taiko drum filled the room. “ yea he’s here alright.“ henry acknowledge. the two following the sound to the backyard where they saw the grandfather playing the drum, it was like he was in a trance because he didn’t notice henry and Trevor standing behind him. He continues his playing until he comes to a sudden stop at this time henry took his chance, “grandpa!” henry shouted. he shoots up like a rocket “oh henry how are you my boy?”” fine grandpa but” “and this must be the Trevor I been told so much about.” “nice to see you Mr. h, rad solo you were playing just then.” “ well when you’re a retire musician like me, you always find the rhythm. “ henry looks uneasy. “grandpa there’s something I have to tell you”. the grandpa looks concerned. “what is it grandson?”Henry begin to ponder his words. “well me and Trevor were out riding our motorcycles, but a monster shot us down in a forest”, at this moment as henry said this henry thought his grandfather was going to think he’s crazy, but to his surprise he was listening, Trevor decide to back him up. “ yea it was insane even though I was knock out most of the time “, “but when I found this” henry pulls out the chime” I was able to change, I didn’t know what, but the monster calls it an Oni. “ “Oni?” grandpa said surprisingly “ so do you know anything grandpa?” Mr. h looks to the side. “come with me”, the old man leads them to the underground shed, inside appears pitch black until grandpa lit a candle, the dark room reveals itself to be a shrine full of ancient artifacts from a shogun era with pictures of warriors like tempo rider. “whoa, grandpa what is this?” “sigh henry it’s time to tell you our family’s true history.“Long ago a group of demon like creatures called oni look over humanity and protect us from a monster race called the monsodo, but one of the oni’s zeki took control over the monsodo’s and betray his oni brethren, using his magic he turns them into the oni instruments, the fork the flute and the strung wrist.”“ I’m guessing this chime is the tuning fork.” “ yes and like your father before him have found the same chime and became the oni along with the others worthy of their power . “worthy?” henry ask, “yes like your ancestor you must stop zeki from taking over this world”. the room remain quiet as the two tried to take in what they learn, then the sound of a chainsaw alerted everyone, “what is that?” the three rush out the door and saw two monsodo standing next to them, “what are they doing here”, “they must be trying to avenge their boss. “ the monsters growl and charge at them. Henry and Trevor tried to fight back but the monsodo overpowered them to the point they threw them to the side leaving the grandfather by himself and being an old man, he couldn’t defend himself making it easy for the monster to take him, “grandpa!” shouted henry the monsters flew off. “oh no what do we do now?” “were going to bring him back.”The two begin to ride around the area until they found a park, henry and Trevor begin searching for henry’s grandpa eventually they find him tie to a tree, henry rushes to him. “grandpa! Are you alright?” grandpa speaks faintly “henry get away”. the monsters jump down the trees, henry begins to fight them both ,“Trevor get my grandpa to safety.” Trevor unties the ropes and carries him off. “alright you freaks let’s do this ,“ henry pulls out the tune fork rings it and starts to transform into tempo rider. “now let the symphony begin”, tempo begins running and attacking the monsodo’s punching and kicking them, the blue monsodo begin slashing with his sword but tempo blocks it with his drumstick, tempo then pulls out his other stick and begins to whack the blue one out of his way the black monsodo then pounce on tempo and shreds his back. “ow! Ow!” cried tempo.Then with quick thinking tempo uses his sticks to push himself away from the monsodo, “that’s it I had enough of you. “ The top of tempo’s stick start to catch on fire, the monsodo growl’s in confusion, “fireballs!” tempo then swings the fire to it, the monster begins to turn into ashes, the blue one looks at his brothers demise and escapes from the park. “ dang he got away.” henry begins to walk off and find the others, “grandpa are you doing okay?” “I’m fine grandson ,did you destroy the monsodos? “I beat one but the other got away.” The grandfather looks uneasy but quickly change to a smile. “no matter you save me grandson”, “yea you’re the man henry “ henry begin to grin at his grandpa and friend, “yea more like the Oni” they all begin to laugh .Now we see the blue monsodo trot into a cave where he faced an armored Oni, “what happen? where is your brother? “ the monster hisses “Oni”. “are you telling me there still alive?” the monster nods his head ,“yes lord zeki “ comply the blue monsodo. zeki’s anger begins to grow, he begins to use his magic and vaporize the monsodo into ashes, “useless waste of carbs, I will find the oni’s and I will kill them all, ha ha ha! Zeki laughs.Chapter 3: little warriors Long ago a race of demon like creatures called oni were the swore protectors of the human race, but when one of their own turn against them they become nothing more than ancient items, now several thousand years have passed and now one of the items have been found by a young man name henry and with the new power that has been given to him he is willing to fight the evil zeki and his army of monsodos.Ever since henry discover his new powers his grandpa has been training him, sharping his skills in the backyard we see henry being train by his grandpa on the taiko drum. Henry begins beating the drum, feeling the rhythm he moves his arm back and forth. “uh grandpa how is this supposed to help me beat those monsters?” ask henry. “your great grandfather had used this technique to defeat these monsters.” Henry sigh and continue his training .A few hours later we see a man down a lake minding his own business then suddenly he heard something in the bushes he turns around and investigate the bush, nothing was visible until two monsodo brothers came and begin to corner the man. “ you’ll make a good snack for our big brother “. “ yes yes snack” squeal the red one. both begin to feed when in the nick of time henry burst from the sky and landed a kick on the blue one. “brother!” screams the red one. henry runs to the man ,“are you okay?” the man nods. “ go find somewhere safe, “ he runs from the battle. the blue monsodo joins his brother, “alright let’s do this!” henry pulls out the fork, rings it, and starts the oni transformation to tempo rider, he then runs to the monster with all force.The monsodo ran to tempo, the red one grabs tempo’s arm, tempo then knees him in the gut, the blue one uses his sword, tempo then counters with his stick, the two have a stand off until the red one takes a quick slash to tempo’s back paralyzing him. “quick let’s get out of here” suggested the blue one. the two run off into the forest tempo then transforms back into henry. “all man this isn’t good. Henry faints then a van drives near him.Few minutes later henry wakes up in a medical center ,“where am I ?”,”” how did I get here?” wondered henry. he starts to look around to see if somebody was there. he shouts, “ hey can anybody hear me”. no one answers. henry begins to step out of the center, his body sore from the injury he slowly steps out of the room where there was a black hall way, downright a light appears from the side door. henry curiosity got the better of him because he decided to walk to the door as he reaches it slowly starts to open the door and couldn’t believe what he saw.In the room in boxes stood the exact same artifacts that was in his grandfather’s shed. “wow this is incredible” as henry turn to see the exact same drumsticks he uses in oni form. he walks to them, he tried to grab it, “stop!” someone shouted . henry was startled he turn around and saw a pudgy mustache man with glasses standing towards him. “ah I see you found my research center,” ”research? Wait who are you and why did you bring me here?” the old man shoots up “oh where are my manners, I’m professor Nye, I’m a scientist who studied the oni’s mythology I also am a good friend of your grandfather”. henry wore a surprise look. “wait you know my grandfather?” of course, he was a good colleague of mine he led me to the study of oniology. ““oniology?” “yes, I’m sure you’re aware about the legendary oni’s, protectors of humanity?” “yes, they were sealed by the oni zeki in these items like the one I have, it allows me to change into the oni. ““like your ancestor before you.” henry looks down “professor can I ask a question? “yes.” “how come the oni’s weapons look like instruments?” “well henry the oni’s power comes from a harmonic source, music, it is said that if someone was able to harness this harmonic force, they would be virtually unstoppable.Henry was astonished to think that the music he loves could doom the world. The tv in the background automatically turns on, it plays the news. “we now bring this news to your local broadcast; three monsters have appeared in the central park and are attacking civilians.“ oh no their back and they brought some back up. “ henry then grabs his fork and begins to rush out of the room. “wait?” ask professor Nye. henry stops and looks back.” take this.” Nye throws him three-disc, henry catches and looks at all three. “ what are these?” professor Nye just gave an assuring smile, “just a little something I been working on, should give you an edge on those monsters.” henry still wasn’t sure what he meant by that, after realizing he had no time to think henry continue to run after the monsodos at the park.At the park two monsodos terrorize everyone around them, they cut down and shot down cars. “soon eldest brother dinner is ours.” a white monsodo appears along with his brothers. “yes, the time has come to feed.” as the white monsodo shoots one of the survivors, tempo then runs towards it and reflect the shot. the other monsodo looks worry. “ brother it’s the oni.” “yes, he’s a tough one he is.” the white one looks at tempo. “ but not as strong as the three of us combine, now destroy him brothers.” the three runs towards him. tempo immediately pulls out his sticks and charges toward all three. tempo then attacks the red one, it swipes with his sword, tempo counters and whacks him in the gut. the monsodo falls over to his back the blue one tries to strike from behind, but tempo quickly dodges and hits both of their legs at the same time, which causes them to fall on their backs. then out from nowhere tempo is shot with a beam from the white monsodo, the beam quickly freezes tempo in place.“now brothers lets combine our powers to finish him”. the three monsodo brothers begin to pull all their strength into one blast, creating a super beam, at full force they launch it against tempo causing a huge explosion, making tempo fly into the air and crash to the earth. Tempo was left paralyze. “good master zeki will be please now take him brothers. “ the two moves slowly toward tempo. he then has a flashback with him as henry with professor Nye. “just use the tuning fork to summon them, they will be a great asset in this battle. “ cut back to modern time, tempo then grabs his fork and the blue disk Nye gave to him. the two monsodo got in attacking range and tempo without thinking hits the disc with his fork. the disc begins to move, startle tempo throws it the two monsodo dodge the disk then transforms into a little samurai like being, tempo along with the monsodos look amaze. ” what is that I’ll destroy it” spouted the red one. it walks towards the blue warrior; it begins to attack it. “brother!” just from nowhere tempo sucker punch the blue monsodo, he picks up his sticks and begins to launch several blows to the monster each one devastatingly after that tempo then begins to perform a special attack. “burning attack!” tempo drumsticks begin to catch on fire and thrust them in the monsodos stomach blowing a hole through it causing the monsodo to disintegrate, the red shocked beyond all belief with fury in his eyes, he runs towards tempo at all force. Tempo panic at first then immediately remember that he had one more disc, without hesitating he pulls out the red disc and activates it, the disc then transforms into another small samurai, it clashes with the monsodo causing it to fall back on its knees, tempo uses the fire ball technique then chucked the two fire balls at it causing the monsodo to explode. “ okay that’s two now where’s ?” before tempo could finish his sentence the white monsodo shoots a blast of ice in the back of tempo. “whoa!” shouted tempo as falls to the ground ice begins to form trapping him, the monsodo slowly walks toward him. “you may have defeated my brothers.” he steps on tempo back. “but did you really think you had a chance against me all alone?” “that’s the thing I’m not alone “the two-disc warriors jump on the monsodo giving tempo the enough time to melt the ice and grab his drumstick. Now running he pulls the round piece from his belt and launch it to the monster; it grows forming a huge drum tempo then pulls his other stick and started to perform his finisher. “oni technique.” he starts to beat on the monsodo moving his arm back and forth feeling the rhythm tempo starts moving faster and faster and with one last thud, he cause a chain reaction making the monsodo explode, tempo then gets back on his feet, he untransforms into henry. “finally its over”. he walks off, it is now nighttime, the museum is about to close, professor Nye is at the door locking it. ”hey professor. “ a voice calls out, it is henry. “oh, henry my boy did you take care of those monsodos ?” “yes, thanks to your help and the disc”. Henry pulls them out and hands them to Nye. “no, you keep them, they’ll help you on your journey to defeating zeki”. henry look surprise. “ wow thank you sir.” “ no thanks needed now I must be on my way. “ “yeah I gotta get going too, see a sir.” henry walks off to his bike and drives off. “hm, the new oni generation, let’s just hope their ready for what’s to come.Chapter 4: bugged me In the jazzy city of Austin, a young man name henry has been chosen by his ancestors to inherit powers he would never dream of, to help defend the world against lord zeki and his sound hungry monsodo, with his friend Trevor by his side henry stays ever vigilant ready to transform into the Oni like hero known only as tempo rider.In high school henry is in his band club on a practice session, his teacher standing in the middle waving his baton . “alright class take it from the top. “as he waves his hand different instrument groups chime in, brass to the left wind to the right and in the middle percussion with henry on the drums, in the band each drummer has a solo they have to play in perfect sync out from everyone else.After the student before henry finishes his set, it was his time to play his drum solo, henry close his eyes and begins to concentrate, henry begins playing, the sound was completely out of sync from everyone else the song was going strong until he started hearing a strange buzzing sound, which caught him off guard making him mess up his beat, everyone stares in shock, the bell starts to ring, all the members pack their bags and leave the room, henry’s music teacher Mr. Willis caught up to him. “ henry can I talk to you for a second ?” henry looks worried, “uh, sure. “ henry and Mr. Willis went to the back of the club room. “ now henry about your performance you usually don’t skip a note.” I know but a noise cut me off. “ “a noise ?” “ yea a loud buzzing didn’t you hear it?” “ the only thing I heard was your solo, now maybe you need to take a break from the drums for a little while.” Henry’s worry expression grew more then suddenly, tap! Tap! Henry looks back at the window and saw the blue samurai hopping up and down, henry looks shocked, before Mr. Willis could look, he pulls him back. “ uh yea good thinking Mr. Willis I’ll go and get some rest before the performance, now I’ll see you then. “ henry walks out the room, “what a thoughtful boy. “ he goes outside to his bike.“okay what’s up?” asked henry. the blue samurai transforms into a disc, he then picks up the disc and puts it in the fork, the disc starts to play the same buzzing sound henry heard earlier. “ Ah! So that sound is coming from a monsodo, alright I’m on it”. henry then gets on his motorcycle and rides off to the monsodo’s location, in a forest three bug type monsodo are attacking hitch hikers .“now my mosemites feed on the trees, they’ll be a great appetizer before the humans“ snarled the big monsodo, the two white monsodo continue munching when suddenly a fireball is shot at them. “who dares to interfere?” the Oni rider tempo appears. “ I do!” “Oni!” “ you guys really caused a lot of trouble even ruined my performance I won’t forgive you!” “ my minions attack the Oni ! “ the two white monsodo launch themselves to tempo. “ alright let’s do this”. tempo leaps back at them, the fight begins with tempo already with his drumsticks out whacking both monsodo blow for blow, tempo was closely winning the battle until he froze, as he started to hear the same buzzing sound from earlier .“eh, it’s that buzzing again”. he saw it was coming from the big bug, the sound became so unbearable for tempo that he drop his sticks to cover his ears, giving the monsodos the chance to strike with their claws causing tempo to be on his knees, the bug monsodo looks at the beaten tempo rider. “ good now finish him”. on his last legs tempo kicks the monsodos off him , he then pulls out the fork and summing his disc warriors to attack the monsodo, the warriors were able to keep them at bay until the leader had enough. “ alright we’ll retreat for now, but we’ll be back. “ the three runs back into the forest tempo relieved, transforms back into henry, “good, it’s over for now. “ henry faints, everything fades to black.Henry starts to wake up, he looks around and sees he was at his grandpa’s place. “wait how did I get here?” then suddenly henry gets whack by a large scroll. “ow!” henry immediately gets up to see who hurt him, there he saw his grandpa. “ good your finally awake. “ “ gramps what was that for?” henry paused for a second. “ wait the monsodos, I got to find them”. henry dashes to the front door, his grandpa grabs his hand. “ now hold on, when I found you, you were rip to shreds, you won’t last a second the way you are. “ henry looks back and sits. “ now as you know oni’s are the master of sound, which means being able to hear sounds no other person can hear, sadly the monsodo have use this weakness to their advantage and overpower them.” “ so how can I defeat them if that buzzing will stop me?” however henry there is one solution”. he folds out the scroll. “ this scroll contains an ancient technique use by our ancestors to obtain total focus and sync out every sound but their own, if you tried hard enough you can master it by the end of the day. “ good I’ll train right now”.We now see the inside of the old shed, a room is lit with a candle, henry is sitting criss cross in the room meditating, these words echo in his mind. “ okay, I just have to clear my mind”. henry breathe slowly and all the from the chirp of a cricket to a flow of water grew dim until he couldn’t hear anything but the sound of his heart. “ yes, I did it, complete focus”. henrys grandfather came in and shouts his name, he didn’t hear him, it wasn’t until he hit him with his walking stick that henry notice his grandfather. “ good you seem to have mastered it now your friend Trevor called and said he saw the monsodo at the radio station”. “really I must hurry before they cause some damage”. henry walks off.Now at a hall with the radio station below stood henry and Trevor. “now are you sure this is the place ? “ yea man, you don’t see many monsters here at night.” “okay, let’s go.” henry pulls out the fork rings it and starts the oni transformation into tempo rider. “Trevor, I need you to stay here until I need backup.” “ you got it dude.” Tempo runs down the hill, inside we see the three monsodo running down the cord. “ now my minions arrange the discs, once their align I’ll let out my sound to the entire world every human will be at my heel”. the monsodo laugh menacingly. “ hold it right there! “ “what?” the monsters look up to see tempo running down the hill. “ uh not you again, why don’t you mind your own business ?” “ stopping you monsodo from endangering human lives is my business and my goal, you won’t get away this time.” “oh yay, minions attack !” the two monsodo fly towards tempo’s direction, tempo then immediately pulls his sticks and charges into the direction of the battle, both sides clash as tempo gives everything he got with his attacks, the monsters begin swiping with their blades with tempo countering every move, tempo kicks one of them to the ground, the green bug looks worry. “oh no, their losing, time to bring out the secret weapon. “ the monsodo begin to make a loud buzzing sound.The sound begins to affect tempo drastically. “oh no the buzzing from earlier”. tempo’s body begins to shake.” I can’t….focus. “ the monsodo see the broken tempo and begin to slash at him causing tempo to fall on his knees, as the monster mercilessly beat him, tempo begins to remember the scroll he read as henry”. alright I can do this”. tempos body remain still, every sound around him grew dim and with all his might tempo throws a large fireball at both the monsodo, causing them to fly a across the other side of the station”. What? what’s going on? “Tempo looks directly at the bug monsodo, he walks to it, the bug monsodo buzzes louder, tempo continues walking unaffected by the sound, the monsodo panics and starts to run, tempo then grabs one of his arms and pulls it towards him, he then punches it in the face causing it to flew 40 feet into the air and come down like a meteor, the monsodo was left spray for a minute, it gets back on his feet, it stares angrily at tempo, the white monsodo crawl behind him. “well what are you waiting for? destroy him!” they look forward and charge at tempo, he was prepared for the assault, he does a back flip and kick one of the monsodo back down, before landing completely tempo grab one of his drumsticks whacks the second one, he lifts it up with one stick and grabs the other, he waits for the other white monsodo to come, as the monsodo begin charging in, he is immediately stop by tempo right stick, with both monster in his grasp, tempo using all his strength throws both monsodo together causing them to explode, tempo is relieve a bit then all of a sudden the bug monsodo slashes however tempo blocks.The two are now lock in a standoff. “ so, you defeated my minions, but can you take me on?” “time to find out”. the two strike each other with no side letting up until a blast forms from one of the monsodos arms shoots one of tempo sticks out of his hand leaving tempo vulnerable, the monsodo strikes again but tempo using his stick like a katana blocks the monsodo sharp claw, the monsodo grew impatient. “come on just give !” “never!” shouted tempo. Tempo stick was about to give when suddenly the warrior flies towards the monsodos face distracting him, tempo looks surprise wondering what just happen. “ yo tempo!” a voice shouts, tempo looks around to see it was Trevor. “ I got your back man.” “ right thank you.” tempo looks back at the monsodo. “now it’s time to end this once and for all.”Tempo then runs towards the monsodo, he grabs his stick on the way and lets out a barrage of hits, which made two of the monsodo extra arms fall off, the monsodo all bruise up collapse to the ground, at this moment tempo knew what he had to do, he pulls the circle part of his belt and throws it at the monsodo, it grows into a huge drum, tempo starts running with both sticks up high and beats the large drum faster and faster until tempo delivers the final blow, causing the monsodo to explode, tempo then twirls his drumsticks and puts them in his holster, he walks off, we now see Trevor walking around looking for tempo, tempo while running in Trevor’s direction changes back to henry, Trevor catches him. “ henry did you cream that monster?” “ yep he was tuff, but he was no match for tempo rider”. the two laugh and have a quick handshake and leave the station.The next day, its club time at henrys school where his music club is practicing for the band performance at the high school football game, each group played their instrument well, soon it was time for henrys drum solo. “ alright henry give us your best” encourage Mr. Willis. henry took a deep breath and begin to clear his mind, his solo begins to play perfectly out of sync from everyone else, the group was astonished by henrys performance, they all clap for joy, henry was so proud of himself, Mr. Willis walks up to him. ”that performance was amazing, how did you manage to perfect it so well?” henry eyes look back for a second. “um, well you know, it’s in my blood I guess”. henry laughs a little, Mr. Willis laughs along with him, when the day was over henry met up with Trevor and went out for a ride. Chapter 5: sword and shieldHenry, a young man whose life dream is to be a musician like his grandfather and father alike, has his whole life change when he is one of the few who can stop the dreaded zeki and his army of monsodos.Inside a cave appears the lair of the oni general zeki he sits in his throne frustrated. “darn! The oni’s even trap inside tools they still vex me.” He gets off his throne and trots around he kicks a large boulder like a pebble off the ground before it could reach the ground, a long sword slices it into small pieces zeki looks forward revealing it to belong to a monsodo,” my lord please try to calm your anger”. a monsodo with a shield appears next to him. “ yes, will make the oni pay for destroying our brethren”. zeki looks please “ yes my monsodo find this Oni and destroy him.”Near a parking lot henry and his friend Trevor are riding their motorcycles. “alright henry last one to the pole is a flat note.” Both zoom off, each neck to neck henry had bumps on his side he immediately notice them and jumps over each one Trevor had a clear path letting him leave henry into the dust, soon after he made it to the pole with henry catching up, both park their bikes. “ha I win that one man.” “give me a break, I’m too busy fighting monsters to work on my bike skills“ . “yea, hey maybe I can give you some pointers on my free time later.” “ yea that’ll be cool”. soon after a boy in a kendo outfit runs and shouts “lookout there’s a monster here , run for your life!” henry and Trevor both look at each other ”monster? You don’t think ?””yes , see what I mean , lets go.” The two run back to the school.Now we see the kendo dojo its members running away from the monsodo duo, the green one was slashing dummies while the black and white one was barricading people with his shield. “hmph, picking on these weak humans is fun and all, but where’s the real challenge?” “ right here!” the two turn their heads to see one of the members stop to face the monsters. “ why don’t you try me ?” “ oh, we got a new challenger, we better give him a show.” The sword monsodo charges toward the boy he prepares to block, like the speed of light the monster slashes the kendo stick and knocks the boy back to the ground making him unconscious, as the monsodo tries to kill him, the red disc warrior jumps on his face.Both henry and Trevor run in the room Trevor picks up the kendo member. “ Trevor can you get him to safety?” “sure thing dude.” Trevor picks up his body and dashes out of the room. “ alright let the performance begin.” Henry pulls out his tuning fork , he rings it and starts to transform into tempo rider, the monsodo hops from excitement “look brother, it’s the Oni. “”finally, someone worthy of our thrashing.” the two runs towards tempo, having his guard up tempo charges back at them, the one with the sword begins slashing, tempo reacts swiftly dodge everyone and then jabs the monsodo in the face, this stuns him giving tempo enough time to pull out his drumstick and whack him ,tempo had him beat until the shield monsodo pulls him to the ground they tumble a little then landed back on their feet the two quickly begin their battle, tempo throws some heavy blows but the monsodo blocks every single one. “ what? What’s going on here?” tempo continues hitting the monsodo, but no hit went through , the sword monsodo sneaks around the two fighting. ” good keep him occupied so I can make the final strike.” Now we see Trevor with the unconscious kendo member, he begins to wake up, “what happen? “ Trevor thought for a second then responded, “ nothing you just got knock out while in practice”. the member wasn’t convinced.” No , I was fighting two monsters there still there.” The guy gets out of Trevor’s arms and runs back into the dojo “ no wait!” screamed Trevor but it was too late the kendo member open the dojo door and saw the whole scene in front of him.He saw both Tempo and the shield monsodo fighting in the middle of the room ,he shook his head back and forth making sure he wasn’t imagining it. “ what? Who is that guy and why does he seem familiar?” as the two continue their battle the kendo leader sees the sword monsodo sneaking around. “oh no”. he rushes into the room, the shield monsodo holds tempo in a lower position the sword monsodo sees its chance and strikes with his sword just before he takes the slash the kendo leader shouts.” WATCH OUT!”, giving tempo enough time to kick the shield monsodo down and counters the others attack with his drumstick.Tempo then uses the other stick in hand to whack the monsodo to the side, the monsodo pant from exhaustion ”brother he is too strong now we must retreat”. The sword monsodo grunts. “ fine! We’ll be back Oni. ” the two vanished, tempo then puts back his sticks and transforms back into henry. “wait your that demon?” henry gets startled and turns around and sees the kendo leader. “ uh…” . Trevor barges from the door.” Hey, is everything cool ?” they both awkwardly stare at him, henry sigh yes but it’s a family secret”. “ oh, don’t worry your secret safe with me, actually I had a feeling I seen that form from somewhere.” “what do you mean?” “you see my name is Kenan ; my family has come from a long line of samurai and one story my dad always told me when I was little.My great great grandfather help fight in a long battle with demon like warriors against a swarm of monsters, I thought it was just a fairytale until now.” Kenan begins to bow his head,” thank you for saving me and my club I’m in your debt”. Henry was a little flattered.” Ah it was nothing just doing my Oni duty.” The three smiles at each other.Now at the cave the two are being toss around by the power of zeki’s staff, they hit against the wall and fall to the ground the shield monsodo gets on his knees.” Please forgive us lord Zeki we had to retreat.” Zeki continues to use his staff to torture the monsodo the sword one also gets up.” I apologize for my brother’s impotence we won’t fail you this time my lord.” Zeki lowers his staff “ if you dare, I’ll personally destroy you myself!” the monsodos quiver in fear.We go back to henry and Trevor who decided to stop at the museum to get some answers on the new monsodo, henry had explained the entire situation to professor Nye. “and that’s pretty much it, do you have any ideas on how to defeat these monsodo?” professor Nye stroke his mustache. “maybe my monsodo journal can help.” Nye walks to a bookshelf of monsodo he turns the pages, he finds a page about two monsodo like the one’s henry fought. “here we go, the sword and shield monsodo duo are the personal guards to their lords, once Zeki use a horde to conquer an entire nation, the legendary oni’s were overpowered by their combat and use of weaponry, it wasn’t until a brave samurai and his clan decided to befriend the oni’s they taught them great swordsmanship and with one technique the Oni leader was able to defeat all monsodos with a single slash from one drumstick.“what was this technique called professor?” “I’m not sure it’s written in a samurai hidden code; it will take a month for me to decrypt all it says.” “but we don’t have a month to wait that long.” They all look down in defeat, the three sit on chairs brainstorming on a solution then a recollection just sparks in Trevor’s mind. “ hey, doesn’t that scroll sounds like the story Kenan was told as a kid; do you think?” henry’s eyes open wide,” that samurai must have been his great great grandfather. “ indeed, if this is true then your friend is the only one that can help you defeat the monsodo”. henry and Trevor both show a concern face.The next day in the middle of club henry and Trevor sneak around the hall to find the dojo room, “are you sure about this?” Trevor ask, “ we have to it’s the only way we stand a chance of defeating them”. Henry opens the dojo doors, the two see all the members practicing with their kendo sticks henry looks around to see where Kenan would be, then out from nowhere a long kendo stick was darted into their face. This made henry and Trevor jump. Henry look on his side and saw a very small boy,” hey what are you doing interrupting our practice ?” “ we didn’t mean to disturb you guys.” We were just looking for a friend of ours.” “that’s no excuse! ”now hang on Chris.” Everyone looks to see Kenan walking from the door, Chris bow his head. “leader, I’m sorry for the commotion but these two were intruding”. “nah their welcome here anytime, they help scare those monsters .“Chris look surprise beyond belief. “really these two?” “yep.” “well if their fine with you their fine with me.” Chris leaves the three and continues to practice. “ yea sorry about that” Kenan apologizes .”it’s cool but we need your help.” Kenan raises his body up.” What’s the issue ?” “well do you remember that story that you were told as a kid?” “ well it turns out its true and you’re the only one who can help us defeat the monsodo.” Kenan was both shock and determine to help his new friends ,” okay what do you need me to do?” A few hours later all kendo members have left home, except for Kenan , henry and Trevor now wearing kendo uniforms.“okay henry, I’m going to teach you a simple forward strike.” Henry nods his head, he begins observing Kenan’s movements , Kenan slowly moves his body backward and pushes the kendo stick forward wit a quick thrust he pulls the stick back and quickly swipes it, “whoa” Trevor said astonishingly , it was now henry’s turn to try the technique , Kenan hands the kendo stick to henry, he begins his practice , henry straighten his stance and pulls the stick back and pulls out a strike with a bit of a wobble , Kenan steps up. “good for your first attempt, but you need to keep your base stable so the strike can follow.” Just before they could continue training a member begins to shout.” THE MONSTERs, THEIR BACK!” every member runs in a panic as the sword monsodo walks into the dojo. “now where is that little samurai boy ?” the monsodo directs his eyes to Kenan , it charges towards him knocking members left and right , henry and Trevor got in front of Kenan. “don’t worry Kenan we got this ” noted Trevor. Both run towards the monsodo.They grab its arms and kept it in place, they lock their arms managing to hold it for a while but the might of the monsodo was too much for them to handle it breaks free from the hold leaving henry and Trevor falling to the ground the monsodo then jumps across the other side of the dojo right next to Kenan , it grabs his arm.” Time to go.” They both vanish out of sight, henry and Trevor struggle to get back up when they did it was already too late Kenan was gone.“oh man he took him what do we do now?” henry wore a serious look on his face.” I’m gonna finish this once and for all, but first we need to track them.” Henry pulls out a red disc, he taps it with his tuning fork it transforms but not into a samurai, but a hawk, Trevor was amaze. “wow I didn’t know they could do that.” I think professor Nye called it the tracking mode, oni’s use it to hunt down monsodo.” The hawk flies out of henrys hand to the left direction of the window. “looks like they’re in this direction.” The two walk that way. “ so when can we follow them!?” “actually Trevor, I need you to stay here.” “what you can’t be serious?” “ the kendo members are probably looking for their leader, I need you to stall for time.” Trevor rolled his eyes for a split second. “fine whatever man.” Henry looks less on edge “thank you Trevor.” Henry runs out of the dojo to the parking lot where his bike was, he jumps on and makes a 180 degree turn to the monsodo location.We now see a dark ally way fog appears and fades out revealing both the monsodo and Kenan with him struggling to escape from its grasp. “let me go you freak! ”sorry, no can do.” The shield monsodo drops down. “ we need you as bait to lure the oni“. “and once he finds you, I’ll slice him into pieces.” The monsodo’s manically laugh as Kenan face freezes in fear . back at the dojo all the members were outside in the parking lot still in panic, Chris who was in front of the crowd look to his left then right searching for Kenan, Trevor runs out of the dojo and approaches the crowd. “listen guys everything is alright , it was just a prank you’re all safe.” Chris turns to Trevor. “then where is our leader?” Trevor looks away for a bit then back at Chris. “ he went to catch the prankster, but my friend will find him.” Chris gave a little nod and headed back for his group. “ henry you owe me big time for this” thoughted Trevor. An hour later henry is on his bike in the middle of the road then from his direction the hawk flies to his hand, it transforms back into a disc, he pulls out his tuning fork.” Now I think he said it goes in like this.” Henry puts the disc in the fork he spins it and the disc plays a slashing sound henry looks shocked. “Oh no I gotta hurry.” He zooms across the city changing into oni form.Meanwhile the monsodo grew impatient. “ argh! Is that Oni ever going to show up? I want to eat now.” “ patients’ brother our target will be here soon” compelled the shield monsodo. Kenan now tied to a tree, powerless to do anything but still hopeful for his rescue. “AH! I cant wait any longer!” the sword monsodo had enough, he push his brother to the side as he begin to raise his sword to decapitate Kenan, he close his eyes accepting his demise when suddenly a purple leg kicks the monsodo in the face causing it to fly to the other side of the forest. “huh?!” Kenan opens one eye to see no other then the oni hero tempo rider.Tempo looks back at Kenan and rushes to him, “Kenan are you okay?” Kenan exhausted. “I am now.” The shield monsodo walks in front of them.” I knew you finally show up.” Tempo gets in front of Kenan.” Get back to safety!” Ken runs back into the forest, tempo throws a fireball at the monsodo it blocks the attack with his shield and sprints in tempos direction, with sticks already in hand he crosses them and blocks the charges, both now in a stalemate seeing which will crack first, before a victor could be decided, a large wave slashes the back of tempo, causing him to fall on his side, the sword monsodo walks to tempo and kicks his left drumstick. “ oh! You guys don’t fight fair, do you?” “this is your end oni!” “ as the monsodo begins to raise his sword to stab tempo in the chest, Kenan dash to the monsodo and hits him in the back with tempo’s drumstick.“ah why you little!” Kenan in a fighting stance. “ “ I usually don’t hit an opponent, in the back but for you I’ll make an exception.” “outraged the monsodo runs at Kenan and swings his sword, Kenan manages to keep up long enough for tempo to break free from the shield monsodos hold. “ Kenan!” he shouted. “tempo rider, you must use my grandfather’s sacred sword technique”. tempo shook his head in shock.” But I haven’t mastered it fully yet.” “ you have to try it’s the only way to defeat these monsters for good, I have faith in you.” Tempo looks down and back up again he stands up perfectly still, slowly he gets in a swing position, the drumstick begins to catch on fire forming a blade, Kenan and the shield monsodo look in astonishment by tempos display, the sword monsodo just becomes more frustrated . “ Aah! So, you have a new sword, no matter I’ll just destroy it.” As he charges for a swing, tempo senses the attack and swipes his blade , the impact causes the monsodos sword to melt.“what tha , what did you?” tempo then prepares for another attack, the fire from the sword begins to increase. “ oni rider technique , FLAMING SLASH!” he releases a large slash of fire flying to the monsodo causing it to scorch in flames. “ no this can’t be happening!” as the monsodo says its last words it disintegrates into soothe .The shield monsodo in shock from what he seen runs away , before he could get far tempo notices and swings his sword releasing a fire wave which directly hits the monsodo making its shield fall completely off, the monsodo continues to limp for safety tempo and Kenan run after it, just when it was about to escape the monsodo gets shot in the chest and completely loses consciousness, tempo and Kenan catch up to the body, it slowly disperses into nothing ness. ” whoa I wonder who shot it down?” wondered Kenan. Tempo sense a slight breeze in his face. Kenan looks at tempo. “ is there something wrong?” “I thought I sense someone.” “ huh?” “it’s nothing let’s get back to the dojo.” “ right.” They walk off, we now return to the dojo during the evening every member went home except for Trevor and Chris standing next to the door together.” So why haven’t you left yet?” “ I can’t rest until I know my leader is safe.” “sure” Trevor said Sarcastically. Right after their conversation they both see henry on his bike with Kenan sitting on the back seat, they park right in front of them. Chris looked relive. “leader your okay.” Kenan smiles “ yep , just chased those crooks back to their mommies .” “ I’m so glad, may I walk you home sir?” “ sure, I’ll catch up with you.” Chris walks off, Kenan steps towards henry.“Henry, I just wanted to say thanks for saving me back there.” “ no, I should be thanking you , if it wasn’t for you believing in me, I wouldn’t have mastered the sword technique.” Kenan had a big smile on his face “well I hope we meet again someday.” “ yea, see ya around.” Kenan bows his head for the last time while henry signs him off, he walks back to Chris and they leave. “ man, that was an ordeal, but it paid off.” Trevor gave henry a glare. “ yea for you! Me, I had to chaperone all day.” “ come on I thought you were a born leader.” “ well you owe me this time.” Henry sighs “ fine how about I buy you a drink?” “ now that’s more like it.” Henry and Trevor get on their bikes and drive off away from the dojo, behind them appears a hand holding a strange flute.Tempo has saved the day once more, however new threats will arise and challenge our hero, but who is this mysterious figure ? will he be friend or foe to the oni hero ? find out next time in volume 2
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Toku-Justice is a club dedicated to the Tokusatsu Genre, from Godzilla to Ultraman to Kamen Rider, if you're a fan of any tokusatsu then this is the club for you.

We aim to bring you the best artwork from the tokusatsu fan community, be it drawings, photos or amazing costumes, we have it right here! We also try to bring you all the latest news and hold contests for our members!

Joining the group is instant! So once you join, there is no due process. You're already part of the family! Our deviation limit is 3 per week, so once you have your three submitted, you'll have to wait for the next week to submit more! Just submit your art to the SUBMIT ART HERE folder and if it follows our rules, we'll move it to the right spot for you!

The rules for submission are as follows:

- All artwork must be related to tokusatsu.

:bulletblue: We're using the western fandom definition of tokusatsu, aka toku, referring to live action media with extensive use of practical effects (rubber suits, miniature models, actual explosions, etc), mostly focusing on superheroes (Kamen Rider, Super Sentai), giant monsters (Godzilla, Ultraman), and other fantasy/sci-fi elements (Garo, Kikaider). Most toku comes from Japan, but Western adaptations of Japanese toku (Power Rangers for Super Sentai, Big Bad Beetleborgs for Metal Heroes) and original toku from other countries (Pacific Rim, Mystic Knights of Tir-a-nog, Bima: Garuda Knight) exist too.

- All artwork must be your own, we do not accept screen caps, photomanips, memes or art made with bases (regardless if they're traced bases where permission has/has not been granted to use the original artwork or original bases or templates.)

- No crossovers involving media unrelated to tokusatsu. We'll allow crossovers like Kamen Rider & Super Sentai, but we won't allow crossovers like Power Rangers & Pokemon. If you have crossovers that only involve tokusatsu works, they go in our Intertoku Crossover folder!

- All artwork must be your best. We only accept work that is high in quality and shows that effort has been put into it.

- Please only submit three deviations a week. We have a cap in place for individual folders but please don't spam us with more than 3.

- Art that features fan created characters must also go in their respective folder, even if the art in question also has an official character or features a fan version of an official character.

- We accept written work as well, however only fan fiction and original fiction is allowed to be submitted to the galleries. That means no rants, no reviews, no self promotion of your contests, no "ideas for fanfics" instead of actually writing one. If you wish to submit a review, send the club a note and if it's up to standards we will feature it in our club journal.

- While we are aware that some of these shows include nudity, we'd like to avoid anything involving explicit sexual content. However if the artwork in question is tasteful, we may consider it.

If you're confused about where to submit stuff or want rule clarification, feel free to contact our active admin staff:

NOTE: We are in no way affiliated with the Toku Justice forums. We're just doing our own thing here!


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