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The child from beyond the stars

"It's funny the turns fate can take. How in one reality, one can lose their sense of self, consumed by their anger and hatred that they unleash their upmost evil upon the world and how in the other, they manage to retain their innocence and compassion, blissfully unaware of the terrifying power they keep locked away.

As the story goes, the young star child found itself in the care of two earthbound beings. They loved him like he was their own regardless of how different he was... Yet, the man, George, eventually stumbled upon his true purpose. The horrifying power the child kept locked away; a power that would not just consume the Earth but the entire universe along with it.

Fearing what would happen should the child give in to the power, he started a mysterious study, all by himself. Despite his wife's protests that the child would grow up happy and healthy despite the evil he kept locked away, George refused to take that chance. He studied the boy, unlocking the secrets of PSI his species held, regardless of the strains he may have put the child through.

The child felt betrayed. Believing the love they originally shown to be an act to steal the birthright of his kind, the child lashed out, swearing vengence upon those who had once shown him kindness. Consumed by his grief, the child let the inner evil he held out in full force, at the cost of his own soul...

This, my friends, is where our story differs. 

While the George of one reality fell prey to his own paranoia, the George of the other believed in his wife. He trusted her words and trusted that the child would one day triumph over the evil he kept locked away. Although the fear at the back of his mind never truly faded away, as the child grew, he began to believe his wife words more and more.

Today, the child is happy, kind, compassionate and full of energy, ignorant of the dangers lurking beyond both the stars and in his own soul.

Dangers don't stay away forever. No matter how hard we try, we must confront ourselves at some point...

But for Giegue Jones, today is just another sunny Earth Monday."

So, for as much as EarthBound is one of my favorite game series and how many times I've replayed the games in the past, it occurred to me that I have never done anything EarthBound related. I figured I'd fix that.

This is both spurred on by Chugga's recent re-LP of EarthBound and an 'Ask Giegue' blog he unintentionally linked to through a retweet. Both of these things eventually got me to realize how much of a victim Giegue was in the series. Sure, he eventually ended up becoming a cosmic horror in EarthBound but the guy was betrayed by his adoptive parents as a young child and eventually became madness is a (somewhat) physical form due to his inability to cope with it.

This got me to thinking about just how Giegue could have turned out if the events that lead him to become Giygas never happened. Which leads us to this picture.

In some ways, I could see Giegue ending up like a standard EarthBound protagonist. That was definitely what I was trying to invoke with this design. Of course, just because Giegue is much more cheerful and has a brighter outlook than canon doesn't mean the darkness is gone... His massive PSI powers have to have come from somewhere, after all...

Of course, that brighter outlook does wonders with keeping it contained.

I'm not sure if I'm going to do anything more with this idea. I wouldn't mind continuing on it if there's enough interest, provided it doesn't get in the way of my original projects that I'm working on. 

Misc facts:

The background is actually based on one of EarthBounds many battle backgrounds.

'Jones' is, supposedly, Paula's last name. It's my personal headcanon that Paula is a distant, distant grandchild of Maria, due to her appearance kind of reminding me of how Maria looked. Hence why I dubbed this version of Giegue 'Giegue Jones'.

Ended up choosing purple for his shirt color because it's the color that reminds me the most of space in fiction.

This drawing was basically done in the span of a single day hence why it looks kind of crappy.
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Given the Cognitive Dissonance fan game, this is nice.

Granted, this is different. That had the being that would become Giygas psychically split himself. This has the little alien dude grow up relatively normal... Thinking about how... blase the world of Eagleland is in Earthbound, yeah, he WOULD have been a neat protagonist. Sure, he's an alien boi, but nobody makes a big deal about it. He's just a quirk of life in his hometown.
TokoWH's avatar

In some ways, I'm kind of sad the Mother series dropped him after EarthBound. In many ways, it felt like Giegue was a victim as much as anyone else. Was betrayed by one of his foster parents despite still having feelings towards them afterward. Then he went completely insane from trying to get the power to invade Earth and had to be put down without any of the EarthBound kids knowing how he became that way.

Granted, I can't really see how they would have fitted Giegue/Giygas into Mother 3 without ruining the story in some way, but it still felt like there was more that could have been done with him.
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Yeah. Again, though... don't doubt the idea of him being an alien boi being a blase thing. "Who? Oh, that's Giegue. George and Mary's kid. Isn't he sweet?"

At the very least, we had Pokey "Porky" Minch... That little jerk.
In my personal opinion, not only is the art good, but the AU you created with it. I'd actually love to read a story that not only expands on it, but shows the differences to the entire universe as well. I mean without Gigyas pretty much none of the series would happen at all. It would be interesting to see what would become of each of the protagonists lives if Giegue and all the backstory with him changed. What I'm trying (and failing) to say is, I like it and I'm interested in seeing more of this.

P.S. It's also very nice to see another Chuggaaconroy fan around. It's almost as nice as watching his re-Let's Playing EarthBound.