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The sun rose up high, the light in the sky

It put our souls at ease.

To have you here, to feel you near,

It brightened up my life.

I had no idea, how much you would mean,

in the grander scheme.

When we became friends, I didn't want it to end,

the sweet smile on your face.

Yet now the sun's set, the dark cast its net,

to tear you from me.

So please hold me tight, stay with my light,

we'll see that dawn again.

So please hold me tight, stay with my light,

we'll see that dawn again.

So please... Don't fade away.


The dark surrounds me, no light to be seen,

I shiver and shake.

I let out a cry, hiding my eyes,

from this harsh reality.

Every thing seem so bright, the light of my life,

it's just a masquerade...

As this world tears away, hold me today,

for I don't want to leave...

I take a deep breath, my part having left,

I don't want it to end...

So please, no matter what,

keep me in your heart...

keep me in your heart...

For I don't want to...

I don't want to...

Fade away.
OKAY before anyone starts panicking I'm honestly fine! This was actually written for the dumbest of prompts you're likely to laugh once you read it. :icontwitchkappa:

Have you ever wondered what happens to a character in a franchise when a reboot happens and they get left behind in the changes? I do. Is a dumb thing to think about, but it must honestly be horrifying from the perspective of those who don't make the cut.

This is just a dumb short attempt at me write lyrics based on the perspective a character who has made the cut for a reboot and someone who they were very close to who didn't.

... Again, I told you you'd laugh when you heard the prompt. :icontwitchkappa:
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